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Rookie Extra day! A Q&A all about Delta AMEX

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Today we get a bonus “rookie” day as I want all who can to get in on the current (not my link & ends soon) 55,000 RDM + 20,000 MQM Delta Platinum AMEX Business card deal. And I want to use this as a catch all post about the common Delta AMEX questions I get just about every day. So here we go.

Q1) I have the Gold Delta AMEX, can I get the Delta Reserve card and bonus points?
A1) No (at least no for the bonus). The important thing you must remember is that to AMEX the Delta Gold or Delta Platinum or Delta Reserve are all the “same” card, that is the same “family” of cards. If you have any of these 3 you cannot get the new card bonus on the other two. You may be able to hold more than one card, but why would you want to?

Q2) I have the Delta SkyMiles® Reserve Business American Express Card, can I get the Delta Reserve personal card and hold both cards and earn MQM’s to my one Skymiles account.
A2) Yes. You can either follow THIS advice or you can, if you want to, hold BOTH a personal and business Delta card (Delta Gold or Delta Platinum or Delta Reserve) and earn Skymiles and MQM’s for both. In fact, at this point, Delta has said for next year’s MQD (medallion qualifying dollars) spend, the total amount from both personal and business cards will count towards your $25,000 spend total to be MQD exempt!

Q3) I have the Platinum AMEX Card, so I cannot get the Delta Platinum card right?
A3) Wrong. This is a common mistake due to the word Platinum. The Membership Rewards Platinum card is not at all in the same family as the Delta cards including the Delta Platinum card. Also this works the other way. If you, say, have the Delta Platinum it will NOT exclude you from getting the Membership Rewards Platinum card. And, like in Q2, if you have the personal Membership Rewards Platinum card you can also get the business Membership Rewards Platinum card.

Q4) I got the Delta Gold card 6 months ago, can I cancel and get the Delta Reserve card and the bonus points (I need the 10,000 MQM’s to make the next medallion level)?
A4) No! First it would be a very bad idea to cancel any credit card after just 6 months (why would you anyway)! Next, with ANY AMEX card it is all about the cancel date. You must wait 365+ days from the cancel date before you can get a new card bonus again.

Q5) Can I get both the Delta Platinum personal and business cards on the same day?
A5) Yes*. I say Yes* because you, if you have good credit, will more than likely get approved for the personal card and then the business card will be pending. You will then have to call AMEX and explain why you want both cards. You can, as we have talked about, hold both at once and have both credit your Skymiles account for both Skymiles and MQM’s.

Q6) I have several businesses. Can I get 2 or 3 Delta SkyMiles® Reserve Business American Express Cards?
A6) “Officially” NO as per Delta you can only get the bonus for one type of card per person that is one for the personal and one for the business. Now what you can do is, say, have your wife also get a Delta Reserve card. The 10k bonus points will go to HER Skymiles account NOT yours. But, if she can spend $30,000 by 31DEC each year (spend is based on calendar year NOT your card year) then she can choose to gift you the 15,000 BONUS MQM’s (she will get the 15,000 Skymiles to her account not yours).

Q7) I have the personal Delta Platinum card. If I go for the Business card can I move my credit line over to that card?
A7) No. You can request to move a personal credit line from one card to another or a business line from one card to another, but not across products, that is you can not go business to personal or personal to business.

Q8) I have/am a Delta Platinum card as a sub-user on my husband’s Delta Reserve card. So to get my own Delta Platinum card I must cancel and wait 365+ days to get bonus points, right?
A8) No. Additional users are not the same as the primary card holder. Simply having or having been recently a sub-user does NOT stop you from personally getting your own card for yourself and the new card bonus.

So these are the questions I get each week (almost each day). I will use this post as a catch all to send to readers when these pop up. Have more? Fire away and if you are reading this months from now be sure to check the comments and your answer may be there as well! – René
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Rene’s Points For Better Travel, a division of Chatterbox Entertainment, Inc. has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Rene’s Points For Better Travel and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers. Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any of these entities. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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René de Lambert is a contributing writer and the founder of RenesPoints. He is an avid Delta and SkyTeam flyer who has held Delta’s top Diamond Medallion status for many years and flown millions of miles.


  1. Rene,

    Regarding Q8, I was thinking about upgrading from the Delta Platinum Amex to the Reserve (I need the extra MQMs) but was hesitating because of the fee for the additional authorized user. Are you saying that the authorized user can have a Delta Platinum card for no feeinstead of having to take the Reserve card with the addition card fee?

    • @Keith – first off, friends don’t let friends UPGRADE a Delta AMEX card. No matter what AMEX tells you you may or may not get the points! Next no I am not saying you will have no fee. I am saying that if someone does not have their OWN say Delta Platinum AMEX, they are just an authorized user or sub-user on someone else’s primary Delta Reserve card, they could then still get their own card and get the new card bonus.

  2. Re Q7, moving credit lines from personal to business: This is exactly what Delta did for me with no issue at all. I wanted spend limit increased on business card so they simply transferred some of the personal limit to the business card.

    • @Bill G – Shocking. You are the first person I have ever had say they got that done. Chase will do this no problem but AMEX has always said NO! Thanks for your feedback and I would love to know if any others readers have got this done as well!

