SWAG Saturday: BAcon, GoGo & a Solar backpack & Delta Phobias?

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What kind of fun can we have with this week’s SWAG Saturday? When I was at BAcon in May, that is our PVT BoardingArea conference, GoGo was there and was kind enough to give us all sorts of kool swag.

gogo backpack 1time wifi plass swag delta points blog

One of the things was a new solar powered battery backpack with a sleeve inside for a laptop as well. The battery is for small stuff btw not the laptop. But it is a neat idea and now it can be yours this week. The rules, as always, can be found HERE.

For a chance to win the backpack, a one time inflight GoGo code and some other little fun GoGo swag, I need you to be creative or at least copy one of the phobias from this morning’s “Delta-phobia” post. So, either come up with your own “Delta-ish” phobia you think you just might have 😉 or copy one of the ones from the post for a chance to win! Have fun with this one kids – René

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Rene’s Points For Better Travel, a division of Chatterbox Entertainment, Inc. has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Rene’s Points For Better Travel and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers. Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any of these entities. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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René de Lambert is a contributing writer and the founder of RenesPoints. He is an avid Delta and SkyTeam flyer who has held Delta’s top Diamond Medallion status for many years and flown millions of miles.


  1. Cartphobia – the fear of passing beverage and food carts. Especially being hit in the elbow by a passing cart.

  2. talktomephobia – the person who is sitting next to you just wont leave you alone and wants to chat the entire fight even though you are trying to sleep, read, relax, or work. Sigh. This person tends to ask way too personal questions and will often tell you their life stories. Please dont let me sit by one of them! Id rather have a crying baby I could tune out!

  3. My fear, that has been realised, is like one you mention in a previous post: the drink selection in the club. I’m just hoping this doesn’t translate to the planes… Don’t know what I’d do if I couldn’t get Woodfords.

  4. “Connectophobia”
    Fear of missing your connecting flight!
    Although I never experienced this because everytime I ride Delta, my connections are like 8hours long! =)

  5. Chataphobia – fear of getting stuck to a nonstop talker on the flight!

  6. AquaDekaphobia: Fear that the day you route through Atlanta or JFK to visit the Sky Deck will have pouring down rain.

  7. Lightaphobia – the fear of having a seizure in the tunnel connecting A to B and C in DTW.

  8. Technophobia – The fear that Delta’s systems at LAX will crash again the next time I fly them.

  9. Myseatsaregonephobia – having my Business Class Award seats to Europe disappear from the website for no reason. It has happened twice.

  10. skyaqualiphobia : the fear of not receiving MQMs from Skyteam partners

  11. NW-melancholia (alright – not strictly a phobia!) – The fear that all that was good at NWAir will be taken away. Wait – it already happened!

  12. Safetyphobia – fear that Delta will make another cheesy safety video while trying to be a funny as Southwest FA’s

  13. Directspendonlyphobia: fear that cc spend won’t count, only fares purchased.

  14. screamaphobia : the fear that your trans-Atlantic seatmate is an unhappy infant-in-arms – this is a major fear o mine everything I fly. Also I’ll add this one, which happened a month ago:

    WorstMasssageChairEverAphobia: th fear that the 5-year old who is sitting behind you has legs long enough to kick your chair for the entire flight.

  15. Econolavaphobia – The fear of having to use an economoy class lavatory, especially after 3+ hours of flight.

  16. glitchopobia – fear that you’ll miss be stuck on the ground for a couple of hours and miss your connection while maintenance ‘checks on a light that we have here in the cockpit.”

  17. Armrestaphobia – Fear of being in the middle of two strangers with short sleeves and hairy arms who overcome the boundaries of the skinny armrest and trespass on your personal space, where your elbows cannot go any further into your ribs!

  18. DeltaGoldLass Reply

    Sitting up front next to a person who takes off their shoes which frees bare feet which
    Have a miasmic stink of parmasean cheese
    And proceeds to go to sleep snoring like a buzz
    There isn’t a single seat I can move to cause all other seats are takes And
    When the FA smelled it she tried to awaken the passenger by taking their food order but
    Mumbles were heard amidst miasmia
    The FA comisserated with me
    Yes, this happened
    I couldn’t make it up!
    Nina 🙂

  19. kiddyophobia: That a child that is supposed to be watched by the flight attendant is parked next to you and the flight attendant ignores him during the entire flight, leaving you to entertain and look after the poor, lonely child. (It HAS happened!)

  20. Michael H.(oldfox) Reply

    Spiritphobia….. I love Delta, but I fly other airlines as well, including Spirit. I have been following the UsAirways+AA merger closely since I have miles in both programs. All of that has caused me to dream a lot recently about mergers. One dream/nightmare was a merger between Delta and Spirit. Could you imagine that? Ouch………… that’s Spiritphobia!!!

