I talked my wife into an 11,000+ mile Delta Mileage Run (well not really) Day One

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entrance to mke airport delta points blog

Gosh it was great to get into the air. There is just so much fun to travel. I even got Lisa to join me, part way, on this trip. She has a best friend not too far from MKE so she dropped me off at the airport and picked me up on the way home.

wine in skyclub mke before mileage run delta points blog

My first day I was running from Milwaukee (MKE) to Detroit (DTW), then direct to San Francisco (SFO).

milwaukee Wisconsin from the air mke airport delta points blog

Most of my trips I have not had a chance to get a good look at downtown Milwaukee so it was fun to catch a glimpse of the city.


Inbound into DTW it was neat to line up just about parallel with another Delta jet. It is strange how close the jets look but so far away in the video clip.

My upgrades had all cleared for the first 3 legs with only the return to Milwaukee from Atlanta (ATL) pending. This was nice since I had very little time to grab anything in DTW for dinner. The flight out was on a 767-300 domestic. I had one of my favorite seats for daytime travel.

chicken dinner delta flight atl-sfo delta points blog

I had two choices for dinner. A chicken or a spicy pasta. I went with the Chicken. It was fine but one thing I wish Delta would do away with is the uber-ugly trays. Look how much nicer dinner looks without the “trailer” tray! Anyway, the flight was uneventful and I had a pleasant trip out with a 2 million miler with Delta.

rene and jim in sfo skyclub delta points blog

My time for day one in SFO was also short (plus the flight was a little late). I had just enough time to visit the Skyclub and say hello to a long time blog reader Jim. Jim, it was great to meet you in person and I hope to see you soon again!

My flight back east was on a 757 and I think I was out before wheels up! I just cannot wait to see the new full flat seats in these birds for a great night’s sleep.

sunrise atl atlanta airport delta points blog

Landing in Atlanta was tight. I had just enough time to meet up with another reader, Corey. He also had a tight flight so it was a quick hello and good-bye. It was fun to meet you, Corey – next time I hope we have some more time to chat!


My upgrade cleared at the gate for the ATL-MKE leg and I got another hour of sleep until the FA announced we were passing near Chicago with a great view of the city. It is a bit strange to fly over all the inbound flights below me in the pattern to ORD.

So day one went just quick. Day two, that I will cover on Thursday, is where a ton of fun began. I was able to do an SDC or Same Day Change as well as check out the Air France lounge, argue with security and have a most interesting flight back home in coach! Stay tuned  for that and the numbers from this run – René

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  1. Looks like the video of the approach into Detroit, which I presume was shot by you, was taken below 10,000 ft, no?


  2. @uclalum – that is a funny thing about video, it is so hard to judge heights right? Now if you had seen me landing, then it would clearly have been below 10k

  3. Wish all you want for the new fully-flat seats on the 757s but you won’t be seeing them into/out of ATL. They are only being used on JFK-West Coast service.

  4. Thanks to all of the great information I have learned on this blog and a few of the other BA bloggers, I made my first ever Milage Run this past weekend. I traveled MCO – DTW – SAN – LAX – MCO last Friday and Saturday. I got the scoop on it right here on Delta Points. I’ve only been into the points and miles game for about a year now and I’ve learned a lot in such a short time. In fact, I’ve got two more Milage Runs left this year (MIA – SAN and JAX – LAS, both of which I first heard about right here on Delta Points) along with some true vacation flights to get me to GM status by year end. Hope we cross paths Rene somewhere along the way. Safe travels.

  5. @Mike B – well done! I sure hope to run into you sometime as well. MJ & I will be in LAS on 21NOV but not for long as we are MR as well….. and thanks for the kind words!

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