#FirstWorldProblems – too little #time & too many #points & 10 free Award Wallet+ codes!

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I know I know, there are many worse problems to have in life than too many points. But with the flood of devaluations that keep coming month after month from airlines and hotels alike this is becoming an issue for me. My Award Wallettiny arrow not including my totals from Delta (we all know Delta blocks real time Delta tracking) I am still over 2 million points and that is after this week’s ¼ million point spend!

The next issue is it’s just about time for Lisa’s next round of cards and that will add to this total. Plus I have later this month 20K+ of mileage running that will add over 50k Skymiles on top of that. I already have my Grand Cayman trip this winter booked and paid for with Hawaiian points for my ride on Delta down to the island (no longer a redemption option btw) and I used another ¼ million Ultimate Rewards points to pay for the two weeks at the resort + diving included as well (Thank you so much Chase INK Plustiny arrow and INK Boldtiny arrow and Sapphire Preferredtiny arrow cards)!

So you see my problem. Granted this is sorta a good problem to have but I just need more time. I really want to spend my AA/US AIR & UA points for Sweden trips but Delta points are so much better and, for me who knows the program, of much greater value with my Diamond status. I mean to tinker all I want and have stopovers along the way to make two vacations out of one makes Skymiles worth just so much more to me that the other airlines points!

I know, this is a ridiculous rant about a problem that is not really a problem at all but I would love to know if you too find the points coming in faster than you can reasonably spend them. Do you worry about your point “fortune” becoming “Enron stock” overnight (silly but you get my point).

Ah well, I guess I will get back to checking for some mileage runs for next year 😉 – René

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  1. Wow,was looking for a Delta blog to ask a question and stumbled across this site and free award wallet upgrade. Happy Monday!

  2. Im also sitting on a ton of skypesos and my only restriction is PTO – I already go negative with 7wks annually! Can’t you use them to book travel for family/friends and have them pay you to unload some?

  3. Not a problem yet. I’m still working on accumulating miles, finding MRs and the time to take them. Having time restrictions such as only overnights or weekend MRs has it’s challenges.

  4. I’m still building my empire…

    Haven’t tried AwardWallet yet. An upgrade code would stir me off my rump!

  5. I don’t have nearly as many points, but I understand your problem. Went back to school and it required all of my PTO, plus more, to make all of the commitments. No more PTO until 2015 so I just plan out hypothetical trips, hopefully my points will still be worth enough by then!

  6. I have gotten in a habit of planning potential trips to keep my mileage balances low – if a surprise devaluation occurs, I have already spent the points to get a trip I might want to take. Only works for programs where you have status to avoid redeposit fees, but if having 2 mil+ points in AwardWallet bothers you, this will help keep that number lower!

  7. I have enjoyed reading the blog. Learning how to find low level awards seats FINALLY clicked last night I am ready to do some traveling.

  8. I am always worried that my points will be devalued. I used to save them (for a rainy day) now I use them up. Always looking for more!!

  9. Never tried award wallet yet but got an email today that Delta is offering double miles & 250 MQMs for stays at Hilton brands until 12/13/13!

  10. Haven’t checked out awardwallet because Delta isnt tracked. Would love a code, to see if otherwise useful to me. Thanks for what you do.

  11. AwardWallet looks interesting. Could solve some of my tracking problems. I would like a code. Too many miles and not enough time to go on vacation! Plus I travel for work most weeks.

  12. It’s a tough life! I’ve got to check out this grand cayman idea…trying to use a few miles myself.

  13. That’s my problem too – 3 weeks only and sitting on a ton of points. I’m pretty much out of time before the Christmas break. I need a different job! And I’d love a code if you have any left 🙂

  14. Shame that you reminded me of the biggest stain on my perception of DL. Can’t understand why awardwallet is [edit]. Used to be the most useful website for me. Now neutered by so many providers. Smh

  15. Awardwallet is great for my hotel points. Now if only they fully supported Delta, it would be awesome!

  16. My Awardwallet is up for renewal. I could sure use a code. Thanks for a great blog. Unfortunately, I don’t have too many points, as I burn them as soon as I get them.

  17. I always am looking for more time to explore the world. Job and kid’s school schedules get in the way.

  18. Love Awardwallet! I have over 50 awards programs and counting … who knew until I started using this great app!!

  19. I’m not familiar with award wallet…you keep track of all your point in one place that way?

  20. I neither want an award nor a code but, if you have too many miles and not enough time you might consider a charitable donate. Their are innumerable programs including Make A Wish Foundation where you could turn your miles into smiles. You could give several families a holiday of a ” lifetime ” for 1/4 million miles.

  21. I am very disechanted with Delta Skymiles Awards. They wanted more miles for a coach ticket than a business elite one! How inconsistent can they be?

  22. is that only for out of nyc? I want to go to nyc and back home of course to visit my daughter who has been laid off till the government gets its act together or to lax to visit my son this year …. ps it is hard to hear of a problem of too much wonderfulness

  23. actually I was looking at my USair miles for a trip to the UK in Jan. I found that I could go RT from FLL for 35,000 miles and $248 cash. that’s about 1/2 what is costing for my wife to meet me in LHR next week on DL.

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