Want to know the 10 most viewed Delta Points posts from Delta CORP?

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Over the years of blogging, as readership has continued to grow, Delta Air Lines visits (that is, visits from Delta Corp Computers) have continued to grow. With Google Analytics I can “see” the computer networks that have visited Delta Points each day. I thought readers may find it fun to see the 10 days that have got the most amount of visits/traffic from our “mother ship”. So here we go!

  • Feb 14th – 2013 – Utah’s Delta Points reader Steve’s report using Delta points was popular (hey Steve, Delta corp likes ya)!
  • Nov 12th – 2012 – What rules can you get Delta to bend or break (need to rookie this too)
  • June 3th – 2013 – we know Delta does not want to FIX their hopelessly broken award page but they do care when I blog about it, it would seem
  • March 21th – 2013 – Delta DieMiles! When you go, Delta does not love you – but they do care when we think about DieMiles
  • March 5th – 2013 – I guess Delta does care about Mileage Runs as my IST run was popular

Kinda fun to see, don’t you think? There were another 10, about ½ from 2012 and ½ from 2013 that were close runners up as you can see by the chart on top. Anyway, I just thought it would be neat for readers to see some of the same data points I see along the way! – René

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  1. Awesome, thanks for sharing this info! I wonder how many visits you will get on this post? I think I am creeped out and glad they are paying attention at the same time.

  2. +1 to the gate checking of bags. Before I had status I did this on every for Delta and other airlines. Avoid the fee, lug it to the gate, and say “goodbye” until the baggage claim. GAs are more than happy to do this. Before boarding I would approach, say I’d like to check it to free up bin space, and then they would remind me it isn’t pink-tagged, but picked up at baggage claim (which I knew and PREFER). This is most helpful for domestic flights with a connection, especially a long one or one where you change terminals. If you do this on Alaska, you will get bumped up in your boarding group.

    and +1 to TSA not paying attention to the size (or number) of bags you have. You can push the limits a little bit.
    Once I hit status, everything is checked.

  3. @Graydon – yeah I hear ya. There are many shall we say interesting visitors to the blog each day!
    @uclalum – yep I have a rookie post about this and many more ideas this week (and bet it will get a TON of hits from Delta).

  4. Regarding DieMiles… if you make clear to your next of kin your passwords and the policy, could they not book award travel for themselves using your miles over the phone after your death? How would Delta know it isn’t you or that you are dead?

  5. They like me! They really, really like me!! LOL, hopefully nothing bad comes of it….Delta policy-wise.

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