SWAG Saturday: What do you think of the “other” Delta blog:

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swag saturdays delta points blog

I hope you all had a chance to catch up on any of the posts you missed on this month’s newsletter post. As always, the last month of summer always seems to fly by for me (no pun intended).

nice shoutout from the Delta offical blog to Delta Points blog

As you can see from the above, I got a nice shout-out from the “other” Delta blog, the one run by Delta Air Lines for the post about reader Michael who this month crossed the million miler mark with Delta. That is a lot of flying, but there are many who have hit 2 or 3 or 4 million miles with Delta. I LOVE to fly Delta, but that much would be too much even for me.

power brick delta points blog

But back to today’s SWAG. The rules as always are HERE so please take a look. Next, for a chance at a nice power brick for your “stuff” when on the go, I want some input from you. What do I want?

I chatted a bit with the mods of as to what we think of the new blog look. It is kinda neat. It is, to me, a mix of a standard blog, mixed in with Pinterest. I like the blog and do check it out. But what do you think? Do you like it and the look? Do you like the new direction of the blog over the old one. Should it be different or just whatever? Please, on the blog, comment anything at all about what you think about Delta’s TakingOff blog for a chance to win this week’s SWAG! – René


PS – SPG card
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Rene’s Points For Better Travel, a division of Chatterbox Entertainment, Inc. has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Rene’s Points For Better Travel and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers. Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any of these entities. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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René de Lambert is a contributing writer and the founder of RenesPoints. He is an avid Delta and SkyTeam flyer who has held Delta’s top Diamond Medallion status for many years and flown millions of miles.


  1. I never like blogs run by the company that’s being touted on the blog.
    Therefore, I don’t like the other blog. I expect their message to be what they want us to hear – like “program enhancements” which is always bunk.

  2. Blog’s ok … has some interesting content, stories, etc. but takes FOREVER to load now that they have so many separate articles, pictures, sections, etc.

  3. I like reading just about anything concerning travel and Delta so I usually check it out every few days.

  4. GetToThePoints Reply

    Looks like Delta advertising and hoopla and not that interesting.

  5. BenTraveling Reply

    I like the vintage photos, but I could do without the animation.

  6. Due to time constraints, I tend to limit my “travel blog” reading to The Boarding Area. Therefore, I choose obtain my information on Delta from Delta Points.

  7. iwantmoremiles Reply

    I had not hear about until now. I did not find anything exciting but will try again later.

  8. It’s all marketing bull****. Interesting to glance at now and then to see how they want to spin stuff but it has near zero credibility in my book. I no longer trust Delta.

  9. It’s a corporate blog and lacks personality. Some of the stories are mildly interesting, but not more than that. Who are they hoping will read it? Is anyone really interested on who will be on the cover of the next Sky magazine??

  10. It does seem a bit too corporate for my tastes, but visually it’s nice. I like the multiple stories showing aspect. Didn’t bother bookmarking, though.

  11. The new blog looks nice but too many images on single page may cause it to load slowly for some.

  12. Not a follower. I agree with the feedback about a company run bog.

  13. Never seen, no great interest. Unless they start telling things like how to actually get awards at lowest levels.

  14. Site is OK but a bit busy and slow. Content is not geared to the very frequent flyer so I doubt that I will read regularly.

  15. The detailed information (and giveaways) make your site stand out.

  16. Never looked at it … you’re the best…why read anything else?

  17. Some of the articles/pictures seem interesting (stairways article), but I also get my Delta info here.

  18. Abhishek D Reply

    Theirs is like reading a magazine. I’d rather read yours for information that is actually useful!

  19. It is an entertaining and visually pleasing site for Delta related topics, but of course, very different from your content.

  20. I like the information in the blog, but your blog has more information relevant to what I want to know.

  21. This should be the only true, unbiased Delta blog out there. Lets shut that other one down 😉

  22. Christine Pincince Reply

    It is as simple as knowing whose side a blog is on. Is it on my side to help me get the mostest and bestest for the leastest from my Delta spending or is on the side of wanting to squeeze the most for the least from me? Easy…

  23. Not really a fan. Don’t care for the different sized tiles they’re using to display information.

  24. I did check it out, and I like the content and the layout. Being able to list “most popular”, “recent”, etc., makes it easier to explore. I don’t know how it used to look, as I just started reading it after your post. But I plan to keep reading it; I like the “insider” perspectives.

  25. VERY slow to load on hotel internet – DeltaPoints isn’t broken so don’t fix it!

  26. It’s bland. I wouldn’t expect much more from a corporate blog.

    I prefer this blog!

  27. Howard Blevins Reply

    Meh. Had never heard of it. Sticking with Rene for my Delta info!

  28. It is a corporate blog, so all the info is stilted. Not for me!

  29. Seems simple and not a big fan, but has potential and ill keep my eye on it

  30. I appreciate them wanting to make it friendly, but not a corporate blog reader.

  31. It’s ok, nothing special. Not something I’m going to read on a regular basis

  32. Nothing there to draw me back to it again after checking it out. Corporate history and random trivia is nice, but where is there any value, like there is on DeltaPoints?

  33. Michael H.(oldfox) Reply

    Although I had never heard of it before, I do like reading about Delta.

  34. The look doesn’t matter to me. I care more about the usefulness of the information.

  35. I’m pretty happy that Delta is putting more effort and resources into this version of the blog than the previous iteration. Unlike others who have commented, I find that it has some value and I visit it fairly often. I think it’s visually interesting (by the way, it’s running on the Tumblr platform).

  36. Was not aware of it. May check it occasionally now that I know it is there.

  37. I like the layout, visually it’s pretty. Although a corporate blog, they post a variety of topics and some of it looks interesting.

  38. Never read it, but looks like there could be some interesting info there.

  39. I’ve never seen it but I like reading about flying and different places to go. I don’t go for the usual or hot spots I like to find new ones.

  40. I like the pictures, but the content can feel a little marketing-ish.

  41. I really like the design. Reads well in mutiple platforms and is a stylish look. The content is what I expect from a corporate blog.

  42. It’s a blog worth looking at. Interesting content, including a nice layout for the blog posts and a good use of images.

  43. I had never heard of it. I only really frequent boarding area. I like the focus on tips, tricks and deals more than corporate news.

  44. I do like the “other” Delta blog. The layout is attractive and easy to skim through and the posts are entertaining quick reads.

  45. I hadn’t hear of it until your post. After a quick check, I’m not that enamored. Too many pictures. Seems much more fluff than news, insight, and useful information. I’ll stick with Delta Points!

  46. Actually, I kinna like it. It serves a totally different purpose than “Delta Points” – but some of the information conveyed is of value to me. I have it on my “list” of blogs to check and I tend to look in to see what is happening on a “fairly regular” basis.

    Admit to checking my other favorite blogs daily as they are oriented to HELPING ME as a frequent traveler.

    Which brings up — “Thanks Rene”.

  47. This is the first time ivecheckedit out. I prefer the daily emails from Rene. Shortand concise is best!

  48. Not a fan. U needa change the whole thing. Other blogs are much nicer!

  49. Have a hard time stomaching the “official” delta brainwash blog. I’m way more interested in hearing what real people experience traveling.

  50. I only read DeltaPoints, so I can’t give a truthful comment 🙂

  51. I count on Rene to tell me when I need to look at something over there!

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