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faa weather delays

I am sure if you were flying in or out of the NYC area today you had a bit of bumpy ride and some delays. This has been an interesting summer of travel so far (i.e. weather wise). I also wanted to catch up on some goings on you may want to know about before some of them run out.

  • The Southwest Air 50,000 point bonus on 4 cards! All reports are saying that this bonus offer will be over on AUGUST 6th so if you have a new round of cards you are going for you may want to look at this one if you have not had all 4 before.
  • Delta is going to start flying back and forth all day long between LAX and SFO that is Los Angles and San Francisco! Maybe Delta Points west coast readers can chime in if this is needed and a good idea for Delta. The perks for this little flight sure sound nice. I wish all the short flights on Delta were this good (notice no #SkunkyGate they are pouring good beer)! 🙂
  • I am always on a diet. I am really trying this year to drop 20-30 pounds. Slow and steady, a few pounds a week so far so I will do my best. But, for readers who are larger, did you know you can order your OWN almost universal seat belt extender so you don’t have to ask for one or ask for the 1 seat with a longer belt. Who knew right?
  • The Florida to Alaska mileage run, bookable 2x one way fares, is still alive and kicking. To pick up 10,000 MQMs for around $400 and do it in 2 days is impressive. I have looked up and down how I could do this trip but I have all the flying I can stand booked for the next six months.
  • Also BIG NEWS, BoardingArea is getting new bloggers on-board soon. Some names you will know and some maybe not. One of the blogs I have looked at for a long time due to his unique posting style and places he goes (plus he is a Mr. Mom and I think that is just kool) is Michael W. Travels. Welcome to BA Michael!

Lastly, the Chicago Seminars are just about sold out. I just know I will get about 10 E-mails when they are all gone with readers yelling – WHY DID YOU NOT TELL US? I will point to this post. – René

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  1. I am curious what it is like for you at these seminars with all your Delta love. I live near MSP, and I have my own reasons to be unhappy with Delta (they stopped flying to our town almost immediately after merging with NWA), but nevertheless I accept them. What I was shocked to see was how much Delta hate there is out there in the travel points blogs. There’s a lot of complaints about the value of Skymiles, less so complaint of Delta itself. If you find the time, I’d be interested to know how much of this contempt you see in your experience and how you respond to it. Thanks.

  2. @Steve – 95% or more of all the Delta hate would be gone if people could book low level seats on (even MID if the thing just worked). The product is great, the people are great and most agree with that. They just don’t like all the work it takes to get the deal done low level. I know and do! Rene

  3. Thanks for the kind words! I’m really excited to be joining the BoardingArea Family!

    Just want to clarify that I am not a stay at home Dad. I do have a FT job! lol

  4. Didn’t the FAA rule last year that we are forbidden from bringing our own seat belt extenders onboard?

  5. LOVE that the delta shuttle is coming to sfo.. I used to fly the panam and then delta shuttle early in my career in NYC and it was great.. I fly delta sfolax now a lot and this will just make it better. I hope the last flight ends up being at 11 or midnight. However they should have a 747 kicking around for when a low ceiling closes one sfo runway and the delays start to mount as the day goes on…

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