Be VERY cautious over “E-mail me later” for CC apps – Offer may change!

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You will notice on the just AMAZING current 55k Skymiles + 20K MQM (expired offer) Delta Business AMEX card offer (NOT my link btw), almost as soon as you land on the page, will pop up an offer to put in your e-mail address so they can remind you about it later. That sounds just great does it not? But should you do this for this or ANY credit card offer?

email reminder from AMEX about app

Sure enough I put in my e-mail and got the offer (it ended up in my SPAM folder but I did get it). And when I click on the e-mail it sure looks good. I mean, look at the expiration date that is the same as the expiration date for the current offer.

email reminder two

But things are maybe not all they seem. When I go to click on the apply now button to get to the offer, notice what happens to the offer details.

email is not the same as the link offer from amex

Ruh roh – not the same! This e-mail offer T&C has no mention of MQM’s or bonus MQM’s or just about any of the same details of the T&C best LINK offer!

So what have we learned from this? A bunch. The most important, please, always, even when using my links, do screen shots. It is simple to do on a PC. Hit “prt sc” or print screen on your keyboard. Then open any photo edit program and go up to the left top to the word “edit” and then click “paste” and you have a screen shot. Then, either print it to paper or use software like PDF Creator to save it as a PDF!

The next most important thing to learn is NEVER EVER use these type of e-mail reminders. Start at the offer LINK and then do the above to make sure you get the points the offer shows. – René
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  1. So ‘I think’ I got the card using the correct site link, but I did do the remind me because the site was having errors. I have the card in hand now, How can I check that I got the good deal and not the bait and switch?

  2. @Tom – when you activate the card, confirm the offer. Get the reps name, the time you called, and do screen shots of the offer with all pages. Write all that info down on those printed screen shots. Then HOPE all goes well if not you have some data to fight back with! – Rene

  3. If you use Alt-prt scr it will only capture the active window (e.g the browser). This is useful if you have a large monitor and your browser is only part of the screen.

  4. Use the “snipping tool” built into windows 7 and 8 for even more control over your screen shots.

  5. Just to clarify on the 55k + 20k offer… If I have a personal (non-business) Reserve card, then I still qualify for the biz bonus — correct?

  6. Thanks. Just applied — but got a message about system not responding… Guess I will have to try again later? Not sure.

    Also: Very interesting point above about getting a different offer when asking to have it e-mailed. Seems shady, but good to know.

  7. Just to close the loop on this… I finally got the application to go through (after switching from Chrome to Safari) and then got a message that I needed to call them to complete the application. I did so and learned that the website had created multiple applications so they cancelled the duplicates and completed the application (after I confirmed the offer details). I was quickly approved and should get the card early next week. Thanks!

    P.S. I do realize that this info would go better in the original post about this card/offer, but comments on that post appear to be closed and I thought this info might be useful to others.

  8. Not the best formatting, but if you use google chrome as your browser, do ctrl+p, change the destination and select save as pdf. That should work most of the time.

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