SWAG Saturday: A neat idea – a SOLAR power brick up for grabs!

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solar power brick

I am a broken record when it comes to two things: One of them is my power brick. I have one and Lisa has my old one ;-)! I always charge it before I go anywhere as being able to get quick reliable power no matter where I am is not just convenient but a must to me.


The other thing I am a broken record about is cards. I have and get a bunch of them and hope you enjoyed the spread sheet that Lisa made to keep track of our cards. I have almost met the minimum spend on my latest round of cards and full points have posted for those already.

But on to today’s SWAG question and for a chance for you to win, not just any old power brick, but one that you can recharge the old fashioned way or in the sunlight – what a great idea. The one you will get is “white” not black btw but other than that is the same as the image above and clearly brand new. The rules, as always each week are HERE if you wish to read them.

The question I have is a simple one this week. What do you think is the BEST perk of the World MasterCard® ? To me, my absolute favorite, as I touched on this morning, is the the Barclaycard Arrival World MasterCard®. Not only is it offering 40,000 bonus points when you spend $1,000 (now $3000) on purchases in the first 90 days (that equates to $400 off your next travel redemption) but then you get Get 10% miles back when you redeem for travel!

So now it is your turn. Tell me any perk that the World MasterCard® family of cards offers that you like for a chance to WIN this week’s SWAG! – René

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from the World Mastercard®




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Best Credit Cards


  1. Not sure if this is considered a perk but they have given me the highest credit limit of all my cards.

  2. I do not have this card and have been sitting on the sidelines for a while. 40k sign up bonus seems to be quite enticing for me to dip my feet in water. I think for starters like me, I will consider the initial bonus a big plus

  3. In addition to the sign up bonus, I like the worldperks travel and life style services – handy when traveling.

  4. I’d say the welcome bonus but that’s kinda a 1-time thing. So I’d say 2x plus another 10% back is really pretty decent. But I’d still rather have MQMs 😉

  5. I’m all about the bonus points. I’ve never used any card’s concierge services. Also nice to have a card that I can use when a place doesn’t take amex.

  6. I have the amex delta reserve but the 40K bonus is really tempting. My question is why does delta keep sending credit card offers for the platinum card even though I already have the reserve and can’t get the bonus?

  7. @FBates360 – I have two Reserve cards, biz and personal, and get the same offers but we both know we can not get them unless we cancel and wait 365+ days. Just dumb!

  8. good insurance coverage on rental cars saves big bux rather than paying the high rate the car company charges.

  9. The World MasterCard benefits are nice, but other cards offer similar benefits. The big deal here, as Rene points out, is the $400 travel credit and 10% back. (Last year Barclay’s ran a similar promotion for $400 statement credit on their NFL cards – watch for that around Superbowl time!)

  10. Amazingly I don’t have ANY Mastercards. I only have Amex and Visa. I’m interested to see what others say.

  11. For Barclay’s I like the 2% earn for most all travel expenses, and I like that I can earn points at Sam’s Club with MC.

  12. The World MasterCard benefit I like is the extended warranty. It’s nice to know I’m covered, and don’t necessarily have to buy an extended warranty program.

  13. I love the sign up bonus! This one will be included in my next round of applications – coming soon to a wallet near you.

  14. It’s a toss-up between the “Identity Fraud Reimbursement/Resolution” and the “Travel Cancellation Insurance”. Because most of the time I’m using branded cards (some Visa and AMEX) for travel, I’ll go with the ID fraud reimbursement/resolution.

  15. I like the 12 month extended warranty on purchases. Little known, but has lots of potential value.

  16. the fact that 10k turns into 440 for travel and that you can get the miles for the airline so that 440 would net me at least 4k and with a good fair to Istanbul or something like 12k miles awesome!

  17. Burning some of those arrival points right now 🙂 plus it’s nice to have a non-visa card every once in a while

  18. The 40,000 points is amazing for such a little spend… I like the flexibility they give you to use the points

  19. I don’t know if it counts as a perk so much as the point: saving on travel with points/miles. That’s always my favorite part!

  20. I don’t have this card, but it certainly looks like a winner for a variety of reasons, but the signup bonus alone makes it a strong contender.

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