Tonight’s SWAG winner and scary travel winner is….

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Congratulations LeeInDC who says: “Scariest was probably a plane struck by lightning. Damage was minimal though so wasn’t too bad of a flight.”

WOW! You folks scared me and I fly a little more than most (but less than some of you)! If you all have not had a chance yet to read all the experiences from readers, please do as they are amazing. If you are at all afraid of flying – please don’t as some of them are just hair raising! – René

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  1. Question. When you are a million miller where does that fall into line when up-grading. Does it help more to have the Delta Reserve card or does being a million miller matter at all when in comes to up-grades?


    Guy Thomas

  2. @Guy – officially no. Unofficially Delta does know who MMers are and I know it can help when you ask for things. Beyond that, the AMEX Reserve card helps much more as it is automatic when there is a tie-breaker for an upgrade.

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