Rookie Wednesday: What are the perks of #CrossoverRewards from SPG

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RenesPoints Rookie

Welcome to a weekly feature on the Renés Points blog. Each week this series covers in a “rookie” way either a Delta or travel related theme and attempts to break down to a basic level each topic. You can read up on all the previous posts HERE. Now on to this week’s feature.

A reader asked me to post about all the perks you can get as a Delta SPG CrossoverRewards member and I think this program, with all it’s in’s and out’s deserves a “rookie” look.

The first thing you really need to do, rather than have me just cut-n-paste from the SPG site that has a great description of all the program benefits is to click HERE to read them all (and the one is HERE as well). I will summarize real quick the key points and then some of my issues and you can share yours in the comments on the blog below.

All levels of medallion get points but PM & DM get more. They get:

Diamond and Platinum Medallion® members can also enjoy 4pm late checkout, access to the SPG elite check-in line, complimentary in-room Internet access, and upgrades to enhanced rooms at check-in.

So, you get some nice perks that many times cost more money and do give you many of the same perks as a GOLD SPG member and that is sweet (more on this soon).

Then, from the SPG side, GOLD & Platinum SPG qualify, but only Platinum gets all the Delta perks.

SPG Platinum elite member, you are eligible to receive priority check-in, Priority Boarding, and first checked bag free in accordance with the SkyMiles Program Rules and the Crossover Rewards Terms on eligible Delta flights (First checked bag free for the Crossover Rewards Participant and up to 3 additional passengers traveling under the same reservation as the Crossover Rewards Participant.).

So looking in this direction, if you have no status with Delta, you get a bunch of perks that an entry level medallion gets, but noticeably you get NO chances at upgrades that even the lowest medallion (Silver Medallion) does have a chance for. Unlike the Delta AMEX cards (Gold/Platinum/Reserve) that gives you+8 more on the same reservation free bags, this perk only give you+3.

More info to consider. A Silver Medallion with Delta, who only gets 1 free bag now, can get the Delta AMEX and get 2 free bags domestically (50 lbs). But, say you are a Delta Silver and an SPG Platinum, can you then leverage this the same way as with the AMEX card? SPG says:

No Incremental Benefits. A Crossover Rewards Participant who qualifies for elite benefits pursuant to Section 4.2.a and who has Medallion status in the Delta SkyMiles program will not receive incremental benefits. [and]  If you are registered for Crossover Rewards and are an SPG Platinum elite member, you are only entitled to receive one checked bag free.

This also would mean as say a GM or higher you would not then qualify for say 3 bags free from your SPG Platinum status. But what about going the other way, that is, you have say Delta DM status and are an SPG Gold. Do you get more perks since you are already an elite with SPG? Notice what SPG says:

Yes. If you are registered for Crossover Rewards and are a Delta Diamond or Platinum Medallion member, you will receive complimentary in-room Internet during Eligible Stays through Crossover Rewards, so you may choose a different welcome amenity (e.g., 250 bonus Starpoints) as an SPG Gold elite member.

I have had, for the most part, good results with this. I think overall SPG has done a good job. However, some brands do not fully understand the CrossoverRewards program and tend to balk when you ask for more than wifi one perk (I have to tell them I am a CrossoverRewards member and should get both – they relent – but give you “the look” and I hate that)! BTW if a hotel already has free WiFi you do not get to pick more perks:

If an SPG Participating Hotel provides in-room Internet on a complimentary basis, no substitute benefit will be provided to Delta Diamond or Platinum Medallion members who are registered for Crossover Rewards.

Another “gotcha” for those who like to use a booking portal to get extra points. If you do this, you cannot triple dip and get CrossoverRewards. Take a look:

If you make a reservation for a Delta flight through an online travel agency (e.g.,,,,,, you are not eligible to receive Crossover Rewards benefits for that flight even if you are registered for Crossover Rewards and are an SPG Platinum elite member. However, if you make a reservation for a Delta flight through a corporate booking tool that is powered by an online travel agency, you may be eligible to receive Crossover Rewards benefits for that flight.

Does this mean others like would not work? They should be fine as they just scrape data and do not pay extra points. Others, like Travelocity via Ultimate Rewards site and the like maybe readers can comment if they have gotten both those credits and CrossoverRewards (and would be much appreciated btw)!

When it comes to earning SPG points from Delta flights keep in mind that like the Skybonus program  the points are based on the base fare price not the total price of the ticket. Consolidator fares and type fares do not qualify. Also it needs to be a Delta code share flight that is have a DL in front of the number (so you could earn on say KLM if a code share flight). For SPG stays, like Delta, tax etc. does not qualify going from SPG to Delta to earn Delta points.

What if you have an issue and points do not post right? Here is where most people are upset as it seems from readers that each company is pointing fingers back at the other. SPG says that:

If you are registered for Crossover Rewards and meet the eligible criteria to earn Starpoints and/or Delta miles for your eligible flight or stay: (1) if you are missing Delta miles for an Eligible Stay at an SPG Participating Hotel, contact the SPG Customer Contact Center; (2) if you are missing Starpoints for an eligible Delta flight, contact Delta SkyMiles Customer Support.

This makes it clear (but I have been told it can still be a fight to get credits some times). Either way, there is no question the CrossoverRewards is a very nice perk in a year where we have seen mostly enhancements cuts from Delta. SPG points are each worth 1.2 Delta Skymiles should you choose to send 20,000 over in one block to Delta Skymiles. If you are a Delta elite or an SPG elite be sure you enroll to enjoy the perks you have coming to you! – René

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  1. SPG posts points for delta flights by segment not by a complete round trip. Also no date for the flight is given. That makes it very difficult to know if I’m getting proper credit. Is there anywhere that delta displays the basic fare by segment? I wonder if this is the way delta will post MQDs next year.

  2. I’ve had some luck in my last 4 SPG stays with getting room upgrades, but at two Sheratons (Toronto and LAX), even after the front desk acknowledging my Crossover status and promising not to charge me for internet access, I got charged at checkout and had to call the properties multiple times to get the charges removed.

  3. René,

    SO let me ask you this… I am not sure exactly what qualifies to get me SPG points. I am Gold @ SPG as a perk on my Platinum American Express card and I am Currently a GM on Delta. what exactly should I be getting points for on SPG? Money spent on Delta?, Money spent on my Delta Plat Amex Card (separate from my other Plat Amex) or miles flown on Delta?



  4. I completed a flight all on Delta metal June 7 return June 11. Was booked via US Bank Flex Perks site. Gold with SPG, GM with Delta. So far no points have posted. I am recognized as fully signed up on both Delta and SPG (did that when it became available)

    I am guessing this is because Flex Perks uses Travelocity during booking process. Although the price was identical to the pricing.

  5. PM on Delta, registered for Crossover Rewards, just got the SPG Amex. Stupid question:

    Can I get both SPG points AND Sky Miles / MQMs for the same flight? If so, how do I go about doign that?

    Thank you!

  6. @Greg D – you bet. You can earn, Skymiles (+MQMS), SPG CrossoverRewards & even Skybonus if you have them all for the same flight. Just register and when you do buy a ticket on Delta make sure you see the SPG symbol for the flight that it is SPG eligible and you will earn BOTH!

  7. Just got off teh phone w/ Delta, looks like I have to make SPG Gold before I get the SPG points for Delta flights. Missed that part. Oh, well.

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