Delta Platinum AMEX new offer is out 35,000 points, 5000 MQMs, $100 statement credit

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new plat amex offer

I have in the past, as you can see here, compared the Delta Platinum AMEX – vs –  Silver Medallion. The bottom line is the winner is to have both the status and the card for the casual or infrequent Delta flyer (the frequent Delta flyer should have the AMEX Reserve card)!

AMEX has just updated the Delta AMEX Platinum offer and the perks are nice for $150 non-waved fee. You get

  • 35,000 Skymiles after spending $1000 in 90 days
  • 5,000 MQMs
  • $100 Statement credit with your first Delta purchase (must be a Delta merchant code)
  • Zone 1 priority boarding
  • Free bag for you and 8 more on the same itinerary
  • Receive a domestic economy class companion certificate each year upon renewal
  • Chance to be Delta MQD exempt with $25,000 spend in 2014
  • Skyclub access for just $25 per visit
  • And the list of perks goes on and on!

Keep in mind if you have had the Delta GOLD or PLATINUM or RESERVE card in the past 365+ days you are NOT eligible for this bonus offer. – René


PS – The Business card offer is also the same if you want that card!


Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card
from American Express®
Click here for more information




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  1. If we applied for the Platinum Business Card offer earlier this year, can we apply for this personal card and still get the bonus?

  2. Hey Rene – Quick question: As a Platinum standing by on an award ticket, if there are no SDC flights available, can we STANDBY on a connecting flight if the direct flights are full? Example: Booked on an award JFK-LAS, can I standby JFK-SLC-LAS?

  3. @Ben – Yes you can get the biz plat in you have not had the gold or plat or reserve biz for 365+ days. As a Delta Plat you can SDC as long as there are seats in the same fare class or lower on the flight or flights. I would tweet to @DeltaAssist what you want.

  4. Why not get the Gold card under the 45k offer and waived annual fee, wait a year then get the upgrade to the Platinum and the bonus miles for upgrading?

  5. @Matt – friends NEVER let friends upgrade ANY Delta AMEX. The nightmare stories are WORSE than trying to find a low level seat the day before a holiday! Plus, you are missing out on the Buy One Get One Free for yet another year (you never want to upgrade QUICK as they may pull points). The Buy One Get One Free almost pays for 2 years of fee. Plus the GOLD had NO $100 (just $50) statement credit and more importantly NO MQMs. I would NOT get the GOLD – This is so much better deal!

  6. FYI – My wife got a targeted 50k miles (Zero MQM AFAIK) after $1k in 3 mo., with $50 statement credit for Delta purchase, etc. 1st year waived, $95 after.

  7. @Kent – nice but not as nice as MQMs if you need them to make whatever medallion level you want. This is a cheap 5k mileage run for $150 if that will push you over the top. Then, you can also get $100 credit towards a real mileage run with the card if you want it 😉

  8. Right after I received my delta reserve I got a targeted 15K mqm/30K bonus miles platinum card offer. Too bad I’m not a business owner or I would’ve just applied for the biz platinum.

  9. Whats wrong with upgrading Delta AMEX? I received 15,000 SM & 15,000 MQMs when I upgraded from Gold to Platinum?

  10. This is probably a dumb question, but can I get this card and all the accompanying signup bonuses if I got the personal gold card 6 months ago?

    Also, do you have any idea how long this offer will be around? I want to wait at least a month.


  11. @joe – the only dumb question is the one you don’t ask! Unfortunately that answer is NO. To get it would have to cancel and wait 365+ days (and really I would not cancel any card after only 6 months)! However, almost anyone can get a biz card who say sells on ebay or does other small biz work and wants a biz card for that spend. Even if the income is nominal.

  12. Does anyone know if MQD count for the year the ticket is purchased or for the year the flight is taken? i.e. If you buy a ticket in December for a flight in January, do the MQD count for the new year or will they be discarded as part of this year?

  13. Rene’, any idea as to how long after the Platinum card anniversity before receiving the Companion Certificate? Who mails this; Amex or Delta?

  14. Need the max number of MQM’s to maintain status this year. Just received an Amex Platinum offer with 5k MQM’s after first purchase and another 10k MQM’s after you spend a grand. Outside of the SkyClub, why would I go Reserve vs. this offer?


  15. So, if I spend $1,000 by year end, I would be better off with the Platinum…right? Now looking at 2014 what dollar amount would I need to spend on Platinum or Reserve to at least maintain Gold status. Rookie question…

  16. Is there any reason for a Diamond Medallion to get a Reserve card over this Platinum card offer? I would only spend $25K to hit the MQD waiver.

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