Is it smart to use Skymiles to book a hotel room?

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On Tuesday I talked about the Skymiles auction and how, depending on the winning price, it could maybe be a good value and use of your Skymiles. I have also in the past looked at the option to spend Skymiles to rent a cartiny arrow. This can also, at times, be an “OK” value but rarely a good deal.

Renting a car, or paying for a hotel room is a function of the Skymiles Marketplacetiny arrow. As you can see from the above FAQs screen shot, you must be Gold Medallion+ or have a Delta AMEXtiny arrow to use the site.

skymiles hotel one

So let’s say you have one of the coveted seats at the sold out Chicago Seminars in a few weeks. You got a ticket for the event but did not get a hotel room at the host site. What do you do? Could you use some Skymiles to book a room? Let’s see what comes up.

skymiles hotel two

If you do a search you will find not ALL hotels in any area show up. There are limited ones that participate in the program. But Howard Johnson’s hotels are not all that bad. Is spending 26,000+ Skymiles a good deal? Well if you do “Pay with Miles” on a Delta ticket we know you can get 1 cent each for a ticket so you are in effect spending $260 for the stay or $130 per night. Is that a good price? Let’s see if we just go try to book a room at Howard Johnson’s web site and see:

skymiles hotel three

Oh, well, hum. I guess $60/night is just a tiny bit cheaper than $130 per night. Not just a tiny bit but, uh, well way less than HALF the price! YIKES! I have searched many times for hotels for different trips just to see if I could get near the 1 cent value to have tried and used Skymiles this way just to be able to post that I did it but I have never ever found good value ever.

So just like most things in the Skymiles Marketplace that are over priced and a total waste of your valued Skymiles, please avoid booking hotel rooms with your Skymiles! – René

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