SWAG Saturday: Have you used your BOGOF Delta AMEX cert?

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swag saturdays delta points blog

This morning I hope I made you think a bit outside the box about maybe buying 2 seats for yourself with the Delta AMEX BOGOF certificate. I have to say I do like the Delta Economy Comfort product & love having more recline & more leg room rocks.

AmEx companion cert

There is limited space with this cert, but I am flexible so have not had any issues. Some say it is very hard to use, but I just have not found this to be the case for me.

power brick delta points blog

For today’s giveaway I want data points from you. First, as always, the rules are HERE. Then for a chance to win the above power brick that can recharge your phone or tablet when on the go, I need for you to comment on the blog and tell me two things.

ONE, have you ever used a Delta BOGOF (Buy One Get One Free) cert. TWO, did you find it difficult or fairly simple to redeem the cert. If you have never had one you can comment that you have never had one but you MUST tell us if you knew it was a perk of the Delta Platinum AMEX (coach only) and the Delta Reserve AMEX (coach or 1st class).

Have fun with this one and I will pick the winner LATE Sunday night this week. – René

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Rene’s Points For Better Travel, a division of Chatterbox Entertainment, Inc. has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Rene’s Points For Better Travel and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers. Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any of these entities. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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René de Lambert is a contributing writer and the founder of RenesPoints. He is an avid Delta and SkyTeam flyer who has held Delta’s top Diamond Medallion status for many years and flown millions of miles.


  1. Nope, never used the certificate. I did know, however, that it’s a perk of those cards. They’re on my short list for my next churn!

  2. I currently have a companion cert but I have not used one before. I received it with my Delta AMEX Platinum, and I knew it was a perk when I got the card.

  3. I just used my Amex BOGO seat for a trip last week to SF. Had to go for work, and decided to bring my wife and extend the trip into the weekend since the companion tickets expires soon.

    Part two: I did find it very limiting. Booked it about 6 weeks out and were only offered connecting flights both ways because of the fare class. Not many options for flights.

  4. I have not used then …YET… I will get my first ones next year for both the Delta platinum personal and the Reserve Business card.

  5. Yes, I have used one, earlier this year. I found it fairly easy to use. My travel plans had some flexibilty, but I had several options where I could have used it.

  6. Have had 2. First was easy and saved me $560. The second was hard as there were no tix in the classes needed.

  7. Have used the companion tix once and enjoyed; but have let it expire several years because of the difficulty in booking. Hopefully I can plan better and more in advance with this year’s companion ticket.

  8. Have both plat cards but not yet reached 1 year mark. So not redeemed yet but know of the perk and cannot wait to use it.

  9. No, have not used one but have tried. Easy to use but didn’t use it because the orig price increased after changing to the bogo. In the end it cost more.

  10. Have the AMEX Plat and have used my cert each year. Sometimes difficult to find space unless you plan way in advance … but i have used the schedule change to my benefit once, and was able to SDC (before the recent “enhancements”) from connecting to non-stop flights.

  11. I have never used one and I did not know it was a perk. Thanks for the heads up!

  12. I have the delta plat Amex and haven’t had any major issues redeeming the cert. the only annoyances were caused by not so perfect departure and arrival times that were available. Overall it has been a great perk of ther card.

  13. Have used the Plat card certificate twice–second time booked tickets for friends. Both bookings were straightforward with no hassles.

  14. No. I do know that it’s a perk, but I’m still on the fence about getting either card.

  15. I have used all 3 of my Amex Reserve BOGO companion certs, but never for myself.

    I have booked FC flights for my parents very easily each time. First Class trip for two for $600-$700. Can’t beat that!

    Maybe I have been lucky, but I don’t see why others have so much difficulty redeeming this cert.

