Delta continues to upgrade their older planes with new interiors 757 is next!

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new delta 757 seats1

Out with the old and in with the new. The “other” Delta blog, the one run by the airline, has a post about the new 757 seats that are on the way soon.

new delta 757 seats2

This seat is in the same direction of the upgraded 767 international birds that I reviewed from my last trip to Amsterdam.

new delta 757 seats 3

One of the huge differences with the 767 and the 757 is wide body vs single aisle. You will have to climb over your seat mate with this style and a single aisle and some would rather see the herring bone design Delta had on the 777.

Ben, over at One Mile at a Time, says:

“I prefer not having a 767 on a transcon flight since they’re not equipped with WiFi, which for me is one of the most important amenities on a plane nowadays. On a daytime flight I’d actually take a domestic first class seat with WiFi over an international business class seat without it (I’m curious, am I alone that feels that way?).”

To me, who is also totally gaga over GoGo on my Delta jets, says no way! I would rather have a much more comfortable seat and give up my WiFi for a few hours and enjoy the ride. What do you think about this trade off?

Other things about this upgrade. The last round of Economy Comfort upgrades to the Airbus 319 & 320 resulted in the loss of 4 first class seats. I am very happy to see the 757-200(e) that had 16 business class seats will retain 16 after the upgrade. I think had they gone with individual aisle access you would have seen far fewer seats on these birds.

The old AirTran 717’s start flying with Delta colors next month and the A330’s continue to get the new seats too so I am very excited about flying the rest of this year on Delta as well as in 2014! – René

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  1. Rene
    A little off subject…but how long does it take to get Delta luggage tags once you reach status? I reached Silver for the first time about a month ago.

  2. @Tom – if you were not Silver before, anywhere from 3 weeks to 2 months. Keep in mind if you were Silver and re-qualified then you don’t get them till after 01MARCH next year.

  3. Last month I flew JFK-KEF-JFK on their 757 intl configured aircraft, and it’s amazing how the old recliner seats feel really antiquated at this point. When I first started flying them, they felt amazing, but now I can’t even sleep on them. It is definitely interesting to see that window seat passengers will have to climb on top of and over the aisle passenger. I’m sure Delta could have figured something out to alleviate this annoyance.

  4. I am on a 757 from ATL to LAS… When will they begin the overhaul to the 757? Are some of them overhauled yet? Is there anyway to know if you are on a overhauled one?


  5. You are absolutely correct…but at least you get the little Dutch house souvenir 🙂

    I just think it’s crazy that I get a MUCH better in flight experience flying JFK-LAX on a 767 than I do going from ZRH to JFK (old recliner seats still on the 763s flying that route)

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