SWAG Saturday: Power & Points!

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I cannot tell you how many times I have been in an airport lounge or seat area and have seen people wandering around for power outlets. Now our Delta is very good about putting up charging stations in the gate area but some clubs are still lacking enough plugs.

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I had a post about what I fly with a while back. One thing I always have with me is a power brick (I really try to remember to charge it the night before I fly). The unit above, a 5200 mAh, is a little smaller than mine but should charge your phone 2-3x times and an iPad at least once.

To have a shot at this week’s SWAG prize I have a simple YES or NO question for you to answer. The question is, with the current 50,000 point SW Air Chase card, were you aware that there are 4 different cards (2x personal and 2x business) that you can get and get the new card bonus for?

sw air biz link

Most Chase cards are basically 1x in a card holders lifetime, but with this offer there are 4 chances to haul in after spend requirements a bunch of points  (you can NOT get all 4 cards at once btw you can, with good credit, be approved for a personal and a business same day). The T&C is HERE as always. So answer below on the blog YES or NO that you knew there are 4 of these cards that qualify for the 50,000 bonus points?! – René


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  1. Our SW companion pass expires this year and I didn’t know we could get another set!

  2. Yup…but my husband and i can’t find a way to take advantage of this opportunity.

  3. No, I was not aware of that. We cancelled our SWA Chase cards when the fee was due after the devaluation of the Rapid Rewards program. Used to be such a good program, now, for us, it is without value.

  4. yes (have two of them, will get another two in 2015 when my companion pass expires!)

  5. yup! Wish I consistently traveled with one person so that I could make that companion pass worthwhile though…

  6. No, I didn’t realize that there were 4 cards offering the 50k bonus.

  7. Yes love them…. The companion pass is loads of fun…. Now if we could just use it on AirTran flights to Aruba..

  8. I believe I had read somewhere else about the 4 cards, but I’m not sure I understood it before reading this post.

  9. No, I didn’t know that there are four cards. I knew about 2 cards – pesonal and business – but wasn’t aware that there are 4 variants available.

  10. No. But, question: why don’t I ever get the swag post at 1:00? I only find the link on your Sunday email. What am I doing wrong?

  11. Yes! Now that I’ve met the Reserve spend for my bonus MQMs I’m going for my third card.

  12. No – was not aware of it, but I don’t tend to watch SW promos/cards/etc as they do not fly to my airport.

  13. Rene,
    No, I was not aware.
    Glad that you are able to use your points on seeing and being with Family. That is what enjoying travel and earning points/miles is all about!

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