  16. Yes, I’ve used mine every year! I have Plat AX, so it’s a free one, and I’ve never had much of a problem booking it. In fact, it’s one of the best benefits, IMHO. Have used it MSP-BDL to visit family, MSP-YUL for a long weekend, and used it this spring MSP-SAV for family vacation. I wish that open jaws were allowed, as I would have liked to have gone into ATL/ex-SAV on the last trip.

  17. I just got my first one. I haven’t used it yet but hope to soon.

  18. I use my BOGO certs every year. Never had a problem with availability, though ATL is my home airport, so there’s always lots of flights to choose from

  19. Peter Tang Reply

    I tried to use the BOGO certs when a friend and I flew to get to our cruise out of Tampa but the limitations on fare class made it very difficult to do so.

  20. I’ve yet to use one of the certs but I should be getting my first one next month, looking forward to giving it a try.

  21. I’ve used the certificates for several years with no issues. It’s a valuable benefit to me.

  22. Yep. Used two with no problems. Makes a weekend getaway so much cheaper!

  23. I’ve used mine each of the last two years, and plan to do so again this upcoming winter. I found it very difficult to use, and had to be very open about times to fly. I certainly know of the benefit and will use it every year, especially with 3 kids!

  24. Delta isn’t a carrier that I use with any frequency, so I wasn’t even aware of this type of certificate. Plus, since I already have an AMEX Platinum card (I like the Fine Hotels & Resorts perks), I’ve been hesitant to apply for any other AMEX products. I’ve heard that existing customers are not eligible for the awesome sign up bonuses offered lately.

  25. 1. Yes, I used one to get from RDU to LAX (new direct service) over Memorial Day weekend.
    2. It was pretty simple. The only tricky part was finding a LUT fare on Memorial Day weekend. After that, I just called in to book it, which took 15 minutes.

  26. Michael H.(oldfox) Reply

    I have never had one, but I knew it was a good perk.

  27. Teresa Pederson Reply

    I have never used this cert. because I never knew that this was an option on those cards!

  28. I have had the certificates every year, but it has not been worth it for the higher fares that qualify.

  29. @kari – I have a bunch of AMEX cards and always get deals. You just need to be logged OUT of AMEX and NOT log in to get the deals!

  30. Yes used it the last two years and no problems using them easy as long as you book a bit in advance. In fact in 2011 we (me and the mrs.) also got upgraded too, before the crack down on medallion upgrades with the certs.

  31. GetToThePoints Reply

    I have never used this BOGOF certificate and I was not even aware of this perk of the two high end AMEX cards!

  32. I was able to use one last year DTW-SFO to save ~ $400. It was easy to to use. Tried this year, but the fare class did not qualify.

  33. I have not used one yet. I have not had my Platinum AMEX long enough to receive one yet, but I knew it was a perk when I signed up.

  34. Had one expire on me last year because I was not in the states to use it. Maybe the end of this year?

  35. Yes, we’ve used it twice in the last few years to get a free first class ticket with the certificate for the Delta Reserve Amex. It was fairly easy to redeem it both times online. We may not use this year’s certificate though, as all of our trips have been international.

  36. Yes !! I have used these cert fairly easily
    Bur remember ther Do Not qualify for Medalian Upgrades ! So it’s EC all the way.
    Don’t forget if you as a medallion are on the reservation even as a companion if the other person is not a medallion they sti get Sky Priority and EC for Free !!

  37. Have never had one. Knew it was a perk, just have never renewed my Platinum Delta Amex for a second year.

  38. No, have never used one. I did not know it was a perk of those cards.

  39. Used a cert with no issues in December of 2011 on relatively short notice. A friend and I made a trip to a college football bowl game! Found it to be a relatively easy process!

  40. I have never used them before, but will hopefully have the chance to in the future.

  41. Just got the Delta Plat and look forward to using it in when I get it at renewal!

  42. I didn’t know it was perk as I never had a certificate nor any of these cards.

  43. I’m about 6 months away from my first year with the Delta Plat card, so I will definitely figure out a way to use mine when it comes! THanks for the contest Rene!

