Breaking NEWS: Delta adjusts SDC Same Day Confirmed / Change rules – again!

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Via Delta Air Lines rep at FlyerTalk, DwayneSkyMiles, we get the above latest update after the last massive change.

This is some refreshing news that GM+ will not get “dinged” with the $50 fee. Many HVC i.e. those who spend a ton and fly Delta a ton, have departed Delta over this. It was a BAD move and these changes soften things a bit, but the fare class component is still firmly in place!

Will this be enough to get those back who bolted from our airline to another? One thing this DOES show is money talks. Make HVC mad enough they will say enough is enough and clearly this cost our airline!

I look forward to your input on this readers and what you think. It will also be nice to have more time to change now (if you can find it) but is this and just waiving the fee enough of a move? – René

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  1. Hi Renee. Do you know if this fee waiver for SDC is valid for the whole day or is it still only if it falls wiithin +/- 3 hours of your original flight? Thanks.

  2. Yes it is the whole 24 hour period.

    The $50 fee was never in place for changes made within 3 hours, which was the policy before the change as well.

    Another case of Delta copying United, United copies Delta.

  3. The whole same class thing burns me still. I’d rather pay the $50 and be able to get on the plane as long as there is a seat….regardless of class. Or just bringing back the old policy and not trying to mess us over to make more money would be nice too.

  4. I called Delta last night to change a flight for today and the agent told me the SDC rules actually got better than before all this malarkey. She said that there is not only NO fee, but there is no time limitations. Used to be you could not SDC until 3 hours before the flight, but now there are no limitations. You can call at 12:01 and get SDC, according to her, as long as there are seats available in your class, no matter what you paid for the ticket. Unfortunately, for me, for today, the only other non-stop I was trying to get on was oversold by 8 seats. I could go beg at the gate as a stand-by but I won’t with nearly 10 hours between non-stops.
    I should have added that she said “Delta changed the policy due to feedback from all of you great Platinum and Diamond members”. Ha!

  5. I’m sure the fact UA didn’t follow the extremely small same day change window, so DL scrapped most of it and is copying United’s 24 hour change

  6. When the planes are at capacity or overbooked the vast majority of the time these days, there’s virtually zero chance that someone with U or lower fare (probably not even a K or Q) will be available 24 hours before the flight. If you buy U or lower fares (which most people do when they buy in advance), I don’t see how this is going to help unless you are flying to some obscure place on Wednesday at 6am.

  7. I apologize if there’s a better place on the site for this SDC question (as I haven’t been able to get a straight answer from the Delta Online reps), but I’m curious if anyone is aware of a way to know your place in line on the SDC flight that you’re standing by for (similar to how you can monitor the upgrade list on the website or Delta app)?

    I’m Platinum (traveling usually in K,L,T or U fare classes) and have only ever had to do a SDC twice since these new rules went into effect, and both times it was a disaster – meaning I was stuck at the airport 5+ hours both times waiting on my original flight due to oversold situations that I didn’t find out about until I arrived at the airport. One gate agent said, “I don’t know who you talked to, but that flight has been oversold since yesterday.” But when I called an hour out from the airport I was told “I can sell seats – so you should be okay.” Ugh. I truly don’t mind waiting for my original flight, but I do mind wasting time at airports.

    When Delta protects me on another flight due to delays etc. it shows that new flight in my existing reservation (website and app), but with SDC stand-by my record doesn’t seem to be updated in either place. This seems like a big misstep on their part, so I am hoping I’m missing something basic. Any advice out there?

    Thanks in advance – Bryan

  8. @Bryan – it is all about the fare class. The seats have to be there in your fare class or lower and that is very hard that close to flight as others have stated. I doubt this change will change much other than some more flexibility and less fee when and if you can find a SDC.

  9. Thanks Rene – and I’m square with the fare class rules (although I still find it suspect when the old rules were in place that I was generally re-ticketed in the same class I purchased even if I took the last seat on that flight.)

    My question in a nutshell is, where/how can I find out where I’m at on the stand-by list (for my SDC flight, when my fare class isn’t available) before I drop my car and walk up to a gate agent? It seems so simple, but I truly scoured the website and can’t find out how to do this seemingly basic function.

    Thanks – Bryan

  10. I’m confused; how does this impact if I have a reward ticket and want to change the flights? Old rule was that no changes can be made within 72 hours of the departure; how do the new rules affect this?

  11. Golly, you are resembling the company I work for with all the acronyms. HVC??? Or did I miss it?

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