SWAG Saturday: Just what is good value for your points? $50 Walmart gift card up for grabs!

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This month, the Southwest Air 50,000 point card(s) are back for a limited time. There are 2 personal and 2 business cards that are all offering 50,000 points. They are all different products .


50,000 points is a lot of points even with the news this week that SW has devalued their redemption starting March 31st by 15%. There are still a lot of places you can fly for that many points.


However, I am not a fan of SW plus I have to drive to Chicago to fly and pay for Chicago parking and tools – ugg. I would rather not ever fly them unless I am doing something like a positioning flight for a DELTA mileage run then there can be real value. But for me personally, I have other redemption goals with my SW points.

I decided to redeem some points from my last round of cards for Walmart gift cards. There are those in the frequent flyer community will yell that is a horrid value (these are the same knuckleheads who say Skymiles are worthless btw). To me, NOT having to fly SW is a GREAT value. Plus, I do shop at both Sams Club and Walmart so getting some free shopping is sweet to me.

50 walmart gift card

But that leads me up to today’s SWAG question for you to answer for a shot at, what else, a $50 Walmart gift card that I got from my points! First the rules for each week’s event are HERE so please read them. Next, you have to tell me, if you think redeeming SW points for gift cards is a good choice or a bad choice. Neither answer will improve your chance to win as I will use to pick! – Rene

UPDATE: Drawing will be VERY LATE Sunday night!

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Rene’s Points For Better Travel, a division of Chatterbox Entertainment, Inc. has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Rene’s Points For Better Travel and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers. Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any of these entities. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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René de Lambert is a contributing writer and the founder of RenesPoints. He is an avid Delta and SkyTeam flyer who has held Delta’s top Diamond Medallion status for many years and flown millions of miles.


  1. I think redeeming Southwest points for gift cards is a bad/low value. From just two Southwest cards we got flights for two with the Companion Pass for 5+ trips!

  2. I think redeeming them is a good value. Using them is better than wasting them!

  3. Use them as you wish! You earned them, you burn them! “Whatever floats your boat!”

  4. good choice if southwest does not fly to your local airport or you don’t like flying with them

  5. To each his (or her) own. For us, our daughter and 2 grandchildren live less than 10 miles from an airport with many SW flights, so it would be a poor choice for me.

  6. Good choice if Southwest is not a convenient airline for you.

  7. Michael H.(oldfox) Reply

    I think it is a good choice because gift cards offer a lot of flexibility.

  8. Good choice – value is determined by the individual using his/her value equation.

  9. I always check out various ways to spend points and miles to make sure it is a good value. Some times they is and some times they ain’t.

  10. I think anything that keeps from flying Soutran is good even if you have to pay. And gift cards at Sammy’s help a lot and go a long way.

  11. Not so good, would rather fly a friend or family member somewhere…..

  12. Usually I feel redeeming points for gift cards are not worth it but like you I have zero desire to fly SW especially since I’m in the NYC area w/ limited SW flights anyway. So with SW points to burn I guess gift cards are fine. I would always keep enough SW points on hand for a free flight as you never know when you’ll need a position flight for MR or emergency travel for issues that come up.

  13. To me, very bad choice. Especially if you do have a companion pass. That essentially doubles the value of the point from 1.67 cents to 3.34 (at least through march 14.)cents a mile for redemptions, compared to 1 to 1.25 cents( depending on promos) redemption rate getting gift cards. But that is just me. Everyone has their own reasons.

  14. For me bad choice. Close to DAL airport and have the companion pass through next year.

  15. It would be a good choice in my opinion and now will have to investigate my orphan mile balance.

  16. Using SW miles for a gift card you would use NOW is a better use than keeping them for a SW flight you don’t want to take and that you may NEVER take…

    BUT have you considered using your SW points to buy tickets for friends and relatives who like to fly SW?

  17. i think redemption has bad value, but if you don’t see yourself flying on Southwest, it may be better.

  18. I would never do that, but I live near several big SW airports so the free travel is much more attractive to me!

  19. Bad! But because it’s Walmart, not because “it’s not southwest.”

  20. Would not do it myself, but people need to decide based on their own needs and circumstances.

  21. Well, a point is worth at most a penny so I’d say the value is poor if you can use them for flying instead but OK if you have to burn them anyhow.

  22. BenTraveling Reply

    I think it’s a good choice. Otherwise you might wonder why the heck you are in the air in coach, not even collecting MQMs.

  23. I think there is nothing wrong with using your points for gift cards – I do it for things I want all the time!

  24. If you want to fly Southwest, then no. But if your preferred airline is not Southwest, gift cards are great.

  25. Not awful. It’s currently around 45% less value than max value (1 cpp v 1.7~ cpp).
    So given your flight redemption of this morning (250k skymiles for $6800) of 2.7 cpp.
    the equivalent redemption for delta skymiles would be @ 1.588 cpp.
    There are people that would be happy to redeem skymiles for 1.588 cpp.
    SO if you look at the equivalence of the redemption for Walmart GC. Not awful. I’d still rather redeem for airfare.

  26. Probably a bad choice if you would have flown WN sometime soon. However, “good vs. bad value” is in the eye of the beholder … If you found value in using WN points for gift cards, then it’s a good value.

  27. Personal choice but I wouldn’t personally use WN miles for gift cards. I’m using WN miles for a positioning flight to allow my family to be in Rome on FF miles from AA for Christmas. Sure it increases the overall award cost but it is an experience we will have that we wouldn’t have otherwise.

  28. Bad choice — just not a great redemption. Would rather use for someone else. Lots of SW options from the LAX area.

  29. Based on the devaluation, if you’re not going to use them by then, I would say it’s a good idea.

  30. Good choice if you value Delta, bad choice if you value SW RR. Can you recommend good option to redeem Delta Skymiles?

