OK I really think Winglets are kool & so does Delta’s SKY Magazine this month

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delta skymag sept2013 cover

One of the really interesting articles in this September’s Sky magazine I thought was the piece about Delta winglets which have been added to many of it’s jets.

whats the story with winglets deltaskymag page58 sept2013

I’ve often wondered why Delta doesn’t just add them to all the planes, but it’s fascinating to see the science behind what is required to install them including modifications to the wing to support them.

rene deltapoints 767-300

I’m obviously no aviation engineer but I also found it interesting to look at Boeing’s latest winglet designs and how they are pushing the technology with upper and lower winglets to save every drop of fuel.

AA American Airlines jets at LAX airport Delta points blog

It is amazing how far airlines will go to save gas. Did you ever wonder why old American Airlines planes are almost paint-less; all that paint adds up to a lot of weight to haul back and forth around the planet which burns a ton of fuel!

I reached out to an old pilot MJ on Travel, and ex-AA’er (who you will get know better this weekend around the fireplace) and he said:

“I’m guessing Delta finance people (aka bean counters) ran an ROI (or return on investment) on winglet installs and they have to fly an airplane so long to get payback. Those older 757s will be retired before they earn an ROI on winglet installs”

Anyway, most times we are looking for ways to pack as many pounds in our luggage as we can (especially if we are paying for a bag) but do keep in mind each extra bit you pack on the plane turns into more “gas” Delta has to burn – René

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  1. I was also geeking out to see this article in Sky Magazine!

  2. dot cahill

    it was interesting..i started looking for the winglets while waiting on the tarmac so i could grt to atl late to get to connector to toronto with 2 minutes to spare…

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