A quick tech tip for the day! Get your Skymiles bar code back

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bar code maker

This week I reviewed my new Diamond Medallion kit. One of the things that really upset me and many other flyers is the Skymiles number bar code going away on the back of the card.

bar code test

Well an anonymous reader, we can call him Bob, told me just how simple it is to get it back. All you do is go to this site HERE and you can generate your own bar code with your Skymiles number. Then just print it and with some clear packing tape you have your code back on the back of your Skymiles card.

Why do this? Many of us use our phones to board planes. We have our boarding pass digitally and that is it (it is smart to print a paper copy too but…). Well if you have the bar code and your card handy either on your bag or in your wallet all you have to do is scan the bar code when you board and it will spit out a boarding pass for you.

Have any other little top tips? You can also peek at a TON of reader suggestions on the blog on the Links&Tips tab. Take a look if you have not checked this tab out as Delta Points readers are very smart and have some very good travel tips to make your journey better!- René

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  1. Rene,

    There is also a great app called cardstar for iphone and probably have a version for other phones. You can input any membership number, hotel, airline numbers whatever and it will generate a bar code for your membership. You can skip carrying the card and not have to use that clear packing tape trick. It also lets you take a picture of your actual card and store it. I use it for all those drugstore and office supply programs etc.

  2. Recently, while traveling through France, both in Toulouse and Nice, we sailed up to the special priority line, thinking, hey, SkyMiles Platinum should work. Wrong! and when the French want to prevent you from doing something, watch out! They don’t kid around. My husband’s cane didn’t get us past the check-in point; my somewhat exalted status–I’m also a Million Miler. Nothing, nada. Since we were in economy, we went to the regular long, long line.

    Then, I watched other priority line folks–they took their Flying Blue card from Air France, swiped it at a little watchamalit post at the entrance to the line and Voila! they gained entry to the priority security and boarding lines.

    The situation the following day in Toulouse had a happier ending. Again, we were denied entry, but this time we knew why. Of course, we didn’t have a boarding pass, yet and I hadn’t had a chance to check in so when we were stopped, I put on my big girl panties and insisted that we were entitled to enter the premium line. He was prepared to fight to the end, but insisted that he would have to have our SkyMiles number in order to look it up, he was flabbergasted that I had it memorized. After checking, he discovered that indeed, we were entitled to use the premium line.

    These two incidents demonstrate the need for a bar code that will eliminate all these unpleasant encounters.

    Fellow Delta SkyMiles passengers: do not give up, ever…unless you are clearly in the wrong, then it’s best to retire gracefully and graciously, if possible so that you can win another day.

    Final thought for the poor souls that work the check in and boarding gates…we give them some space. It’s a tough, tough job, so being polite always helps. Sends them home with a better feeling and who knows, that might make them feel better about stretching their help for you or someone else on another day.

    Now, this is really my final thought. . .you’re right about the Delta folks in the SkyClub. They are geniuses. Always head there if you travel a lot and have access. They can fix just about anything.

  3. The Free Barcode Generator site requires a choice of several barcode symbologies. The link defaults to barcode symbology 128, but not sure if that is the correct one? Thanks, I enjoy your comments.

  4. @Jim – it should work fine (i scaled it to fit my card). The Delta scanners can read many types of codes. If you notice the phone code is the other square style.

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