Today – all day SWAG Saturday!

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I am way behind working on lots of photos and such from my 10k+ Mileage Run last week so today we will just do an all day SWAG Saturday that is you get bonus time!

I am continuing to look at my math for all my flights, both fun, business and runs as well as my totals so far. I look forward to readers input if any of this is for you and your medallion goals to end the year and to have for 2014.

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For today, the T&C for SWAG Saturday is HERE. Also, a few weeks back I had a comparison of the Delta Platinum AMEX card vs. Silver Medallion status. Many readers agreed that having both is a win-win for all the perks you would get. But, I hold both the  Business  and the  Personal  Delta Reserve card.

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My question to you, for a shot at another Power Brick you see above, is it worth the 10,000 bonus MQMs with the first purchase to you for your goals to get BOTH a business Delta card and a personal card this year before MQDs begin in 2014 OR is it better to alternate each year. That is, is it smart to go all in this year on MQMs before it gets harder next year!

Thanks as always for playing along and the feedback! – René

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Rene’s Points For Better Travel, a division of Chatterbox Entertainment, Inc. has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Rene’s Points For Better Travel and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers. Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any of these entities. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Responses are not provided or commissioned by the bank advertiser. Responses have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by the bank advertiser. It is not the bank advertiser's responsibility to ensure all posts and/or questions are answered.

René de Lambert is a contributing writer and the founder of RenesPoints. He is an avid Delta and SkyTeam flyer who has held Delta’s top Diamond Medallion status for many years and flown millions of miles.


  1. No. All of the flux is putting me in a very “earn and burn” mentality so I’m personally only churning with a specific trip in mind. Thanks for the contest!

  2. Rene, it depends how much travelling one anticipates for a year. If not much travel is expected, I’d go all in. Part of the ‘fun’ of this – how to play the game!

  3. There’s no guarantee that the card won’t change next year…All In.

  4. Bruce Nightingale Reply

    I think only one card is my way to go for me. But if someone can spend it all and do it.I say go for it.Good Luck 🙂

  5. No. And not next year either. I’m not planning much Delta flying other than burning what miles I already have.

  6. Yes, because I’m going to status on Delta since there will be less competition for upgrades soon.

  7. No, still want to see how the delta changes will work for me personally.

  8. credit card bonus changes every time, so to me i’d bite the bullet and get both at once.

  9. I think you need to grab it while its available. Who knows what the available deals will be next year.

  10. All in for 2014. No guarantee things don’t change for the worse next year.

  11. Depends on how much you will travel to an extent. Delta (really Amex) seems to be getting more stingy on the bonuses it seems. lots if changes going on so I am all in at this point. Get as much as you can before it changes or is gone.

  12. Nah alternating is the best strategy. You never now what ‘enhancements’ are coming our way.

  13. I won’t be doing either but would probably go with one a year if i were to.

  14. Go for it. I think it’s best to live in the moment in this game.

  15. I like holding the Plat for personal and Reserve for Business to lower expenses. My wife also holds both.

  16. not for me. the MQM bonus from my Platinum card is good for my goals (and I keep it for companion pass). I churn the biz card every other year.

  17. I think it is worth to go all in this year. You never know how much business travel you end up doing next year.

  18. My goal is to try and spend $60K on my personal for the bonus MQM’s (just hit $30K!), then get the business card in December for the 10K MQM new card bonus and cancel my personal.

  19. Not worth having both. Too much cash outlay upfront that ties my money up from potential mileage runs that could net me more miles instead.

  20. All In, too many changes in the wind to want to risk another year. I mean some of the changes even have me contemplating WN as an Atlanta captive

  21. I definitely cycle through the business and resonance versions of the platinum card for the sign on bonuses. And every other year I add the delta reserve to the mix when I don’t have the Amex platinum.

    For my goals, the delta platinum business and personal cards make it reasonable to reach PM status each year with cushion for the following year. If I need to gift mqm, the delta reserve helps me fill the gap for the folks I care about!

  22. Not sure about going all in! They’re forcing us to use our corporate card sometimes for business travel so that means less possibility to spend on Delta cards!

  23. I would just do 1 and do it this year. With spending for status next year this would be my last year too.

  24. I think it depends on your travel plans for the next year vs this year. And just when you thought you had it figured out Delta will change something — or life will get in the way. If I had to give one answer to technically stay within the rules, I’d say alternate.

  25. Jeff McCormack Reply

    If I could charge my business travel and expenses to another card, I would get both now. Never know where DL is going to go next with changes!!

