SWAG Saturday: The Mileage Run deals have been great as of late!

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There have been so many killer mileage run deals like this one or that one as of late that I have no more dates I could possibly book up to take runs (ok a good problem to have). Part of it is due to personal family issues that may require my time next year so I cannot do what I like to do, that is book up 11 months out. So, for now, I am ALL booked up for 2013!

But that brings us to today’s SWAG Saturday question. Most of the time for me in the Midwest I have to look at a positioning flight to some place to get in on the deals and that is fine I can do that. Thanks to Chicago and Milwaukee deals my positioning is a tank of gas. But I have, like my May run out of Phoenix, positioned to my start city by air.

There are several good cards to help you do that. The big 3 are:

The funny thing about these 3 is all of them are “basically” the same idea. The idea is you can use the points to buy ANY airline ticket you want when you want (perfect for a positioning flight when on a mileage run). But each card says they are better than the other.

arrival better

Barclaycard says the Arrival card is better than Chase Sapphire due to 2x on all spend and offer 10% points back. Chase says Sapphire is better since you get 20% off when redeeming your points for travel and you get 7% back on all earnings each year. US Bank say FlexPerks is better due to needing the least points (only 20,000) to get up to $400 credit.

impulse steinhausen watch

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☀ Tell me what of the 3 cards above is the best card if you ONLY could pick one (I have all 3 🙂 ).

If you want to tell us why you think your pick is the best that is fine too but not necessary and if you agree or disagree with the perks of the other two cards being better or worse! Have fun – René

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  1. The Chase Sapphire Preferred Card…just because it is linked to Ultimate Rewards.

  2. Sapphire all the way for me. I like the flexibility of UR points and I love earning 2x points on dining.

  3. I’d go with the Barclaycard Arrival. Less $ to spend to get the bonus miles.

  4. The Chase Sapphire Preferred!

    Although I like that with the Arrival, you can redeem points toward taxes/fees, tank of gas, train ticket, etc.

    But if only one: CSP.

  5. Us bank flexperks.
    I have it. DW has the other two. This one gets me so much more because of the grocery bonus

  6. I would go with the Chase Sapphire – you can’t beat the transfer partners!

  7. Wow where do you find such a beautiful watch!

    I am Chase fan which I will get sapphire card

  8. Chase Sapphire 7% bonus and lot of x2 bonus on various spend. A go to after my delta cards!

  9. I don’t have any of these cards as of yet, but am looking forward to getting the Chase Sapphire card. I LOVE Chase cards!

  10. US bank Flex Perks. Only 20k for a ticket and double points for charitable contributions.

  11. I’ve had good customer service from Barclaycard in the past and no experience with the others…

  12. Chase Sapphire. I’m more likely to use points to take the train to NYC than fly anywhere.

  13. For mileage run purposes, US Bank. I wouldn’t use Ultimate Rewwrds for a mileage run, although the Sapphire Preferred card is my go-to card.

  14. the us bank flex card. I have had it since they dropped delta. Was getting 2.5 points at grocery stores but that will end in august.

  15. I love my Chase Sapphire Preferred. I travel abroad a lot and this card has no foreign transaction fees. That is a big plus for me. This is my go to card overseas. I frequently get comments on the cards, the unique weight and feel.

  16. Chase Sapphire because I am using it strictly for travel and like the cash back.

  17. Chase Sapphire Preferred – flexible and valuable points with a bonus – what’s not to love?

  18. Interesting premise. Perhaps a blog entry comparing the overall costs and benefits of the three? In the absence of a direct comparison (that I know of), I’ll go with CSP, because it looks cooler :).

  19. Chase Sapphire is the way to go based on what you posted.
    Place the passenger of the Asiana flight into SFO, and their families, in your thoughts and prayers.

  20. easy as 1,2,3,. chase sapphire preferred! flexibility, potential earning and 7% dividend!

  21. Chase Sapphire Preferred – got me to Australia in First Class on United for free.

  22. The Chase Sapphire Preferred. The 7% dividend is a nice bonus and pairing it with the Chase Freedom 5x bonus categories make it hard to beat.

  23. I’d pick the flex perks card out of those three but I like my BA Avios card for positioning I do from STL to ORD or DFW.