  44. I’ve never used a BOGOF…but only because I’ve never had the cards (didn’t know it was a benefit of them either).

  45. I have tried several times to use my BOGOF certs but have found them impossible to use. The BOGOF search again tells me that theres no availability about 80% of the time I try to use them even though if I search I find valid fare classes available. Ill keep trying but frankly I’m not expecting much.

  46. BenTraveling Reply

    I’ve used the Buy One Get One Free certificate every year for the past five years or so. I’ve found it very easy to use, especially since you can book online now. It’s the most valuable perk of the Platinum Delta Amex.

  47. I haven’t used one yet, but knew it was a perk of the card when I signed up for it. We are trying to find a way to use it now, before e end of the year.

  48. Yes, used one and found it simple. Then paid to upgrade both seats to economy comfort from FLL-LGA.

  49. Waiting to get my first certificate soon so have not used. Looking forward to it!

  50. Never used one, but knew about it, and am waiting to pass the year point to get my first.

  51. Have had the Amex Reserve since it was offered, and have never used the companion cert. Found it to difficult to find inventory the first time I tried and then never tried again. If it were redeemable for international, it would be a total deal. I really plan international travel ahead, but not domestic, so I don’t end up w/ as much flexibility. Your suggestion for buying two EC seats is brilliant. Mine expires 8/31 – if anyone needs it, let me know!

  52. Kathleen Fitzpatrick Reply

    I used it in June for the exact fare and flight I wanted. No problem.

  53. In my first year of Delta Reserve and plan on using mine when it arrives after renewal…

  54. I do have a $99 companion ticket left over from my Delta Gold. I wish I had known about the Trick with Amex to be logged out when I applied for the SPG card (live and learn). I will know for the future. I plan on getting the reserve card in Jan after my 12 months from chruning the Gold is over. I did know about the certifiicate. Glad to hear most people had good luck with it. I am interested how it works when flying out of a very small airport (all my flights start Tri-Atl).

  55. Nope … They always expired before I had a reason to use them ….

  56. I know they are a perk of both cards, but was never able to use one.

  57. I did not know this was a perk from these cards. Maybe I will try the Delta Reserve card next churn, since so many people have said they have had luck with it.

  58. I’m using one from my Delta Platinum AMEX next weekend for a trip down to Florida to visit my girlfriends grandparents. It was a simple process to redeem it online.

  59. Have the Delta Platinum AmEx and have received one certificate. I found it very easy to redeem and especially like the capability to redeem it electronically.

  60. I’ve used them several times. Sometimes they’re available and sometimes they’re not. It’s a good deal when they are though. Booking a family of four for the price of two.

  61. Yes I have used mine, but not this year … Yet. It is much easier now that they are redeemable online! It was one of the reasons I applied for the Delta card! Great perk

  62. I have not used it, but know of it as I get one for my AMEX Plat.

  63. Yes, this is why I keep my Delta platinum card. Also my husband has the platinum card. We use our certificates every year and we have had no problem using them.

  64. Yes, I knew it existed and hope to be getting my first certificate soon from my Delta Platinum Amex

  65. Yes, I gave mine to one of my son and his wife for a Thanksgiving fare and they had no trouble using it.

  66. I’ve had the Reserve for a few years and find it brutally difficult to use the certificate for the flights I want. Usually ends up being my ~5th choice. But still a good value:)

  67. Jake from MSP Reply

    I have used both one of the (now defunct) 99$ Gold certs, and a platinum cert. The Platinum cert was very easy to use and since I was playing travel agent for 3 friends for a Spring Break trip in 2012, I put two of my friends as the two associated with the ticket and I was able to make up for the annual fee and then some! This one was pretty easy to use, MSP-FLL L Fares.

