Let’s look at Delta questions you were afraid to ask.

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I always say in the computer biz that there are no dumb questions. Same goes for Delta. The more we know the more it can help us. Some questions are about ways to trick our airline. Others are questions that readers seem afraid to ask? Lets knock out a few of both.

Q) If meet my spend on my Delta AMEX Reserve card by November, can I wait to redeem them until 15JAN and have them credit to my 2014 numbers?
A) No. No matter when you redeem them they will credit the year you earned them.

Q) What if it is not my Delta AMEX Reserve card but my wife’s card, can I wait to redeem them until 15JAN and then send to my Skymiles account and have them credit toward my 2014 numbers?
A) Again No. She earned them in 2013 and no matter when she redeems them they will credit to your account for that year. Nice try but there is no way around this.

Q) Delta changed my type of airplane. I had the perfect seat and now on this new one I have the worst seat EVER! Can I get Delta to change my flights free or give me my money back?
A) No. Delta promised to get you from point A to point B in your paid class of service. The schedule change rule says nothing about the type of airplane. As long as you get there within 1 hour of your original time you are stuck with what they give you. If they downgrade your class of service you can get a change or partial refund (but not of a free upgrade and a downgrade from a full flat to a non-full flat plane is NOT a change you can get a refund for).

Q) How do I transfer Delta partner Alaska points to my Delta account?
A) You don’t! Most programs just don’t offer any kind of value to send them to and from one to another. You can see what I mean here: http://www.insideflyer.com/tools/mileage_converter/index.php

Q) I can see low level award space on a Delta partner site but Delta only shows high level seats. How do I get Delta to give me the seats?
A) This one is maybe. Delta partners do not always give Delta the same award space they display on their sites. However, a good rep can request the seats from the partner and you may get an answer back that the space is confirmed. Other times, look at yesterday’s post for a possible workaround.

Q) You have said you right now have two Delta AMEX Reserve cards. How can the $900 in fees be worth that to you?
A) Discounting all the perks of the card like the BOGOF cert, Skyclub access for you and 2 guests, more upgrades, more low level awards and other perks, look at JUST the point value. FACT: a Skymile is worth 1 cent when you spend it on a ticket with PWM (pay with miles). FACT: year one when you get the card you get 10,000 MQMs and 10,000 Skymiles with 1st purchase (if you have not had it for 365+ days). FACT: once you spend $60,000 before 31DEC you get 30,000 more MQMs and 30,000 Skymiles (plus the 60,000 Skymiles for spending $60,000). Total haul 1 new card year 1 is 40,000 MQMs and 100,000 Skymile worth $1000.00! Even if you were to creatively spend much of the $60,000 you would MAX incur $237 $474 in fees (oopss $237/$30k). That is why I always have 1 or 2 Delta AMEX Reserve cards.

Q) I already have both a personal and a business Delta AMEX but need more Skymiles for an award. What is the fastest way to get more Skymiles.
A) Either SPG points sent over to Delta (20k SPG = 25k Delta) and be aware they take about a week or so to show up in your account. The other way, if you need them FAST, is AMEX Membership Rewards points. The Platinum Membership Rewards card either Personal or Business (not the same as the Delta Platinum) go over to Delta 1-for-1 and the transfer is almost instant. Either of these Platinum cards give you so many other perks too like Skyclub access (as well as other lounges), $200 in incidental fees each year, rebate on your $100 GOES fee, instant GOLD SPG status and on and on…

Q) I would love to buy Delta medallion status. I see you give away status on the blog now and then. Can I buy status from someone say on Ebay or such?
A) Please NO don’t do that ever. Here is why. First it is against the program rules and could get both you and the one doing this kicked out and banned from Skymiles for life. Also, from what I have seen, the cost when sold, is not a good value. And before you ask, trading something for the status is just as wrong. Now a friend gifting you status is just fine and a very nice gift in my book!

Q) How can I fly a Delta A380 double decker or the new 787 Dreamliner and where does Delta fly these?
A) Delta does not have any A380’s or 787’s (yet). But Skyteam partners do. Air France flies the A380 and AreoMexico for one flies the 787. You can still get credit for flying these toward your Skymiles totals btw.

Q) I just got medallion status with Delta and all of a sudden got the “3 beeps” for TSA PRE check. How do I use this on other airlines?
A) Unlike the GOES & TSA PRE you get when you pay for the 5 year participation, the medallion perk of TSA PRE is just when flying Delta. If you fly other airlines it is worth the $100 for 5 years to get GOES or Global Entry as you get TSA PRE free and can use your known traveler number on any US airline that participates .

That just about wraps up the latest reader questions that have been coming in to my inbox the past few weeks. Got more Delta questions? Please fire away – René

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  1. Regarding Delta elite status and Pre check – I turned gold in June and will fly for the first time as gold in 3 weeks. How do I know if I have PRE? I checked my profile and don’t see anything different and certainly want to take advantage of this if I can!!

  2. Rene- Here is a Skymiles booking question, can you have two skymiles award redemptions for the same two fliers on two differetn flights? I am unsure of my destinitation, Maui or Kauai so I want to book two tickets for the same days one a flight to each destination. I am a Diamond and would just cancel one of them once i decide. I am not flexible on my vacation days so have to book the tickets for the same week. Thanks!

  3. @Bob – yes but Delta does not like this sort of thing and at some point could kick one out especially as you get close to flight day. Now as a DM you clearly want to cancel one PRE T72 to get points back into account.

  4. Do i have any recourse if they cancel one reservation? My plan would be to cancel one reservation as i came closer to travel day.

  5. @Bob – possible but you are already in a way gaming the perks of the program and clearly you can not cancel less than T72 and get miles back. I would use this very short term and cancel reservation you don’t need ASAP.

  6. Rene, I question your calculation on “Even if you were to creatively spend much of the $60,000 you would MAX incur $237 in fees.” If you were to do all $60K in Vanilla Reloads it would be 120 cards (at $500 each) x $3.95 = $474. In addition, I’ve had some merchants charge me up to 2.25% extra to run an Amex charge. If I did that for all $60k, it would be $1350. Just curious how you got $237?

  7. @JohnHace – $237 per 30k so yes $474 for 60k. Uh, think I need to fix (have fixed but I would NOT spend that much on VR! I would spend no more than 50%). Stay away from any who charge more!

  8. Response to Q&A #3. I’ve had many perfect seat changes. If I didn’t catch it in time I emailed a nice complaint to Delta and have always received a miles apology. Usually 10K-20K. They’re always very nice but I wonder why they can’t notify us when there’s a plane change. I’m always told its something they’re working on. Either way I’ve been happy with the compensation, even though they’re not required to do it.

  9. Very true, but it never hurts to ask!

    My everytime problem is I’m booked in EC window but upon a plane change I’m way back in the middle or aisle. Is there something I can do with my profile to rebook me in something closer to my original seat choice?

  10. Thanks! And duh on my part. As a PM, can you say in your profile to reseat in EC if you’re already booked in it?

  11. In regards to spending on AMEX card. When I spend 25k on my Business Platinum Delta AMEX do my 10k mqms get deposited right after hitting the threshold or wait until 2014? Does it work the same as the reserve card?

  12. @Kevin – a little different with Reserve. You must wait till you both meet spend and the statement generates. It will then dump the RDM or Skymiles to your account and then you can pick where you want the MQM to go.

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