A wrap-up of Phobia week – should you be afraid to fly Delta?

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delta jet rolls off runway


The above photo is not of a Delta crash, but of an incident last year when technicians were testing the engines and the aircraft did not stay in place. It has been a long time, since 1996 that Delta has had fatalities. There were two regional instances between then and now as you can see.

But many today still have a fear of flying. Do they have any cause to be afraid? The Avherald.com maintains a list of all the reported events that happen to jets from major to minor. When you think about the staggering numbers of Delta flights each day, even these incidents are rare. But we can at least have some compassion for those who are afraid of flying when we take a look over the past month or so events:

Tuesday July 30th 2013 – Delta B752 at Atlanta bird strike

Saturday July 27th 2013 – Delta B752 near Detroit smoky odor on board

Friday July 26th 2013 – Delta MD88 at New York engine shut down in flight

Wednesday July 24th 2013 – Delta B764 near Caracas smell of smoke

Friday Jun 28th 2013 – Delta B752 near Denver engine shut down in flight and Delta B752 at Milwaukee hydraulic failure

Wednesday Jun 19th 2013 – Delta B763 near Denver smoke in cockpit and Delta A333 near Amsterdam hydraulic failure

All 8 of these I am sure were scary for those on-board. You never want the captain to come on and tell you they have lost an engine and are going to have to land ASAP (jets just don’t fly so well without thrust and can glide but not recommended).

So take from today’s post this thought, while you cannot pull over up in the air, you are still so much safer than you ever will be on the drive home from the airport! – René

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