Ryanair CEO cracks up Swedish news anchor & BIG NEWS – school mascots can earn Skymiles?

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I have never ever flown RyanAir. I would never fly Ryanair. Any airline that makes Sprit Airlines look good is way too scary in my book.

RyanAir has been having some issues as of late (I know that is not news). The issues addressed in this next clip from Swedish TV are about new routes for RyanAir and the discussion went to unions and unnamed pilots afraid to speak up about the issues. Then notice what the CEO says (that part is in English):


I love the anchor’s reaction. She goes on to say:

“Excuse me (giggle) I shall say for over a year and ½ ago SVT reported about the pilots difficult work conditions and RyanAir’s view of safety (giggle). According to pilots and the union conditions are the same. “

To “get” just how funny this is you need to understand straight laced Swedish TV news people. A moment like this is rare. But then again, don’t we all laugh each time we hear the words RyanAir or Spirit Air (or maybe cry)?

delta mascot tweet

In other BREAKING NEWS, according to Delta’s Twitter account, if you are a non-human school mascot (aka UGA the dog), you can now earn Delta frequent flyer points. I know it is not that hard to get your pet turned into a service animal, but how much work is it to become a school mascot? 😉 – René

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  1. Why wouldn’t you fly Ryanair? They do exactly what they say. They offer cheap flights with no frills. Yes, you don’t get first class luxury but you get an efficient service that you will get you on time for crazy low prices. For example, I went London-Denmark-Budapest-Warsaw-London for $140. Every flight on time. What’s wrong with that?

    My last Delta flight was delayed four hours, they lost my luggage for 2 days then delivered it when they knew I wasn’t home.

  2. @George – well personally and CEO who would act like this, and the nightmare stories you always hear are enough for me. For me, on Delta, out of some 70+ flights this year, I can not think of one that was late more than a few minutes!

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