Delta Phobia – Are you afraid to look?!

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On a rare solo return trip from Sweden, my Lisa recently encountered a real case of aerophobia as you saw in Thursday’s post. I may have mentioned once or twice (ok a dozen times) my own personal fears like arachnophobia – or fear of spiders (the only good spider is a dead one IMO). One of my favorite TV shows, Monk, showed us what life is like when one suffers from pantophobia, or fear of everything.

So what other real phobias might one have to take into consideration for a Delta flight?

  • automysophobia : the fear of being dirty since cleaning doesn’t seem to be happening much these days
  • cathisophobia : the fear of sitting especially if you happen to be in a middle seat!
  • claustrophobia : the fear of closed spaces bad enough in the cabin, worse in the lavatory!

What are some other Delta Phobias we might experience from time to time? I came up with a few of my own and want to see what you think of them! 🙂

  skyaqualiphobia : the fear of not receiving MQMs from Skyteam partners

  updropaphobia : the fear of dropping from number 1 to the bottom of the upgrade list just before boarding

  seataswitchaphobia : the fear that will swap your seat and not tell you, the result of this can also be closely tied to the resulting middleseataphobia I think we all have!

  bumpaheadaphobia : the fear of clonking your head on a tiny, horrid CRJ200 regional jet

  gatecheckaphobia : the fear that overhead space will run out and you will have to gate check your bag

  screamaphobia : the fear that your trans-Atlantic seatmate is an unhappy infant-in-arms

  feeaphobia : the fear that despite getting 20% off of Delta in-flight purchases with your Delta American Express card, Delta will extract some fee they have just dreamed up that you did not know about.

  statusaphobia : the fear that you will drop from some high medallion level to general skymiles member

  skunkaphobia : the fear that they will stop serving good beer in the skyclub. (AAAAHHHHH!! That one already happened!)

☠  awardaphobia : the fear that you will only find high level seats every time you use the Delta award search function (yeah, this fear is kinda real too!)

 So this is my quick list. Do you suffer from most if not all of these real and made up phobias when you fly our Delta Air Lines? Do you have some personal phobia names you can think of? If you do, please save them for 1:PM today as they will come in handy for SWAG Saturday!  – René

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  1. LOVE the Skunkaphobia ! It hurts to go into a skyclub now because of it 🙁

    nobaileysaphobia needs to be added… sigh … need baileys with my coffee! 😀

  2. Rene

    I love the crj200’s. I will be sad to see those little workhorse of small airports leave.

  3. Don’t kill spiders. Recognize that your fear isn’t rational. They eat bugs that hurt us, like flies and mosquitos.

  4. stenchaphobia – fear of sitting next to someone who should have had a shower (maybe in the SkyClub) but didn’t.

  5. Rightanglephobia- fear that the seat won’t recline.
    Shortconnectionphobia- fear that you and your luggage will not make the next flight together.
    Solo1stphobia- being the only one in 1st/BE seating and looking for Rod Serling(Twilight Zone).

  6. Dryskyaphobia – fear that the (Seattle) Sky Club will decide to not serve drinks today.

  7. “Bigaphobia” – having a “person of size” next to you that doesn’t allow you to utilize your entire seat. Of course, this would be on a long flight. 🙁

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