On my mind this weekend – what’s next Delta?

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I try each day to pick some little bit, any little bit, to share something travel related I have learned. Today is more just what I am thinking about for the rest of the year. Most of this is just my musings in my head and some of my concerns. Some of this I may be right about, others we will see. Feel free to comment what is on your mind for this year, and next, for our airline and you personally.

I cringe each August 15th now since so many BIG “enhancements” have come down from the mothership in the past few years at around this time. Then again, like Friday’s post, all through the year we keep finding out about program changes without notice and then sometimes a second change. Delta says their lawyers say they have to do it this way, but as my fellow BoardingArea blogger Gary Leff points out, so often other airlines give warnings before program changes. I hope the year shows some good news, but I fear what is next.

Another issue that really bothers me is the lack of the promised MQD reference card (my words). We were told we would be able to:

“You will be able to track and monitor your MQDs and Delta SkyMiles Credit Card Eligible Purchases on prior to January 1, 2014.”

that is compare what our spending on Delta tickets would be in real life had MQDs been in effect this year already. Also, I would assume, the amount we have spent across all personal and business Delta AMEX cards we have done this year toward the exemptions spending. I hope this comes soon, but would not be surprised to see it propagate into our “MY DELTA” as late as the beginning of December as that would be prior to 01JAN2014 right!?!

klm europe food short 1hr flight delta points blog

I wish Delta would do better with Domestic food. I really like the domestic business class product Delta has and dislike the economy with extra space that KLM has. But KLM, even on just a 1 hr hop, feeds you something like a salad or a sandwich. Not an amazing meal, but better than the snack basket Delta has. I am really tired of the basket and the basket choices. How about we go Dutch Delta? 😉

I can’t wait to get on a jet (even with snack basket only). It has been a few weeks since I have been up in the air and I miss it. I really love to fly and that is why I like mileage runs as well as fun and work trips. I get to go back to SFO soon.

Another thing I am still miffed about is cash & points from the NWA days (cash one way and points the other) that Delta promised to bring back. This program, as well as one-way Skymiles awards, would be so welcomed and appreciated and I really think help Delta’s image in the frequent flyer world. Heck, in a twisted kind of way, Delta could even end up with more money from Skymiles because the T72 rule would fully affect both one ways compared to a round trip tickets. I just don’t think these two things are important enough for Delta to address this year. MQD is the focus and maybe we could see these two by this time next year, but I doubt it. I can dream right?

my skymiles redeemed delta points blog

What is next for Skymiles? Delta will clearly not tell me or you, but if we are to believe the pundits nothing good is on the way next. I am not sure and think we have more time as-is. But as you can see my recent redemption totals I am burning my Delta points as fast as I get them and will keep doing so (200k per Sweden visit for Lisa & me in business class does tend to do that 😉 )

That is what is my head for now. I hope you have a good rest of your weekend everyone and don’t forget about SWAG Saturday as I will have the drawing very late tonight. – René

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  1. Personally, I’m scared to think what changes will come to SkyMiles award redemption. I will probably end 2013 with over 1,000,000 RDMs in the bank. I’m single and since beginning to travel after college about 4-5 years ago, I have been banking for a killer (potential) honeymoon. Well, lately I’ve been traveling and earning so much I don’t have time or a need(no girl) to use any miles. So, 1,000,000 can get plenty of First/Business Class world travel under the current award system, but if Delta changes things to a cost based redemption, I am [edit]

    Earn and Burn isn’t really an option for me in my current situation. I’m just going to hope SkyMiles don’t devalue that badly.

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