  24. If I could only have one, it would be the Chase Sapphire Preferred. When I switched my CSP Visa to a Freedom Visa so that I could get the CSP MC, and I didn’t have it for almost 2 weeks, I felt so lost within it!!

  25. Chase Sapphire is the best because it has the UR program behind it. Points that can only be redeemed in network, through preferred providers, will never match the redemption value available to flex programs.

  26. If I could only choose one card, it would definitely be the Chase Sapphire Preferred. Why? Simple, you get a 40,000 points sign-up bonus. That’s roughly $500.00,two flights, or 4 years of no yearly fee.

    In contrast, the Barclay Arrival requires excellent credit and the US Bank FlexPerks has a 2% Foreign Transaction fee for each foreign purchase or foreign ATM withdrawal.

    So if you (like myself) have an average to good credit score, enjoy international travel, and use credit cards on a regular basis, go with the Chase Sapphire Preferred.

  27. Being a rebel
    I find myself saying visa signature. They have
    An incredible concierge support system and
    Through a securities firm signature card
    I accrued many many “free” MQM flights
    But the extraordinary thing they did a while back
    Via cloak and dagger manipulation is
    Get me tickets to the incredibly secure
    Rolling Stones concert at the Beacon
    Theatre in NYC when “shine a light”
    Was being filmed. I did not make the cut 🙁
    But had to sign a waiver after being
    Interviewed for the film

  28. Quite content with my Chase Sapphire Pref. card.
    No foreign trans. fees has made it my first choice.

  29. Chase Sapphire Preferred, it’s my go to card! Especially on Fridays for dining 🙂

  30. Chase Sapphire Preferred as I could upgrade from an existing Chase card….or get the Sapphire Preferred and keep both!!!

  31. Chase Sapphire Preferred – no foreign transaction fees does it for me … and I love the reaction when you hand a merchant the card – it’s so thick … it always makes an impression!

  32. Chase Sapphire because of the Ultimate rewards mall as well as transfers to United and Hyatt.

  33. Chase Sapphire…… no foreign fees, 7% annual back, plus Ultimate Rewards value. Definitely the best. Oooops……almost forgot to say it is a Chase card. That is also a big plus!!!!!

  34. Sapphire is by far the best, their UR points can be racked up and distributed so easily.

  35. Having just been denied the Barclay Arrival card, I have a “sour grapes” attitude to all things Barclay now. My choice would be the Chase Sapphire Preferred card.

  36. I just recommended the Chase Sapphire card to my sister who travels multiple airlines. No Foreign fees & annual cash back.

  37. US Bank Flexperks – I like the other non-flight deals they offer with it, like a good deal on access to a local event.

  38. Us bank is good for me since I bank there and have two cards I get some “perks” on loans and deals from time to time!

  39. Chase Sapphire Preferred – great benefits and x2 rewards for restaurants, my biggest spending category.

  40. Chase Sapphire preferred is obviously the best, but I’d never use it to book flights directly! 22,000 points transferred to Hyatt for a night at the Park Hyatt Paris Vendome is MUCH more valuable than $275 towards a flight (especially when you get upgraded to the Imperial Suite!!).

  41. Flexperks Visa for the triple points on charitable contributions and the ability to get a ticket valued up to $400 for 20K points.

  42. Chase hands down (for me anyways). A friend has the US Bank card and seems to be content with it.

  43. Chase Sapphire Preferred is the best. I use in Europe as my Credit Card. No foreign transaction fees. (PS I’m in Europe now using the card).

  44. Barclays because they gave me a card when the other ones would not. I have not used it to buy tickets yet as I fly delta every where and use my Suntrust Debit card until one day Amex will forgive me for my youthful digressions. Mainly will be used to reposition at a 25% miles discount to fly US Air and soon to be AA. will possibly look to switch to AA through a one time challenge if Delta keeps taking a way perks. Will be Platinum in 6000 miles goal is 124000 miles so I can carry over 49000 mile next year. I just fly for fun no biz trips. Hawaii, San Juan, Italy, Istanbul, SFO, Alaska, so far this year with Greece, and Israel coming up.

  45. Barclay card will not issue Radisson Visa to me which I give up Barclay family

    I love Chase Sapphire card

  46. Chase Sapphire because it has more flexibility to transfer directly to points programs.

  47. I would say the Sapphire Preferred, It has double points at the two areas I spend the most in, Dinning and Travel.

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