I love GoGo in-flight WiFi but prices keep going up!

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Since I am flying today, I have to have my GoGo air. I want unlimited use. Not too long ago GoGo monthly was a very reasonable $34.95 when you first went to Delta.com and purchased the “Delta Traveler Pass”.

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As you can see the price is now $39.95 at Delta.com. Keep in mind if you buy this pass it is ONLY good on Delta Jets not on any other airline that uses GoGo. What I am not sure about is if you pay for the service with your NON-Delta AMEX Platinum card if you can get credit for this toward your $200 yearly incidental fees when paying with the card on Delta and when you have selected Delta as your rebate airline choice.

gogo1 delta points blog

You can also go to GoGoAir.com and get the very same Traveler Pass at the very same price as Delta.com has it going for. So, I like to log in even ground side to my GoGo account and make sure it is showing up that I am good to go and active.

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Some things to keep in mind next. If you are going to be flying over a month any other airline than Delta you will want to NOT buy the Traveler Pass but rather the GoGo Unlimited for $10 more so you have access on other jets.

Other things of note. The Traveler pass is good on a laptop, phone or tablet as much as you want but only 1 device at a time.

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You cannot use the same pass on two devices at once. If one logs off then the other device can log in with the same credentials. Also, you can cancel anytime but please take note:

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If you get within 3 days of the next month you will be billed again. That is fine if you plan to use this for more than 1 month. If not, you can literally cancel right after you sign up and still use the GoGo for the month, but it will then NOT bill you again the next month. I tend to forget things like this and hate to pay for a month I am not using the service. Yes it would be simpler if they brought back the 1 month 1x bill pass, but at this point GoGo does not want to do that.

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GoGo is expanding and upgrading the service. I tested the WiFi speed a few times on my mileage run. Results were so so.

gogo speedtest 2 delta points blog

For traveling at 500 MPH at 32,000 feet I am still just impressed that it works at all. Soon we will see WiFi via Satellites over the ocean and then you will be able to GoGo on Delta even across the pond! My big question is what will the fee be for this and will it be priced so high that it is just not worth the cost?- René

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  1. Can you see Wifi becoming a Diamond benefit, maybe something you can choose from if you don’t want lounge access?

  2. @Michael – I have asked about this and got the stock answer that they are always looking at options for the program. I would love this and if you want it email and let them know!

  3. Amex Corp Plat card gets you 10 reimbursed go-go sessions per year – I didn’t know that until recently

  4. So… GoGo isn’t already coming from Satellites? Where does the signal come from? That finally explains to me why it’s only domestic!

  5. I agree with Bryan, prices will only rise. GOGO went public 6/21. Their responsibility is now to the shareholder, and shareholders want growth. If their subscriber base falls or stays flat the only way to create growth is to raise prices (and this is exclusive of increased expenses via expansion).
    It is an interesting but novel concept which few travelers use and I struggle to the masses use the (mediocre)service.

  6. I tried to find a way to post this elsehwere but couldn’t. As detailed in a different post, new PN and DM luggage tags have no bar code. But my old FO and GM do, so I am gluing my new DM tags to my old GM tags. I get the Diamond logo on the front and the Bar Code infor on th eback, plus I get a double thick (stronger)tag.


  7. I contacted GOGO and tried to get the annual discount that they used to offer. This was back in April or so and they had just ended it. I called within one week of it ending and they did not budge. Used to be you got two months free if you did a year in one payment/pre-paid. It would be nice to have a value option, discount or loyalty/medallion rate.

  8. Since I was heavily traveling one month earlier this year, I bought a monthly pass. I chatted with gogo to cancel the service exactly one month later. They told me my card had already been charged, and that I would be billed for that month. I told them I didn’t need the service that year, and I didn’t know that I had to cancel several days before. They offered me I believe four free codes for future use, I got them to give me 6 codes. Maybe it worked out better as I got 6 codes for $6.65 each. (Paid $39.95)

  9. New Medallion survey out today, offering points to complete with Delta. Interesting questions about the program, who you fly with, what you’d change. Be on the look out…they offer a few miles to complete. Arrives via email link.

  10. @ Erndog.. I didn’t know that Standard Amex Platinum would reimburse for 10 sessions a year.

    @Delta Points, This is billed directly as GOGO on my Amex bill. the $200 per year reimbursement comes on items charged as Delta. For instance the new SDV $50 fee counts towards what I get back. Also snack pack and drinks in coach as well. I have not tried the in flight entertainment in coach, So I cant comment on that. It also should cover baggage Fees.

    I would think that any EC upgrade fee would be covered as well, but haven’t had to pay for one yet.

  11. I fly often, but not enough to make the monthly worthwhile. If I’m flying coast to coast, I’ll sign up for the $14 for 24 hours before the flight. It’s $14.95 if you buy it from the plane. I have recently seen the addition of $10 for an hour or $5.95 for 30 minutes. Yesterday the $10 was 90 minutes for $10 (by 60 get 30 min free). If you are doing flights that are two hours or less, those options are more cost effective than the $14 24 hour plan — assuming your legs are more than 24 hours apart. They used to offer 3 or 4 packs where you could get a group of 24 hour packs at $10-11 each, but I haven’t seen that option in a long time.

  12. @David R. GOGO is currently offering a 3 for $30 Pack when used Now through 8/28. Summer Sun 3-Pack. Smart they do a 3 pack.. because if you’re taking two round trips, you’ll probably want to buy the 4th a la carte

  13. Rene, here is the best description for GoGo

    A ripoff (or rip-off) is a bad financial transaction. Usually it refers to an incident in which a person is overcharged for something, or receives goods or services not of the standard expected for the price. A ripoff is usually distinguished from a scam in that a scam involves wrongdoing such as fraud; a ripoff may be considered excessive, but not illegal.

  14. Unfortunately, I don’t think we’re dealing with normal market forces here. I suspect that the service is frequented by business travelers, which means that price increases will be tolerated (to a point, anyway) because people are being reimbursed for what they pay. It’s certainly handy, but it’s not cheap.

  15. @Michael – I agree.
    @Sam – I disagree. Even at the current price, if you fly say 10 flights in a month, $4 per flight, is worth the price (but it is getting close to the no use price)!

  16. I am so glad that at this point in my life (almost 67) and commuting from Connecticut tio Mississippi (4 flights a week) I am eminently comfortable doing only 3 things on an aircraft. Eating, drinking, and sleeping.

    With homes in both states, the travelling is almost civilised……

  17. Amex Platinum cards don’t get reimbursed for GoGo sessions as “Air incidentals”. The reason why is because they are not coded as an airline fee. Instead as merchandise or something else.

  18. Amex Platinum cards don’t get reimbursed for GoGo sessions as “Air incidentals”. The reason why is because they are not coded as an airline fee. Instead as merchandise or something else.

  19. Rene, I’m going to Frankfurt this November so I Googled international WiFi and found http://news.delta.com/index.php?s=43&item=1651 .
    It says “ATLANTA, June 28, 2012 — Delta Air Lines will begin offering in-flight Internet service on its long-haul international fleet of more than 150 aircraft, which includes Boeing 777, 767, 747, Airbus 330 and transoceanic Boeing 757 aircraft in early 2013.” Is it there now, or are they running late? Any ETA?

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