    The old gold cert was MUCH harder to use however. I use that for my friend and I for Spring Break in 2011. I was looking for flights MSP-PNS, but I looked for months and was never able to find availability. Eventually, we ended up having to buy RT tickets for MSP-MDW and then we used the companion certificates for MDW-ATL-PNS RT tickets. All-in-all, fairly complicated and difficult to use, but my status-less companion did manage to receive a companion UG for 3/6 legs which was definitely not in line with the T&C of the certificate.

    I have two pending Reserve certificates with one expiring at the end of the year and the other at the end of March, 2014… hopefully I can find some good F/J travel!

  68. I have never used one but i knew it was a perk of both cards.

  69. Yes, I knew, and yes I’ve redeemed them since having my card (2009). I upgraded to the Reserve last year and redeemed buy one, get one first class, and it was no problem at all. I actually like how they price it on the lowest fare. I am a planner, so maybe that’s why I’ve never had an issue. This is my favorite perk of the card (okay, maybe the free club is my favorite perk!).

  70. I’ve used them before, but can’t stand the flight selection they make you select from. All the nonstops are either red eyes or before 6am.

  71. Yes, I have used BOGOF cert and knew it was a perk of my Delta AMEX card when I rec’d it.

  72. No, I have never had one, and I didn’t know it was a perk of those cards. Good to know!

  73. I have Delta Reserve and have never had a problem redeeming for a first class companion ticket…in my 3rd or 4th year with this card.

  74. Nope, never used the cert. Tried a couple of times but couldn’t find a seat that I liked.

  75. Until this year I have had no problems redeeming the BOGO tickets that I get through my AMEX Delta Reserve cards! This year it was impossible. I had to have a certain class and two weeks out there were no seats available in coach for my destination, so I had to buy First Class to use the BOGO. YUCK, then after purchasing, for 1200 bucks, I find out it was only good one way.
    second comment, I thought I could use one for flights to Europe but found out they certificates are not valid on transatlantic flights.

  76. used almost all years (8) that have had this year seems fares are a lot higher but still some what easy to use

  77. Yes, I’ve used a couple of them now… and it’s been a relatively easy experience for me. I have another one I need to use yet this credit-card-year.

  78. Rene I posted a Q here yesterday and sent it; it showed up in the list about #44 but when I looked later it wasn’t there?? Like the repose fro another David above I have let 12+ companion or $99 tickets from DL or US Air or BOA, expire w/o using. But know I’m going to NYC with a friend and want to pay for my Delta tic with Thank You or Chase reward points. Do I have o call a ticket agent to use the companion tic I have from my AmEx DL Plat since I’m not booking these together?

    • @David – you comment may have ended up in spam. I will check but since you have this one I will keep this. To your question. You have to pay for the BOGOF with your DL AMEX card. Then, the next ticket, you just buy however you want to match up the same flights. Then, call Delta and have them “LINK” the two reservations. There is no way to do this all on one that I am aware of paying with two types of payment methods.

  79. Nope and did not know it was a perk. P.S. Hertz is lowering its point value on it’s rewards program.

  80. I’ll add my name to,list of those who didn’t know about the BOGOF

  81. I have used the certificate with my Plat DL at least 3 times. It was always a tricky thing because frequently the LUT class requirement would trip (no pun intended) me up. Some days everything LUT would disappear and be replaced by K. Recently I noticed everything went to booking class X, and then I despaired until I noticed it let me choose X for booking the cert.

  82. Yes, I have used them. My partner and I both get them but we rarely use them ourselves(neither of us want to give up our MQMs). Instead we give them to family. My oldest daughter lived in California for 5 years (PHD at Stanford) and so her husband and her had flexible travel dates. They would use the certificate to cut down on their air back east and since I had to buy the ticket, I at least got some points on my credit card. Last year I actually used my certificate. I was in a bike ride at Lake Tahoe and my sister wanted to come watch me. We were flexible on dates (a day or two) but more importantly on airports (anywhere in North Carolina). We found a good price ticket that fit the bill out of RDU. So the biggest thing is you have to be flexible. This year’s certificate, who knows as my oldest daughter is now in Spain so I’m trying to convince other family members to use it.

