What is the best Delta airport food? – you tell me (and readers) please!

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Today is a reader input day. I tend to spend much of my time in Skyclubs, XpressSpas and in the gate area looking for a bump. Thus, I think I am missing out on a bunch of good eats.

One of my favorite places in Atlanta, that Lisa & my fellow blogger MJ on Travel & I visited before BAcon conference was “One Flew South” (that’s us there in the photo above). Really good food and worth the visit if you have some time to enjoy it (i.e. don’t rush).

If you are in a rush, to me, one of the best values and really simply good basic food is Panda Express. You have so many choices and the seating area to the side of the food court. Both this and One Flew South are both in the center area of “E” concourse.

But these are just two in Atlanta airport and you can look at a PDF of the list as well. There a ton more at Delta hubs (I am sure at other airports too, but we are Delta flyers). What I want to do is get your input. Tell me what place you really like and why in the comments below so when we visit a Delta hub, will know where to go! Thanks for the help – René


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  1. I’m a huge fan of Shake Shack, however I have yet to go to their JFK T4 location. Also at ATL F I really enjoy ECCO, though their sauteed greens aren’t to my liking I find their sandwiches extremely enjoyable. At LAX T5 Lemonade has some good food, though in my experience it can be hit or miss. Definite hit though is the buttermilk chicken.
    Also not a hub or even an airport where Delta has a huge presence but DEN Concourse C the best food is Woody Creek Cafe. When i was based in Denver I was flying DL and WN and both are in Concourse C. I would eat at Woody Creek Cafe at least once a week at DIA. Great food and very friendly staff!

  2. I love 1 Flew South!!!! IMHO it serves some of the best airport food! Also, one of my friends posted this a link to this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c_VGxfmDmEo. He said that it would make him fly Delta more often and I agree! This video had me stopped in my tracks. Just another reason why I love Delta!

  3. MSP has some good places, I like Ike’s and French Meadow. In JFK, I love the Chimichurri Skirt Steak at Todd English’s Bonfire. In LAX, Lemonade is pretty good.

  4. My favourite is definitely One Flew South at ATL, Sora at DTW is pretty good as well.

  5. SLC has just replaced almost all of their restaurants, and now has some great local options, along with some unusual (less common for airports anyways) national/regional chains:
    Cafe Rio – great UT-based Mexican fast casual
    Vivace Ristorante
    Market Street Grill
    Squatters Brewpub
    Gordon Biersch Brewery
    Pei Wei

  6. This may be because I grew up in Detroit and need to get my fix in, but the National Coney Island always hits the spot for me.

  7. Rene,

    Mary and I really like the Cafe Intermezzo in Atlanta’s Terminal B Centerpoint. This is not a place to rush. Their seafood bisque is quite good, Mary likes the chicken mango avocado wrap and the chicken Waldorf sandwich. Really everything looks good. Their desserts are good and quite large, split with Lisa or a friend.

  8. A guilty pleasure of mine is going to Papa Johns at the Charlotte Douglas International Airport. The other one is trying to find the local Philly Pretzel kiosk when flying in and out of Philly.

  9. Gold Star Chili-Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport, Delta Terminal 3, Concourse B,

    Gold Star is a regional style of chili con carne that uses seasonings such as cinnamon, cloves, allspice and/or chocolate. It is commonly served over spaghetti or as a hot dog sauce. Go for the five way – Chili, kidney beans, onions and piled high cheddar cheese over spaghetti (or try the four way w/beans) plus a cheese coney.

    Food critics Jane and Michael Stern, raved “As connoisseurs of blue-plate food, we consider Cincinnati chili one of America’s quintessential meals”

    Believe they are closed on Saturdays – go figure…..

  10. French Meadow at MSP – actual good, healthy food in an Airport!

    But the king of good food is the Holland Market at Schipol. For self-service food, this place blows away anything I’ve ever seen at any American airport… so fresh! Makes me embarrassed for the United States.

  11. For a good old-fashioned southern breakfast in ATL, you can’t beat Paschal’s. No fancy gourmet stuff, just eggs, bacon, sausage, grits, home fries, and biscuits & gravy (and most anything else). Three locations in ATL last I saw.

  12. The Shipyard pub in PWM serves up some decent lobster rolls. LTK (Legal test kitchen), sister to Legal Seafood, has crab rolls and martinis conveniently located in the BOS Delta shuttle area. LGA new Terminal C has an Artichoke pizza right across from the Delta lounge. Ike’s food and cocktails in MSP has great burgers, and you can never go wrong with a Vino Volo. I’ve stopped at the ones in JFK, DTW and SAT.

  13. I really like the noodle bowls at Sora in DTW. Unlimited green tea is a buck, and the service is crazy fast and really friendly. I’ll even make the run through the crazy light tunnel even if I have all connections in B and C if I have at least 50 minutes between flights.

  14. Actually, now that I read other comments, I can remember more than I expected. It depends on whether you’re looking for somewhat healthy, somewhat not, or What the H…type of food. Here is my list: #1 and I’m not even sure it still exists since I never travel through that terminal anymore, but at CDG in Paris, there was a Maxim’s that served the most fantastic croissants and cappuccino. Of course, there was the issue of cost, which was considerable, but the bar area–old fashioned seats at a counter, featured small lamps with subdued lighting so you thought you were in someplace really special. #2 when you have to have a nostalgia kick, try the Philly cheesesteak at a Rock and Roll place (PHL) Really, really good…#3 Totally unexpected at SMF (Sacramento) there’s a Vietnamese spot in the food court that makes terrific PHO and other dishes. Freshly made, crisp greens and that incomparable taste. Who said flying wasn’t fun?

  15. Since i am based at ATL, dont eat here much, but I say Lemonade at LAX.

  16. Agree on “One Flew South” and last week hit the Papadeaux’s at the Bush Int’l (Houston)…For Delta hubs, you just cannot beat a simple coney dog at National Coney in the Detroit…

  17. I love Atlanta Bread Company in ATL. Unfortunately, I almost never fly out of Term C. The California Avocado is fabulous if you like a veggie sandwich. Messy, but fabulous.

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