  21. disturbaphobia: I can’t ever sit in an aisle seat because of the fear that someone will ram a food cart into my knee, bump me on the shoulder, hit me on the head with their elbow, or drop overhead luggage on me.

  22. BenTraveling Reply

    skunkophobia – fear of lounging on a new Skyclub Skydeck, and having no palatable beer in sight.

  23. nowoodfordaphobia — running out of woodford before getting to me

  24. charles alan satt Reply

    rudeflightattendentphobia: I’ll be honest this wasn’t on a delta flight(i am broke its was spirit!) but the phobia is still there. I’m an ex-college rower and am not a small guy when i get the aisle seat and the flight attendant is large they bump me every time in the shoulder with her butt 20+ times one 2 hour flight 0 apologies!

  25. Delayaphobia – The fear of your flight being delayed for “weather” somewhere else in the country.

  26. Misplacedaphobia—when you use while airborne to track your checked bags only to realize they aren’t on the flight with you and have been misplaced somewhere along the way.

  27. WoodfordReserveaphobia – the fear that the next Delta flight will not have any Woodford Reserve available.

  28. Drinkaphobia – When the flight attendant keeps taking your drink glass and not offering you another drink. This phobia earned after this happened multiple times during my SYD-LAX flight.

  29. Peter Tang Reply

    Dehubaphobia – The fear of losing direct flights to cities as a result of the loss of hub status.

  30. Wronglinophobia: fear of finding out you were waiting in the wrong line all this hour.

  31. seataswitchaphobia, which Delta pulled on me three times on my r/t to Roatan, including one time from an aisle to a middle! (I caught that one, and managed to finally get my an aisle back because I kept checking every few hours.)

  32. skunkaphobia : the fear that they will stop serving good beer in the skyclub.

    I’ve had this happen at other clubs and I am worried it will happen at Delta’s too!

  33. Toeclipaphobia: the fear of being hit by your seatmates flying nail clippings.

  34. SelfSnackaphobia – the fear that some one close by will bring their own pungent food in board and you will need to suffer through it with nothing but recycled air to help.

  35. Bagbinphobia- the fear that person in the tail of the plane will stuff their bags in your bin up front!

  36. Locubrevisphobia: A pathological fear of making small talk, often resulting in the sufferer avoiding social and networking events…. or wanting to implode because your seatmate has some “amazing” stories to tell you about all flight long.

  37. partnerphobia aka poofaphobia – fear that my award tickets on alliance partners will disappear like a poof of smoke, leaving me high and dry and very displeased!

  38. Abhishek D Reply

    gatecheckaphobia : the fear that overhead space will run out and you will have to gate check your bag

  39. Cryaphobia: the fear that my newborn infant in arms will start crying inconsolably and there’s nothing I can do to stop it, annoying everyone around me and freaking me out too

  40. Cryphobia – avoidance of screaming kids on a plane

    Thought about this one and saw someone else did too!

  41. switchseatophobia, definitely. This has ruined my travel plans before!!

  42. Enhancemaphobia – The fear of any announcement that includes the word “Enhancement”

  43. Groundholdaphobia – The fear of leaving the gate on time only to sit on the tarmac for a long period of time waiting to get clearance from air traffic control. And then wondering if you will make your connection.

  44. knockkneephobia – fear of having no knee/leg room in front of me.

  45. Backpackophobia – Getting hit by someone’s backpack as they walk past after you have sat down in an aisle seat.

  46. Smalldogaphobia: sitting next to the woman with that annoying little dog in an underseat carry on

  47. Loseacaninephobia – that Delta will “misplace” my dog on a connecting flight…again!

  48. Accountclosedaphobia — The fear that an airline will accuse you of violating the terms of the SkyMiles program, and close your account taking all your miles! i literally had a nightmare about this recently, but fortunately my SkyMiles account is still intact!

  49. I’m afraid of earning miles that I’ll never be able to redeem 🙁

  50. MD88-10Cconcussionaphobia: fear of getting whacked in the head by everyone’s bag as they crowd past you

  51. Bruce Nightingale Reply

    overchargephobia- When delta keeps on overcharging on the same routes as other carriers

  52. Leftinairportophobia- missing connecting plane and being the only one in a random small connecting airport in a foreign country over night.

  53. CRJbigguyphobhia – Fear of sitting on a CRJ200 next to someone the same size of me .. 225+lbs. Trust me … It is not pretty ….

