Time to start planning for round two!

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four cards

After frustratingly patiently waiting I have more results from my last round of cards and I am pleased to say I am still 100% approved on all cards (and I have had almost all of them). I am going to, from now on, really try to fill in MY  SSN’s on all apps! As an update I have now been approved for my Chase SW Air card and did not even have to move lines around! 🙂  I have also, after 10 full days, the results from US Bank and it is:

US BANK says YES to club carlson delta points blog

This really is a big data point for me as every single US Bank card attempt I have done in the past I first got a  NO  and then I had to call to get reconsidered and then approved – that is before I froze my ARS & IDA accounts!

Lisa credit score pre new round of cards delta points blog

But what shall Lisa go for next (we off-set our rounds by a month or so to spread out spend). Last round Barclay’s told my Lisa NO – too short a time with Barclay’s. I am tempted to have her try again just because it is the only NO she has had and it really, really irks me. I have a month to think on this. The thing is, I really want the card for her; especially after I got the card under the old 20k offer compared to the current 40,000 point Barclays Arrival card offer.

The next one, again a risk, is the 50,000 Avois Chase British Air card.  Lisa did get the 100,000 offer a while back, but has not had the card for some time now. She was successful getting the Priority Club, err, IHG card again after many years, but it may not be enough time has passed for this to work with the British Air card again. We may have to try just for a data point for me and for readers since I run a blog otherwise I would wait longer before trying again. Thinking – still thinking.

Then we have the US Bank 85,000 point Club Carlson. I will be sure this week to freeze her ARS & IDA before she applies. She has only one FlexPerks so it should be simple. Well as simple as US Bank can ever get.

Lastly we have the 30,000 point Alaska card (not my link). She does not have an Alaska card, but even if she did that would not matter as you can get 2 or more of these cards from all reports.

So this is her plan for now. I will pick at least 3 of these four and then have to see what of the first two risks I want to attempt. What do you readers think she should do – fight with Barclay’s again – or – see if enough time has passed with Chase that they will award the points again? – René

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  1. Thinking about the Barclay arrival card. I have 2 U.S. Airways card at the moment. Have one from November 2012, and the other in late July 2013. U think I have a good chance for approval?

  2. From a purely selfish standpoint, would like a try for the BA card again. We just cancelled ours and want to get them again as soon as the rules allow us to get the bonuses once more. We realize that it is not going to be in the immediate future.

    However, a data point on Barclays would be just fine too.

    Thanks for your willingness to experiment!

  3. I would try for the BA card if it has been a while. I cancelled mine in Dec. 2010 and applied Feb, 2014 and was approved without any problem and received the sign-up bonus as well.
    Oops. Not able to time travel Make that Feb. 2013 not 2014.

  4. I’m a fan of BA and Avios, since they’re quite good for redemption on many Oneworld carriers. I’d press my luck and try for it.

  5. I would go with the Barclay’s card. It’s worth the fight, and it’s a great card. (Plus I can’t stand being told “no”)

  6. I think she should apply for the Chase BA card. They have been erratic in their approvals and denials with me, so have her give it a shot. 50k is a nice “chunk of change!”

  7. US bank card would be my pick. I’m not sending any business over to BA if I can help it!

  8. I think Lisa should see if enough time has passed with Chase. She should try for the Chase BA. Barclays is really difficult to deal with. Chase isn’t!

  9. it appears the Barclay’s is still the one to go for, even though I am totally annoyed with them for turning me down. Will you be ok if they turn her down again?

  10. I think it boils down to whether you would ever be able to get Lisa to join you on your maniacal mileage runs. If so, then the $440 in travel reimbursements could be very handy! (not too likely though)? =)

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