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change frontier to delta skymiles

I don’t know about you but I feel like summer is flying by (no pun intended). My daily life is starting to feel like a mileage run and I am just running from gate to gate. The news bits about Delta are coming just as fast. Let’s take a look:

☢ As I blogged about last summer, Frontier offered Wisconsin flyers to send their points over to Delta (as you can see thanks to the due to their pulling out of so many markets. But all did not go as smoothly as they would have liked, it would seem, and some flyers had to take matters into their own hands!

Shareholders happy paying Delta management a ton of cash thanks to the company making money!

☢ Pinnacle Airlines is GONE! Yeah. Oh, they are now Endeavor Air. I hope they Endeavor to dump the horrid CRJ-200’s ASAP so we don’t have to Endure anther flight with broken radio altimeter, bathrooms, tray tables and on and on!

☢ An interesting discussion about if Delta can and can’t discriminate based on weight!

☢ Delta is redoing the Delta museum in Atlanta. I have never been, but cannot wait to go and see the new place next year!

☢ Virgin exits the airplane seat mfg business (did not know they were IN that business).

☢ Looks like Delta is hiring more FA’s for the 717’s that will start flying in Delta colors this fall (can’t wait)!

☢ Delta does the right thing and refunds a sick man’s NON refundable ticket and then the travel agency keeps the refund? Huh? You have got to be kidding me!

Other things on my mind about our airline. August and September have, in the past few years, been the months where we have been hit with big changes. Last year it was consolidator fares getting axed in award and MQM earnings. The year before, the T72 change to award tickets. What will we get this year? I hope nothing, but that is not realistic. My sources tell me both good and bad are on the way by year end. I just hope the bad is not really bad, but we shall see and just hope we don’t get too many more “Ruh-Roh” moments. – René

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  1. I read the link regarding the agency. Pretty outrageous — it wasn’t their money in the first place (except the fee). The article doesn’t name the agency — I think the best way to police this stuff is to publicize the heck out of it and name names.

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