ALERT! Delta Mileage Run ORD-SJC 6000+ MQM $187 ALL-IN 3.1CPM

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mr deal

I just booked two days back to back and will pick up over 10,000 11,000 MQM’s for under $400! This is amazing for Midwest pricing. There are a TON of days starting in 01SEPT and runs well into next year! Don’t think, DON’T CALL just book and book lots as you have 24hrs to cancel if you don’t like what you have booked. Use ITA Matrix to search then to book. Learn more about Mileage Runs HERE! – Rene


EDIT: Not showing up on ITA now but still live at!

Looks like it is now DEAD! Congrat’s to all who got in!


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  1. @jettyboy – ya know some of us who live in the MidWest do find deals via ITA Matrix on our own! I will give you that C&T is a king when it comes to MR’s. I do now see he posted an earlier deal but my search shows many more MQM’s (i.e. 6k+)!

  2. Are you doing this as multi-city on ITA and adding each segment or just searching as round trip?

  3. @Jen – RT. I often search up to 250 miles from home (SBN) to LAX etc and once I find interesting things plug in midwest start city and then do 250 search around LAX or SFO etc. Then, often, when you find good price dates, Delta will show even other options when you RT search.

  4. Thanks René. Are you doing a same day turn or overnighting? Sorry for the noob questions, I am trying to book my first mileage run ever thanks to this find:)

  5. @Jen – I am doing day 1 out, red-eye back, day 2 out, overnight, then home. I can take one night flight then I want a hotel. I have enough hotel points that I can burn for that to break it up and then I will also have to add the cost of a bus ride from SBN-ORD (they run all day long) or drive to ORD and park.

  6. Sorry to ask again, Do I need to search for routes ORD-SJC, or do I need to search multi city and add all other routings?

  7. @Mowsquared – Good. Also tinker with best routes flights and times and I am always ready to pay say $10 more if the legs are better or stop over time is better say in ATL for a shower in the F Sky Club etc!

  8. Woo hoo. Took your advice and didn’t think and just booked right away. My first mileage run ever. Same route as you except through CVG on the return (5,936 MQMs total). Was gonna book two but while obsessing over just driving or using Pay with Miles or Award Flight for my positioning flight from DSM to ORD (both are 25,000 miles), the deal died. That will teach me to be even quicker next time! Thanks so much for the tip!!!

  9. @Jen – fun and well done! Keep in mind only 1st class pay with miles for positioning flight will EARN miles (but I am sure you know that). I am NOT flying the dates or flights in my example I posted in comment btw. I am flying in OCT on this deal.

  10. @Craig – I did not text alert this one. Sorry. I really need to work on the text alert as to just what to alert about and at what level. I will work up a post where readers can give input. Lastly I have about 50 numbers to add to the text alert list and just have not had time to update it. And the deal went so fast I was busy emailing and answering questions. I will give this more thought for better ideas.

  11. Rene,

    When you get time, please add me to your text alert list! I missed this deal! Thank you!


  12. A couple of noob questions about this: 1) How are you calculating 6000 MQM? gives 3658 MQM for RT ORD SJC. 2) What did you mean by “only 1st class pay with miles for positioning flight will EARN miles?” If you needed to fly to your departure airport and paid with either miles or cash, wouldn’t that kill the deal?

  13. I jumped and got one, but now I am second guessing it. I need to get to ORD from MSP but cheapest fare that will work with connections is $138 on American. I don’t even know if I have an American FF number, I am in so tight with Delta :). Do I take the American flight or pay the $100 more and take Delta? If it is too expensive to position yourself to the MR starting city do you dump the MR ticket?

    Also I think I goofed and didn’t add segments, so probably didn’t get as much mileage out of it as I could have. Rookie mistake.

  14. @Teresa – well you should still be inside the cancel window if you would want to. If you ended up with 5000+ MQM’s it is a good deal IMO. As to positioning flight, that is why I like 2 days of running so the position cost is less over all for the total haul. If you need some AA points then do AA if not look at other Delta options.

  15. That makes sense, thanks Rene. I am still on the fence with it, at only 4800 and change. Might just go with it and see if I can add an ATL leg in there on the day of the flights. Anyway, thanks for the head’s up on it.

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