  26. I do not have a business therefore it is difficult to met the spending requirements for both I have the personal platinum card.

  27. Nah, not for me, especially given the challenges I’ve had finding low level Delta award availability.

  28. Waiting until early Dec, to check progress and see if I/you can build MQMs to Diamond plus – meaning diamoned already but adding to 2014-15 year – gold, plat or diam for next year…or wait until Jan and run both cards, working toward the 70k mqm, 30 ea, plus 10 bonus on biz first purchase. Watching, waiting for updates this fall.

  29. Rene – I would alternate cards. A few miles now and the rest later.

  30. I’d go all in just in case there were big changes and change is rarely for the good

  31. I think it’s definitely better to do all you can thus year for status thru feb 2015 before MQD’s take affect. So I would def take advantage of both biz & personal Amex.

  32. All in! You never know what the program will be like next year.

  33. It’s not worth it for the number of miles I travel nor for the amount of award points it takes to travel Delta. Thanks.

  34. Get both the Amex business and personal cards to enjoy Skymiles status now before it gets harder to earn in 2014.

  35. I’d go for it because the program is changing so fast. I’m attempting to requalify as Diamond for 2014, as I want to see what the ‘improvements’ will be with the new changes for 2015 requalification.

  36. Not worth it for me, I have more ff miles in accounts than I will need at least the next 3 years, and the pile is growing weekly.

  37. I’d go all in. No guarantees that one of the cards won’t change or go away altogether.

  38. I say get them both at the same time. We all know that devaluations are inevitable, so better to go for it now!

  39. I always focus on the current year, as you never know what the next will bring.

  40. Always go all in if you can. You never know when a promotion or credit card offer will change.

  41. DVMonthego Reply

    I alternate. Want the Reserve for the upgrade enhancement,and MQM’s. Keep a Platinum for the companion certificate which is worth the $150 a year fee.

  42. Before the advent of MQD, I’d say alternate. With them, I say, go all in.

  43. I hold the personal, my husband holds both. We’re trying to decide if its worth it to have all three.

  44. One card at time. Otherwise it kills your credit score if you keep jumping.

  45. Rene, You always pose great questions. Fortunately, I qualify with status from personal and business travel each year, but alternating would be the best way to go in order to maintain a base amount of MQMs to build on.

  46. I’d say no, but only becasue I’m not shooting for the stars. I’ll probably alternate year by year.

  47. With all the changes, I say go all in if you’re going to do both anyway

  48. Get both now, unless you know you are going to spend a lot (MQD) on Delta tickets next year. Most of us cannot do that, I believe, and next year may be our last Platinum year.

  49. No. Fee on reserve card too high for my tastes especially when I already get lounge access through my Amex Platinum.

  50. Alternate, definitely. Some people are saying that we don’t know what the sign up bonus will be next year. Well, that works both ways. It may be better.

    The only reason to get both cards at once is if you are certain that your MQMs are at exactly the point that the extra MQMs from getting both cards will push you over the top. Otherwise, wait until next year.

  51. It’s kind of like buying at Costco. If they have something you like you’d better buy it now because next week they may not stock it any more. Go all in now!

  52. Alternate each year. What good are MDMs if you you don’t have the MQDs to go with it?

    I have 110 MDMs this year, and am purposely NOT flying too much Delta and purposely POSTPONING my application for a Delta Platinum AmEx card (40,000 bonus miles, of which 25k are MDMs with companion cert.. awesome targeted ad) until next year. Is the difference between PM and DM that great? I’d rather secure Gold Medallion for another 12 months!

  53. I’m thinking about maybe personal. I am track to make Platinum by October. Plan to spend 2014 spending miles for business class RTW. I expect to travel less in 2015, so if I can arrange to have about 45-49k roll over miles for next year it might be good. Will re-evaluate around December.

  54. I would do it all in one year—if i could hit the spending requirements!

  55. I would do it over two years. I am having trouble spending the miles I have!

  56. This year I need 10,000 MQM from a card ($25k spend on Platinum Skymiles) to get to Platinum Medallion, so an extra 10k MQM would have been nice, but not critical. Thanks for the great blog and great contests!

  57. Just got my first Skymiles AmEx Platinum card because of the generous recent sign up. I fly over 150K BIS each year between DL and AA and still double diamond gold on DL except for the MQD requirement. I will not get Reserve or 2nd card. Still trying to decide to put all my travel on DL or the “new” AA-Useless Air post merger. Let’s see who treats their FF with integrity and respect.