  31. Its a bad choice. Even if you do not like to fly Southwest it would be a shame to take such a low redemption.

  32. For me, redeeming SW points for gift cards is a good choice (not sure I’d pick Walmart) since I don’t care to fly SW nor is it convenient for me from any of my surrounding airports.

  33. Good choice, especially if SW doesn’t fly to your home aeroport. I try to minimize my outlay of money, so this would be a goodr exemption for me.

  34. Not optimal choice if your local airport is a Southwest hub… Plus you can always buy gift cards at a discount at Cardpool.

  35. An award is a good value if you value the award! cpp is only one way to measure value!

  36. I think it’s a good idea if the points redemption isn’t valuable to you (Southwest would also not be valuable to me).

  37. Bad redemption, though I do love my wm. Also, delta miles have value?

  38. It´s not a bad choice if you don´t fly SW.. so sure, giftcard!

  39. Good choice for you, but I do find the whole companion pass offer tempting. We have small children so there is a limit to my wife and I getting away. If we had more time I would be all over that SW pass.

  40. not the best choice but if you have points leftover, you might as well before they expire.

  41. Probably poor value but good choice which I might be doing as well. Since I’m not a fan of SW, I will either use my points to fly friends or get some gift cards. I actually have the companion pass where I wish I wasn’t one of the people who HAS to fly. Would prefer to fly two friends with my points. As Matt R. said, good to keep some SW points in case of emergency travel.

  42. For me, I’d rather use them for travel. Like you said, they’d work fine for a positioning flight, and being in MSP, that’s often necessary to get the right deal on Delta.

  43. Kush Patel Reply

    If you don’t use miles to fly, then and only then use it to get gift cards

  44. Michael M MA Reply

    I find the CP to be of great value. Disappointed to know that it will be ending this Dec. Even then with planning I think is better than any gift cards. The name of the game is to use miles and points.

  45. Good Choice! Anything is better than flying Southwest. I’ve flown SW on one trip and coming home from Florida I could have almost driven the miles quicker than bouncing from TPA-CMH-MDW-DTW

  46. Bad, bad choice. SW points get you fully refundable flight bookings!

  47. Not a bad choice if you don’t need the miles, why not spend them for a good steak ?

  48. For me, using southwest points for a gift card is NOT a good value. I would much rather use points to book a wanna get away fare to travel!

  49. Well, I’m of the opinion that gift cards are usually not a great value, but they do serve a purpose and are a good choice if — as in this case — using points to fly is not convenient or desirable for you.

  50. Value of redemption is what you the individual see as the most valuable. But true points per dollar not a great “value” if getting the GC.

  51. Southwest points are good value since award flights are not capacity controlled. In addition, Southwest flies a lot of regional airports which may be more convenient for some.

  52. Don in ATL Reply

    I think SW points are best used for flying, not hotels, etc.

  53. Good choice for you. I am thrilled southwest has entered my marketplace especially when it runs sales like the current $69 one way!

  54. No SW points so I have no opinion. I live in ATL so Delta is it. If awarded the points, I would probably go with the GC since I do not see alot of reward flights on SW in my future.

  55. Yay!!! I finally won DeltaPoints Saturday Swag! Oh, sorry… Just practicing for Monday 😉

    Anyways, I think converting the Rapid Rewards points into gift cards is better than flights because SWA “Wanna Get Away” fares are usually fairly inexpensive.

  56. To me, free money is free money. They may have low redemption value, but, for example, $50 at Wal Mart used on essentials or groceries can go a long way and help you to save money for future flights with other carriers.

  57. Well (insert sing-songy teacher voice here) you have to decide what it is worth to you personally and if getting the gift card is worth it to you, then it is a good choice 😉

  58. It’s a great choice if it works for you! Personally, I would redeem it on Southwest though.

  59. First, I would not accumulate SW points, seems like a poor flying experience, so IF I had to fly one flight and accumulate points, then I would spend on gift cards to use immediately, because by the time of my next flight on SW, they would be such low value or expired.

  60. Jennifer C. Reply

    I think it’s a good use of miles if, like me, you can never find a Southwest flight that matches your needs. One person’s “terrible redemption” is another person’s “surprise extra value shopping trip.”

  61. I don’t buy gift cards but i am investigating the vanilla cards to load my Bluebird account

  62. I don’t really use gift cards either. Its like giving out a free loan…

  63. Hard to say, since you don’t say how many points per dollar of gift card. I’m thinking it’s a bad choice. I live in ATL, so SW also has a hub here now. I’ll take a free flight over a few bucks any day ( even on Southworst).

  64. Considering the upcoming devaluation of SW points, I think the choice is good.

  65. My opinion is no, SW points for gift cards is not good choice. Air ticket redemption remains the best value particularly when there are award fare discounts to be leveraged.

  66. I am all for avoiding SW (for my personal flight). For my non-FF wife, sure. Go visit your friend in Dallas on the cheap. I would personally go for an Amazonian gift card. At 5,000 points for a $50 gift card, we are staying at the one cent/point threshold. Plus, we are always scoring details on Amazon, so that is really putting cash in my pocket!

  67. If you are never going to fly SW, then yes but otherwise I’d use them on a flight at some point.

  68. Use the earned points or ff miles to fly, but if that’s not convenient, getting a gift card for actual cash value you can spend anywhere or at a favorite store of your choice is a good way of getting those points used!

  69. I could find some uses for flying SW Air from time to time so I would keep the points.

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  71. charles alan satterwhite Reply

    I know the 2.5 hour drive to nashville would be long when knoxville is 30min away but a free trip to puerto rico is always cool. so keep them… I’d say but cash is cash so i understand.

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