Delta gets caught cheating about bumps. Shocking? NOPE!

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fingers crossed delta about bumps delta points blogOh Delta. I wrote last December about my weather related issue (i.e. a broken radio altimeter). Everyone at Delta from airport reps to corp people that I interacted with, other than the Captain of the jet who told the truth, said this was a weather related issue.

But now we see from The Associated Press & The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that the government has fined Delta ¾ of a Million dollars over “mishandling” bumps. I am shocked (well not really)!

Here is the deal when it comes to bumps and Delta. As of 12-15-2012 the rules changed to just ONE voucher per ticket. Now, we know it is ONLY in your name (i.e. the one who got bumped). Delta is low balling bumps to ridiculous numbers. Even if a rep tells you that you will be rebooked in a higher fare class, Delta has stated that is NOT a perk from a bump and can be changed back at any time. I have in the past gone RANT-ville about Delta bump vouchers.

As you can see from the article, the good news is Delta gets to keep most of the fine to buy tablets to try to correct the mishandling of bumps. I am not optimistic.

I will take bumps, $400 minimum, as less than that, with all the games Delta is playing, they are just not worth it kids! (and Delta calls us gamers – really)?- René

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  1. Rene –

    Why do you continue to put up with these clowns? Haven’t you considered flying with someone else?

  2. I was on a flight in 1/2013 that was over booked by 10. So instead of paying bumps they departed the gate 15 minutes early because there was 12 people coming in from SEA and they could save $4,000 in TVC’s by leaving early(the SEA flt had already landed). We happened to be sitting close to the agents and over heard them planning this! We did push back 15 minutes early.

  3. I had to chuckle at the recent “feel good” news story about Delta CEO Richard Anderson giving up his seat to a mom who was picking up her diabetic daughter from camp. Mr. Anderson gave up his seat and rode in the jump seat instead. By my calculations, the jump seat arrives at its destination at the same time as the other seats on the plane. So Mr. Anderson’s ride may not have been quite as comfortable, but his arrival time was not affected. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for those passengers who are involuntarily bumped from flights.

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