Time for a quick afternoon giveaway – Act fast!

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luggage tag

I really appreciate those who check the blog more than once a day. Plus I have good news; I have just ordered a new box of Delta Points luggage tags. So how about this.

dual usb car charger

The first 20 to comment and say something nice about the blog, checked by time stamp, will get a shiny new Delta Points luggage tag when they arrive in a week or so. Also, one of these 20 will get a bonus treat, a dual car to USB converter. Have fun! – René


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  1. Hi Rene,

    I check your blog multiple times a day and I just became GM! Thank you for all your good postings.


  2. Lots of good information posted here about Delta and the skymiles system. Lots of good tricks of the trade. Thank you!

  3. I do enjoy your blog for the indepth information on Delta Airlines especially in regards to booking tickets. Thank you!

  4. Well the blog is sort of a situation of everything you wanted to know about Delta, but were afraid to ask. The information is the best source for Delta.

  5. Given that my closest hub is MSP, I love hearing news about Delta. You have given me some ideas about using my Skymiles other than buying a Lounge Pass.

  6. Delta Points is my go- to website for the BEST information for the Delta enthusiast.

  7. Thanks all as you can see… we have our 20 winners (so sorry Jen you got beat by 1 min grrrr)! I will do one of these again soon so check back please – Rene
    PS – Random.org says michele is the winner of the extra prize the USB power adapter

  8. I check the blog almost daily and catch all the Facebook posts. it has been a great help and even changed one card because of the info.

  9. I really enjoy your blogging and insightful information about our fare Airline. It’s so useful to have someone that can help us break down the rules, Benefits and best practices On how to get the most out of our airlines features. And thank you Renée for answering my questions no matter how simple they are anytime I ask you!

  10. I really appreciate the perspective of another frequent flier – the tips and tricks are helpful!

  11. Rene. I follow your blog for your knowledge regarding delta redemptions. Keep it up.

  12. Just 7 minutes from getting notified by Feedly and there’re already 30+ comments… You’re so popular :p

  13. Great. The one day I am away from hovering over travel blogs and actually working I miss out on this. Fine, I’m going to go drown my sorrows in cheap vodka at the Delta lounge.

    Good enough for a pity giveaway?

  14. Well, I’m #40 but I’ll say something nice about the blog anyway! Rene, you are my go-to guru for all things Delta!

  15. I’m not one of the first 20 but I thought I’d say something nice anyhow. It’s a great blog I look forward to reading every day.

  16. My favorite place (as someone new to the game) to learn all the ins and outs of delta

  17. When it comes to Delta you are the best. Delta can be hard to find deals for me but you always seem to get the most from them. Keep it up.

  18. I am not the first to reply-but I do appreciate your blog which helps us travel lovers with helpful hints!

  19. So achieved Gold and headed to Platinum. Appreciate all the good tips. I got upgraded on one of my segments today. No meal service 🙁 though.

  20. Just in case you think at least 28 of the above comments are NOT nice, I have been enjoying, and looking forward to, reading you blog every day, Rene. You quick and personal responses make it evident you are doing this because you want to help others.

  21. Being new at getting miles. This blog helped me get Silver and only 12,000 miles away from Gold. With the AMEX Reserve Card. I am on my way. Thanks Rene. Keep the blog and daily emails coming.

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