Bad news – no more Oxygen Spa – Good news “Be Relax” is now open in Detroit!

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old oxegen spa dtw

Detroit or DTW really is my hub airport. Sure South Bend is home and very nice no matter what some know-it-all comedians say about SBN

jim gaffigan what he thinks about sbn airport delta points blog

But I am off topic ( said this in that strange falsetto voice in “Jim’s” head – I think René is Angry – I don’t like Angry people) so let’s get back on topic. I have spent a lot of time between flights at the old Oxygen Spa. It WAS just down from the main “A” Skyclub and it was simple to call as soon as I landed to get time. But then they closed.

Be Relax Spa DTW delta points blog

But there is good news for me as I start my mileage run tomorrow with a bit of a long layover in DTW. There is a new French owned spa in the exact same spot. It is called Be Relax.

Be Relax Spa DTW delta points blog (6)

I had a chance to stop in right after the opening in May of this year and got the grand tour. If you have been to the old spa, or an xpressSpa, you will feel right at home.

Be Relax Spa DTW delta points blog (11)

They offer chair massages, massage chairs and a bunch of pillows and such for sale. They also have pvt table massage rooms and on a second visit I tested that and the rep did a nice job.

One thing they offer that is very different is the chance to get a hair cut. Yep, they have one chair for a quick trim if you need that. That sets them apart from the rest.

You can call as soon as you land to get on the list if you want a session and even email or book online (I would just call). I am a huge fan of this or xpressSpa in other airports for a quick massage after flying many hours as it makes me ready for the rest of my trip.

On to my next few days. I will be in ATL, DTW & LAX and have a few layovers and after seeing 3 readers on the last trip, it would be fun to say “HI” to a few more readers this trip too. Be sure to follow me on Twitter as that is the best way to catch me along the way – René





  1. DTW is my hub too. I gotta make sure to study your picture (creepy) so that I can spot you if I see you!

    I would LOVE to run in there for a trim before a work conference. Perfect!

  2. I got to say, even though I am not familiar with SBN, based on the first and third tweets I get his point enough to appreciate and LOL at the second tweet!

  3. René!
    Thank you for the great article! I am so glad you enjoyed your vist to (be relax)! We loved having you! I appreciate the kind words and great photos! Look forward to seeing you in soon!
    -Michelle Boldt
    General Manager
    DTW (be relax)

  4. Do not get used to BeRelax. They will be out of business by the end of the year thanks to incompetent (upper) management and very poor planning.

    DTW made a BIG mistake in taking them over Ora Oxygen.

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