2000 Flex Points for a cash advance? A smart idea or not?

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2000 FlexPoints for a cash advance delta points blog

One of the Definitions of the word “irony”, according to merriam-webster.com, is this:

“The use of words to express something other than and especially the opposite of the literal meaning”

It seems so many times in blogging you give advice and then the next day conditions change. I recently had an interchange with a reader about “ZERO” interest card loan checks. I told a reader NEVER EVER to do these and now I just did one!

You see I had a post two weeks ago about the value or non-value of points. I talked about the little things and if you are willing to do them for points.

As you can see by the above offer, they will charge me 3% up front on a $1000 “loan” or $30. But, take a look at the payback. I get 2000 Flex Points for this transaction. 20,000 Flex Perks points is worth $400 off a ticket (keep in mind it is hard to hit the 100% value mark & some tickets you will buy for say $350 or $375). But, for simple math, each Flex Point is worth a max of 2 cents each. Thus, the 2000 Flex Points bonus is worth $40. By say buying a couple of vanilla’s on Barclay’s Arrival I will net earn some points for that transaction. I then pay it off with one of these US BANK checks. I then turn around and use a Bluebird check to payoff my Flex Perks balance and pocket the points from both transactions. We are not talking a ton of points or a ton of gain but I hope I make my point(s) here.

If you missed my point(s) they are:

1) 99% of the time these credit card checks are a very bad value but always do the math before you toss them out.

2) If you want to earn max points, this little game takes time and grunt work and are you willing to do this for just a few thousand points?

Food for thought over this weekend. I mean, for a coach class seat, I would never do most of this kind of grunt work. On a very long international flight a business class seat is just much better. You arrive more rested and it puts less stress on the body! To me, all this kind of hard work, is worth it to get a $5000 seat for $500 by using points – René


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  1. Unless I missed something you are getting $10 of value after $30 fee for 2000 points worth $40. Plus your time and effort so unless you can get some points when you pay the $1000 back I don’t see a lot of value here unless you really need the 2000 flex points to top off.

  2. Not a bad deal. $40 for 2k points (worth $40). Then you take the loaned $1,000 and move it through accounts earning miles for pin-debit transactions over and over and over and over.

  3. I agree with Dan, unless you (or someone) really needed those 2K to top off for something, even according to your own formula, you will only be getting $5 – $10 out of this. Doesn’t seem like a good deal to me.

  4. Its generally a poor idea. The MAX value of flexperks is 2 cents, most redemptions will be closer to 1.6-7. So you are trading liquidity of $30 for 2-4 extra dollars.

    Only worth it to top up.

    Manufactured spend buying gift cards at grocery story would cost (5.95 * 2 @ $500 each, 2x points). Only $12 for those 2000 points.

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