  54. phill gold Reply

    nobeerphobia-fear of not getting your free beer in the sky because you didnt get your upgrade…makes for a looong red-eye 🙂

  55. Screamphobia

    When the kid beside you screams the whole flight. BTW I am a father of four

  56. Reservespendaphobia – not being able to make the $60K spend on the Reserve card for second bump of miles and MQM. Oh the horror.

  57. Cryptkeeperattendantaphobia

    Fear that first class FA will be an octogenarian continuously offering to hang my twix and peel my jacket.

  58. XXLPhobia – when someone who is XXL or Larger walks down the aisle and there is an empty middle seat next to me…

  59. NonStopNYCophobia
    The all-too-real fear that I will NEVER EVER be on another flight as memorable as DL212 from JFK to LAX at the beginning of the year. It was the most amazing party-on-the-plane experience, complete with Business Elite service (in a coach seat)… that I won via a Delta promotional contest. And surprise, surprise René … there were three other people on this charter flight who spoke Swedish. How weird was that?

  60. A fear of running into Mr. Anderson and telling him how he really [messed] up a nice airlines like NWA.

  61. Skypesophobia – the fear of not being able to find a good redemption value.

  62. Complainacancelsatusphobia – calling in to the medallion desk so many times to challenge mistakes, change flights, request MQM’s etc and then having your status revoked and cancelled !

  63. Talkusloudusinterruptusphobia – seat mates or nearby that have no volume control or awareness and “yell talk” basically over talking any movie, conversation, sleep, flt attendant etc possibly creating a business opportunity selling earplugs on board…

  64. jdgonephobia – having experienced this more than once on business class flights, it [stinks] when you are told there is “no more Jack Daniels on the plane” and you’re only halfway to your destination.

  65. Seatphobia The fear that the last person to enter the plane will sit in the middle seat that you have been hoping will stay empty.

  66. NoUnLimitophobia – Fear of no more unlimited upgrades for Diamond and Platinum medallions on Domestic routes. Can’t imagine no more buying the cheapest economy on a redeye eye then doing the “same day change” for a 8 am premium flight, taking the $400 voluntary compensation and being upgraded on a 20 minute later lie-flat business class seats to the other coast. Aarggh scary 😉


  68. Big Dude A Phobia !
    The fear of being stuck between ( or next to) a Big dude ! Or the politically correct Oversized Passenger. ! The kind that if you are in the middle seat you don’t see your Arms for 4 hours !!! Also know in politically incorrect New York as. Fat Dude A Phobia !!!!!!

  69. stenchaphobia – fear of sitting next to someone who should have had a shower (maybe in the SkyClub) but didn’t.

  70. Fingerwagaphobia-fear of having to watch the safety video and have an adult ridiculously wave their finger at me.

  71. IFEphobia, fear that the person in the window seat on the 19 hour flight from ATL to Johannesburg will have a non-functioning in flight entertainment console and compensate by drinking tons of water, necessitating “excuse me I have to go to the bathroom” breaks every 45 minutes. and of course this really happened to me.

  72. Sizeaphobia. Fear of my seat mate being a person or very large size taking up my space.

  73. Awardcalendarpissedoffobia! Tired of the award calendar showing low mileage seats and then trying to book and can’t locate a 25000 mile seat anywhere!

  74. Kickaphobia – fear of having your chair repeatedly being kicked by a child sitting in front of you.

  75. Snore-phobia. It is so terrible to seat around guy(s) has (ve) the Snore-phobia noise during the long (vacation) flight. You lost the vacation happiness feeling.

  76. Nodrinkaphobia– fear of delta not serving alcohol in business class

  77. sizeaphobia – fear of space and not having enough of my own personal space!

  78. Gloryyearsophobia – stuck next to a guy already on his third drink of the day on a 7.30 a.m. Flight who tells you what a great high school football player he was and how he was a [all that]. Turns a one hour flight into a transpacific flight….

  79. Tarmacaphobia – fear of the multiple hour tour of the airport grounds before you ever actually get to take off.

  80. lackobiscoffofphobia – fear of hearing a Delta captain announce, shortly after takeoff, that the plane was unable to re-supply its biscoff stores.

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  82. Jeff McCormack Reply

    400-pound-with-kid in-lap-a-phobia…just happened to me in a window seat Friday afternoon in EC!! I am now afraid even when in EC.

  83. Chintzyphobia: fear of the flight attendant who acts like every snack in the basket comes out of her paycheck.

  84. Fear of my wife having to fly in non-joining seats. she does not like flying!

  85. Plug a phobia- when I arrive at the gate or lounge and can’t find a seat near a power outlet to charge my phone/ IPad or laptop

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