  3. Rene, I’m new to this so this year my wife got the Reserve Personal card and I got the Reserve Business card. We planned to do the rinse and repeat thing next year, as you mentioned in your January 4th blog. But, then I see in the May 25th blog you have both Reserve cards. So, I assume you’re going to just keep them both with no churn and forego the signup bonuses. Is this a better strategy? If so, I guess I should go ahead and get the Reserve Personal now and plan to keep them both.

    • @JohnHace – GREAT question. I have had my Business Reserve card for a very long time. I never get rid of it as I want more upgrades etc that the card gives me as well as more low level seats. This is worth the fee to me. Now the personal, I may not keep that next year. Then my 365+ day clock can start again for that card. A person may want both one year to get enough MQM’s to get to some level (that was it in my case). This year I am going to roll over 75,000 MQM’s as I can fly more MR’s etc this year than next so I want a ton now and less next year. So it is personal goals and plans.

  4. carol breece Reply

    Rene, I have the Delta American Express card, am I eligible for any different cards? I dont want to cancel it, as I have only had it six months.

    • @Carol – you bet. You can get any other AMEX card you want like the AMEX SPG or AMEX Premier Rewards Gold card (ie NOT the Delta gold). The only card you can not get a bonus for is another Delta AMEX card (personal if you now have personal).

  5. this is going to sound really dumb. if my husband spends $60,000 on his delta reserve and gets a status to fly 1st class, that is just for him? right? i still have to fly in coach? or is there a way that i can also fly in 1st also?

    • @Jen – not a dumb question. If only 1 of you have status you can get both get upgrades on paid tickets but as you can see HERE you are low on the upgrade list and you must both be flying together. Also for FF tickets you both must be GM or higher.

  6. Rene, how long should you keep your Delta AMEX cards open? I have both the personal plat and the Business plat. So while I’m all set for this year, it seems like im out of luck for earning MQMs from bonus deals next year. I supposes I could open a membership rewards AMEX but that only transfers to sky miles, correct?

    • @Jacey – yep to what you said. Many years in the past MR sent to Delta in large amount gave bonus MQM’s but none for almost 2 years now. You may do what I will do next year, keep on Delta card and close the other (I am leaning that way) and then your 365 day clock starts that day. As for your next card? SPG points can also be sent to Delta. 20k = 25k when it gets to Delta!

  7. Rene,

    I have both the AMEX personal plat and the business platinum. So I will be hitting my MQM goals this year. Is there anyway for me to earn MQMs through sign up bonuses next year given the 365 day from cancellation rule? What card should I invest in next?

  8. Rene,
    What I’m most curious about is if I want to cancel a card how son before the card’s anniversary date should I cancel? Would you suggest calling and rquest card to be cancelled or should I write? Are card companies inclined to wave a fee if you tell them you have to cancel due to not affording the fees?

  9. Hello Rene,

    I just got the Silver Medallion status and I have the Delta Gold AMEX! It’s been almost 2.5 months since I got the Delta AMEX. My question here is two-fold:

    1. I really want the Reserve card, for the MQM bonuses and the Delta Sky Club access. Can I apply for a new personal reserve card, or should I cancel my delta gold Amex (I did notice you asking people to wait 365+ days before canceling, but is there a way to get the reserve card faster? I do not think I can apply for the business card!

    2. Does the upgrade chance improve when you’re a lowly silver, but you’ve the Reserve card? Also, the Reserve card does give you Sky Priority, right?

    • @Vik – two great questions and so happy you asked them.
      Q1) NO! to part one. You MUST cancel any AMEX, wait 365+ days, THEN you can get the new card bonus again. Plus, you have only had the current AMEX for 2.5 months – there is risk AMEX will take the points you got from that card BACK if you cancel that fast. Please don’t! Should you at some point cancel that card your 365+ day new card bonus clock starts that day. Almost anyone can get a AMEX BIZ card. Even those who just buy and sell on eBay etc. You just use your SSN to apply (leave the EIN box empty as a sole proprietor).
      Q2) NO! to Sky Priority. That is a function of elite level NOT the AMEX card. Yes, to some more upgrades. If you have the personal OR business AMEX Reserve card, and you are up against another elite of your in same fare class, and you have the Reserve card and they don’t, you get the upgrade. That is one reason I will ALWAYS pay the fee for at least ONE of these cards each year. – Rene

  10. Hi Rene,

    I had a Delta Gold Skymiles Amex that I cancelled in Feb. 2013. I just received a Delta Platinum add for Personal & Business cards for 45K bonus miles and 15K MQMs. Based on what I’m reading, I expect that a) I cannot get the bonus miles for the personal platinum card, because I’ve gotten a Gold bonus years past and they are considered the “same card family. But b) can I potentially get the Platinum Business Card Bonus?

    I spoke with 3 people at Amex tonight and got different answers from all 3. 2 of them believed that if its been longer than 12 months I can get the bonus (like it used to be). very confusing.


    • @Rich – you can not get the personal bonus again. You can get the biz. Officially. You can roll the dice and see what happens!

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