  58. Amex cards have so many strange rules – financial review…. Which I hate to go through that process

  59. I live an hour from a Delta hub (DTW) but it doesn’t mean I’m going to fly them. As for Credit cards it isn’t going to happen. I don’t believe in them. I have a debit card and one credit card that I’ve had for years but only put something on it about once every 6 months to keep it active.

  60. Given the changes that keep happening, I think all in may be the way to go.

  61. christine pincince Reply

    wow isn’t that like 900bucks? one is hard enough..

  62. My choices are driven by how close to the next level of status I am, I got the personal Platinum to hit Silver, may consider the business to get to Gold

  63. Abhishek D Reply

    Yes, it would be smart to go all in this year on MQMs before it gets harder next year!

  64. All in! Like you say about the points – no guarantee what they’ll be worth next year. Same with the offers so get while they’re good!

  65. charles alan satterwhite Reply

    I wouldn’t get either unless i was flying delta a lot and being a Southerner they are my main airline. But as a traveler i just want the miles(so alternate?!) if i get to some status great but i’m not going to try real hard unless im sitting like one flight or possibly cc away!

  66. If you can do the spend get the MQMs while you can… Who knows what is coming next year!

  67. All in I think. With all the changes this year it’s the best bet.

  68. Not worth it 10k just isnt changing enough for me once gold the mqms are no easier to get.

  69. I’ll do what I can for highest status this year through Feb 15 then decide what to do after that.

  70. Reg McGhee Reply

    Great prizes Rene and I like the format. Keep the great info coming! Your insight helps to maximize my Delta, AE, and travel experiences.

  71. Might as well get the MQMs now! Though for me the MQD won’t matter too much since most of my travel is last minute work travel on expensive fare classes. Spending $7500 to maintain Platinum will likely be accomplished in ~5 domestic flights

  72. Robert Lamb Reply

    Yes, it is worth it, the better status the better the trip

  73. I would prefer the Plat card as it usually can be had with at least 10k mqms or higher sometimes and is much cheaper. I don’t have long enough layovers to bother with the lounges.

  74. I would get both now since no one knows what the future deals are.

  75. Not for me, only 1 card this year. Due to the a few mr this year planning on carrying over to maintain status the following year. Also, waiting on another killer DL plat business card next time.

  76. For 10K MQM bonus? No. For the spend bonuses at $30K and $60K yes.

  77. I alternate but may look at all in so I don’t have to track the 12 month waiting period.

  78. I like to alternate if necessary to reach a medallion threshold.

  79. If one card will get you the points you need to achieve your travel goals I would spread it out.

  80. I think, go for it. You never know where youll be next year and the situation of the airlines.


  81. I would alternate, but with the changes coming next year it may change my strategy once I see the full effects.

  82. I would personally alternate because I think it’d be better for me.

  83. Go all in. For me, I don’t fly regularly enough to know I’ll be in the running for status year after year.

  84. I would alternate. $900 for two (most redundant) cards at once seems a lot.

  85. A bird in hand is worth two at a future time and place to be decided by devaluation, credit card companies and changes in T&C by the airline.
    I say go all in or go home.

  86. Cherylthings Reply

    I’m still too new to jump on two cards but I also feel the angst new rules cause. I say do it if you have the time and inclination to keep up with the details.

  87. Since my goal is points and not status, I would apply for the cards when the points are large enough

  88. Due to my dear sister destroying my stellar credit score (a very long story), at this point I’d be lucky to be able to alternate! I have and keep Amex DL Platinum card.

  89. depends.. alternative if you’ve got other (esp. AMEX) cards.. like Amex Big Platinum, Biz rewards, etc.. plus add in there any Chase cards… then 2 Amex Delta cards at the same time?… a bit much for me.

  90. I will be waiting until next year to sign up for the business version so I can alternate.

  91. I will be waiting until next year to sign up for the business version so I can alternate

  92. I fly about 6-7 RT a year and use United occasionally because I have a bunch of their miles. So I will either keep the AEx DL Plat or drop it when renew fee comes up and apply again in 12.2 months but I’ve gone around with AmEx a number of times on the business card; I’ve said I’m retired so many times on apps that it’s hard to reverse that.

  93. Since my Platinum AmEx is one of my oldest cards, I can’t see myself canceling it anytime soon for the hit that my credit score would take. Getting a reserve card at some point regularly would be better.

  94. thrashsoundly Reply

    Alternate. I’ll wait to see if I can even afford status next year.

  95. Do to higher than expected travel, I say all in now to maximize the chance of hitting platinum

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