This is why I care about points.

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rene - lisa delta points blog delta 767-300 busness class seats to amsterdam

On a long flight, say over the ocean either way, having a business class seat is just nice. The food is good, the seats are comfortable, the service is great and you can enjoy the trip. I would never pay the “retail” price for such a seat, but with points I can get these seats at 10-30% of that price. That works for me.

Syd-Koster Sweden Delta Points travel blog (4)

Last summer I had a very detailed post about my family’s summer home in Sweden. It is truly a remarkable place on this planet.

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The island is remote and the house is right on the water. I don’t know what it is about the ocean that calms me so much. I just love water and the sea. It can be cold like here or warm like Grand Cayman.

Syd-Koster Sweden Delta Points travel blog (3)

Not just the water, but the views and the boats; the smell of the ocean as well as fresh seafood. I love to sail and even took a quick swim in the very cold June water (like 14 C)!

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The other part I love so much is the light. It is amazing to me for the sun to go down at near midnight. When I say go down, I mean to say burning just below the horizon and back up around 3:AM. The sky stays blue all night and stars are almost not visible in the heavens. Then there are the summer indulgences like an “88” at Kostergården. I grew up playing mini-golf on a rustic little course here with plants growing on some holes.

rene eating an 88 icecream on syd-koster in sweden

But you know, none of the above matter at all to me. As magnificent as all of this is the only thing that really matters to me is what you see next.

porch syd-koster sweden delta points blog

To have my mom 5000 miles away from me is hard. It has been hard for over 36 years. My mom’s heath is failing and this may be the last summer we have. I treasure each moment I get and thanks to points I can go over as often as I can make work, and that, my dear readers, is the reason I both got started in this points game and continue to this very day! – René

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  1. Thanks for sharing your personal story. How points and miles enrich our lives is what truly matters! Wishing you and your family well.

  2. Great story. I live in Norway now but my family is back in Philly so I know how you feel. It’s quite hard for me to be so far from them. I too try to use points to travel back to see them. 😀 I can’t always afford to see them so those points surely come in handy when I am aching to go back to PA.

  3. Thanks for sharing this. I am so happy you were able to go visit your mother. God bless your family.

  4. Returning from CPH after a remarkably sunny week in Scania with my young son. It’s nice to relive your old memories. 88:a though good wasn’t my favorite. As a child I loved nogger. Now it’s either dajm or mjukglass. I travel in coach, business class isn’t an advantage with a young child. I had lost faith using delta points at a reasonable cost to SE, I do have some hope now with Virgin Atlantic as a partner.

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