Some house cleaning & Delta Points text ALERT updates

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house cleaning

Since I am already in pain due to a new crown (at least I did not need a root canal) I figured I would at long last take some time to update the 200 waiting E-mails (almost done) to join the Text Alert System. We are now up to almost 1000 numbers btw! I will send out a test alert later today so the new ones can see it is working. On this subject, keep in mind I send the alerts whenever I can. I cannot tweak them for east coast, west coast or some other time zone. Just text back if you want to be removed.

Since I am house cleaning I wanted to hit on a few more bits. Delta Points readership is growing fast and I am trying to keep up. If you are new, please keep these things in mind:

1) Please take the time to read all the posts in the Essentials Tab. It will answer SO many of the common questions I get each day.

2) You cannot comment anonymously on the blog!  Almost each day I get something like:  “You never posted my comment and it was clean – I am never reading your blog again” or something like that. Please understand the technology of the blog. I get hundreds upon hundreds of SPAM comments a day and if you comment with a FAKE email or FAKE name you more than likely end up in SPAM and I never see your comment. I just do not have time to check the SPAM each day and dump spam about 1x a month when it gets uber-huge. If your comment does not get posted, E-mail me and I can check the SPAM.

3) “Can you recommend points cards for me for my next round?” I get this all the time too. I so appreciate your trust in me, but this really should be up to you & where you want to go. Please look at the  ♥♥Best Points Cards♥♥  tab and see what will work best for your travel goals. That is my best advice. Next, please USE your phone. If you have a hard time remembering when 91+ days is up, put – RIGHT NOW – a reminder in your phone for the next year or two for every 91+ days to go look at cards. Lastly, when you do get a card, please put a reminder in your phone for 11 months from that day to check if you want to keep the card, call for retention points or think about canceling if you do not use the card! Also, I have a link to BlueBird there –  if you do not have one yet – get one!

4) I also get so many requests to help readers build a mileage run for them from their home city. I just can’t help you there. Take the time to read up on MilePoint and FlyerTalk about mileage runs. See what others are doing. Do ask me questions, but not how to build it for you. Also, before they sell out, think about the Chicago Seminars as you will learn a TON about so many things points. Lastly on this, same goes for award tickets. Questions, sure, need booking help, please use ADAM!

OH and ‘just cuz’ I get this all the time – no I do not work for Delta Air Lines. I do think it is the greatest airline in the world but if you look at ½ of the things I post you will see I do not always have the airlines best interests at heart – I have yours and mine :-)- René

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  1. You say ” It will answer SO many of the common questions I get each day.”

    SO.. that what?

    Brother, you can’t use the word “so” without the word “that”. It’s an incomplete sentence. Sorry to be the grammar cop, it’s my job!

  2. Awesome! I am sooo happy that an Adam exists! After recently running the ships course trying to book three low-level awards from SAN to SGN as a PM that is NOT travelling with the group, I found myself asking for such a person. I thought there had to be an easier way. I didn’t have time to read blog and forums at nauseam, and had even proposed paying cash to a few different FTers to do the deed for me. So glad to have found someone offering this. Fortunately, my perseverance paid off and I got what I needed for now. But Adam, don’t go far – I will see you next time!

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