Delta (at last) updates Status Match / Challenge page and rules for 2013.

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Delta airlines status match challange page delta points blog

At long last Delta Air Lines has updated their 2013 Status Challenge page. Delta no longer will just “match” you, you have to fly to keep the status. You will get the status during the challenge, but you will not have all the perks of full fledged status. Once you do meet the challenge you will be a full member at whatever level you challenge.

There are some important features to keep in mind if you are coming over to Delta. Delta will NOT match you up to Diamond Medallion, our highest level. Beyond that, it is status you are NOT getting elite points or as we call them MQMs or Medallion Qualifying Miles. What this means is this, say you are able to fly 26,000 miles in the 90 days and then do no flying anymore this year. You would have your status for all of 2014 flying year. Delta does not expire your status until the last day of February the next year so your status would end on 01MARCH2015. Clear?

Other points. Delta has rollovers MQMs depending on your status level of Silver, Gold, Platinum or even Diamond. 25k-49,999, 50k-74,999, 75k-124,999, 125,000+

Depending on how much you will fly in 2014 there is a bunch of MQM math you need to think about. Let’s break it down. Let’s say you match Platinum, and then fly 26,000+ inside 90 days, and then by year end finish the year at 49,000 MQMs, you would rollover 24,000 and have a great start for your 2014 year and still be Platinum all of 2014. You would then need to in 2014 reach 75,000 MQMs but you rolled over 24,000 so you would only need 51,000 to reach that 75,000 MQM goal in 2014.  ZERO MQMs as per challenge rules, “Members who are eligible and complete the Status Match Challenge are ineligible for rollover MQMs unless they earn more MQMs than the gifted status requirement.” So for a Platinum to rollover even 1 MQM into 2014 you will need to fly and or earn over 75,000 MQMs.

More good info to know and from the MQM post you can look at HERE. During the challenge ONLY BIS or “your” butt in the airline seat that counts toward the challenge goal. This means that MQMs from say a Delta AMEX card does NOT “officially” count toward meeting the challenge requirements.  Every other time of the year all the MQMs no matter where you get them count toward your status as well as your million miler status with our airline.

Either way, if you were thinking about coming over to Delta, NOW would be a great time as you have plenty of time to fly still this year and will have your status until the end of FEB2015 (as long as you complete the challenge that is)!

Welcome to Delta and be sure to follow the blog for all the latest Delta tips – René

PS – If you want to earn your MQMs fast,
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  1. Point of clarification. Using “our” when referring to a publically held corporation seems a bit over the top. I realize this is a Delta fanboy blog, but can we simply refer to Delta as Delta?

  2. @DeltaTraveler – uh, considering you are using Delta in your screen name 😉 and if you read my blog, I often talk about our “beloved airline” so using “our” is actually a step down for me 🙂

  3. You only roll over mqms beyond your status level. Platinums only roll over mqms beyond 75k.

  4. @Matt – oopss corrected (txs Matt). Was thinking that the status match / challenge not the same as std rules. Corrected now. Txs too much going on today.
    Members who are eligible and complete the Status Match Challenge are ineligible for rollover MQMs unless they earn more MQMs than the gifted status requirement.

  5. My moniker denotes the airline I fly, as does the name of your blog to denote the airline you write about. Either way it isn’t our airline is my point.

  6. If you go for the status challenge in 2014, do you not have to worry about MQDs? If so, it might be a nice way to get around the requirement in the first year.

  7. @thrashshoundly – you may be on to something there and I am not sure 100%. The current rules say “gifted“, that a challenge match IS according to Delta, is MQD EXEMPT, so you maybe be right. Humm… will ask Delta. Thanks – Rene

  8. There has not been a status “match” as far back as 2011, as I did the challenge starting in December, 2011 to qualify as PM.

    I will say that either the language regarding rollover miles is new since then or what is stated is not actually followed.

    I matched to PM and ended the year with 73,xxx miles and DID rollover 48,xxx miles for this year. This allowed me to do another “challenge” by flying the remaining 27,xxx miles by mid-April and then getting PM through 2015.

    And @DeltaTraveler.. I agree with your comment # 7 🙂

  9. @Greg – Yes I think this is a change as I was clearly under your understanding as well. I will get and update on this if I can. Thanks (even if I am a bit creepy)!

  10. @Greg – Delta allowed you to do a “match” two years in a row?

    @DeltaTraveler, I suppose if you are watching a sporting event, you would never say “we won” unless you were on the actual team, right?

  11. @uclalum – No – Delta won’t allow you to challenge two years in a row.

    By flying only 73xxx miles in 2012 after getting the challenge / match to Platinum Medallion, I would drop to Gold Medallion on March 1, 2013.

    But by having 48xxx rollover miles, I only needed 27xxx miles to requalify for PM, which I earned by flying that much by mid-April to regain PM status. That amount of flying is similar to the amount required for the challenge, so I used the term “challenge” to explain it.

    My choice was to reach 75k in 2012 and get PM status through 2/28/2014 OR to stop just short of 75k in 2012, rollover 48k to 2013 and fly a bunch early in the year (as PM – hence more upgrades) to hit 75k early in 2013 and get PM status through 2/28/2015.

    I elected to do the latter.. which works out perfectly for me as I will be PM until the new MQD criteria come into effect at which point I plan on falling back to my Lifetime PLT status on AA.

  12. Good thinking, Greg. I am in a similar boat. PM with >100 MQMs. Now longer employed with a travl-heavy job, I am opting to remain PM this year (and not reach DM), so that next year with my rollover Gold will be achieved easily. TO additional benefits of DM are not as valuable to me as the international partner lounge access.

  13. Rene, I recently moved and I am switching to Delta. Would you recommend doing a status challenge to Silver Medallion now (and start accumulating Delta miles) or getting to Premier Gold with United in 2013 and then doing a status match to Gold Medallion?

  14. Hmmm…what to do, what to do….I have about 17k miles in 3 months that I know of. Do I really want to start with mileage runs?

    And, if you own stock in Delta, it sort of is “your” company

  15. @VGP – oh there are so many low cost and fun MR as of late to hawaii or alaska! I would NEVER own stock in ANY airline, let alone “my” airline 😉

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