SWAG Saturday: Weigh your options & power up!

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Best Credit Cards

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Most of us who travel a bunch gotta have power. I have blogged about my “stuff” and just love my power / usb splitter & charger.

swag travel giveaway stuff delta points blog

Also, even as a Diamond Medallion, when I check bags I need to make sure the weight is not over Delta limits. Packing as much as I can and NOT going over matters.

So for today’s SWAG Saturday, for a chance to win the above, I need something from you. First the rules as always are HERE. Then, I need you to look at this morning’s post and to tell Lisa what card she should go for in her next round (you will have to see the post to see the two cards that we talking about).

Also I will be tied up all day so I will NOT post your answers until later on in the day so your answer will show “pending” for quite some time. – René

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Best Credit Cards


  1. Lisa should do US Bank CC (Business for lower annual fee).
    Then Alaska air
    then Barclay’s arrival

  2. Lisa should go for the US Bank Club Carlson card. I have it and know it is great for many European properties.

  3. Tell Lisa that I think she should go for the Club Carlson VISA card. If the two of you have it, you’ll be guaranteed two free nights each vacation that you book with each of yours Club Carlson number – double the pleasure 🙂

  4. Lisa should call Barclay’s and negotiate moving credit from another Barclay’s account (worked for me) – they will approve. Secondly, Alaska is an easy choice and then the Avios card. Good luck

  5. Club Carlson seems like the best one. Barclays and the British air seem questionable as to whether she can get them and the Alaska Air is a lot less points so by default I pick Carlson.

  6. I would advise Lisa to go back for the Barclay’s card. “No” doesn’t always mean “no;” sometimes it means “later” or “move credit.” And even though the bonus isn’t huge, it’s very flexible.

  7. I’d suggest that Lisa try for the Barclay’s Arrival again … depending, however, on if the reconsideration rep last time suggested that 3 more months of history might be sufficient. Plus, who knows how long the 40,000 point offer will be around? The BA bonus seems to bounce around rather frequently. If it disappears too soon, it’s likely to reappear in the not too distant future, in my opinion.

  8. The US Bank Club Carlson card of those being considered seems to be the best deal currently, especially if planning a European trip.

  9. I would go with the Chase BA. I find Barclays the hardest to deal with so I’d give that a bit more time.

  10. BA Visa, I would like to know the results. I had the 100k one a couple of years ago and I thought I had heard that a different offer on this card opened up the opportunity to apply again. Would like to know the answer.

  11. I would go with the Barclay’s card. It’s worth the fight, and it’s a great card. (Plus I can’t stand being told “no”)

  12. She should go for the Club Carlson card. Good initial bonus, good retention bonus, elite status, and a last night free night on points redemptions.

  13. I would go with Barclays. If your worried about not enough time having gone by for the other card, then don’t take the chance now.

  14. I think Lisa should apply for the Alaska Airlines card. This would offer diversity in her wallet. Plus, the cost savings using the coach companion fare benefit could more than offset the annual fee.

    (The foreign transaction fee is a bummer, though.)

    Plus – miles for just being approved … no purchase required?!

    I say – apply for it Lisa!

  15. I think she should go for the Barclaycard one. That’s what I’m thinking of going for…

  16. A fight with Barclays is exactly that- a fight. See if enough time has passed for the points with Chase!

  17. Barclay arrival card…same position as Lisa so if she wants to be a guinea pig (hehe) first, then I will follow.

  18. go for the Chase card, lots of airlines to choose from when moving the points to united airlines.

  19. Club Carlson and BA Visa. The former is great for award stays – book two nights, get one free. BA is great for booking non-BA flights (AA domestic, S7, and other airlines – short hauls obviously).

  20. I say club carlson.
    In my go bag is also a iPod and noise canceling headset….its a must for when laptop dies or i cant acceas it. Thanks.

  21. The British Airways. I just used 20,000 points to get a first class ticket to Ecuador, awesome.

  22. I recomend the Alaska Airlines card. They have a relationship with Delta, so your status work on AS if you use the points for a ticket. Also, the AS points can work for positioning flights on AA or their other international partners. Finally, they also offer a companion ticket like DL AMEX.
    Good luck!

  23. Club Carlson seems easy to get and a good payoff. I don’t like most of their US properties but you guys do seem to get around some 🙂

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