  83. I have used my certificate (courtesy of my Skymiles Platinum Am Ex) every year. Never had a problem redeeming it for fares all over the US.

  84. We used the certs but we had to plan wayyyyyyyyyy in advance. Almost forgot we had them.

  85. I’ve never used one, and was not aware that they existed. I’ve never used any similar certificate from any airline.

  86. We have 2 BOGO certificates to use. One expires at the end of October, so I need to get busy. The other expires in April. We have always used them in the past, including the $99 one for the Gold card and also for the platinum card. We also have one now with the Reserve card and I hope we can swing first class seats.

  87. Unfortunately I have left the certificates from my Platinum card unused more often than I’ve used them. We tend to vacation outside the US more often than within, so we often don’t have any US vacation planned when the certificate is valid. By bad luck I acquired the card in the fall, so my certificate validity is from September through August which never coincides with when we plan our vacations (which is way ahead of time). On the rare occasion we got to use them they weren’t hard to use.

  88. We have use the Delta Plainum card BOGOF companion tickets for a short hop from Syracusr to LGA over the holidays. It was not difficult to use, but then again we were using it on a low dollar route.

  89. I have never had one to use. I did not know that it was a perk.

  90. I have never used one and I did not know it was a perk. Thanks for the info!

  91. Yes just used one. Had to fly on different days than I had wanted to travel but OK in the end. This is for April next year. Was surprised to see blocked days so far out in advance.

  92. Yea, I used to first class to take my mom to San Fran !
    Part II: it was medium hard tp use

  93. Im embarrassed to say that I have only used the cert once. We have tried several other times but its just easier to buy the cheaper fare for one and use frequent flier miles for the other. I feel quite aure delta wNts to make It as difficult as possible, ” yeah, we’re giving you a perk but hope you cant use it.”. Kind of like the award calendar and how very bogus that is. Delta is definitely the airline I hate to love and love to hate.

  94. I have used the cert. However, as it cannot be used internationally or into and out of different airports, I have not been able to use it more.

  95. I thought the companion certain went away. Reason why I had not considered getting the card recently. May now reconsider obtaining and using next year.

  96. YES I used BOGOF in March, took my wife to LAS, coach. Had no particular trouble getting the flights we wanted (from SLC).

  97. I have NOT used a Delta BOFOG offer. How about SWAG Saturday drawings be held on Sunday 24 hours after question posted? =)

  98. We had a chance for BOGOF many years ago and participated but have not lately

  99. charles alan satterwhite Reply

    No. I do know that it’s a perk and will probably get it in the next few cycles.

  100. Yes, used in June after a couple years of not using it. Depends on destination and days of week, and often the price is higher than one ticket but still cheaper than two. And yes, I knew it was a platinum card perk, just not one that’s very valuable to me.

  101. News to me so never tried to use. I travel solo and my family are home bodies so have less interest in companion travel. Can I use the BOGOF as a second ticket for myself on a different flight?

  102. No I have not used the BOGOF pass. I did know that it was a perk of the Delta Platinum Amex card. However, I had forgot and since we have not gotten to our 1 year anniversary, I had not done the research to figure out to maximize it’s use.

  103. Yes, I have used the Delta Reserve AMEX BOGOF on two occasions, and actually found it quite easy.

  104. Used them twice. We saved $350 and $550 and there was no problems using them.

  105. I have not used a BOGO yet, but I will once I renew my Reserve card. I was aware that these card had that feature.

  106. We used it for the first time to attend a wedding over Memorial Day weekend. It was easy to use.

  107. I have a platinum card and have used the BOGO cards thrice. They are not the easiest for close in bookings but if you book in advance, they should work fine.

  108. I must admit–I didn’t even know this was a benefit provided! Seems to me that I’ve been missing out by keeping the Gold card! =/

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