Delta Points milestone today – 1 Million Thanks!

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1 million pageviews today thanks to readers

Today, 1 year and 11 months into blogging each day, I will reach a major milestone. Delta Points will, maybe as you read this, hit 1 Million pageviews for 2013!

I just wanted to take a moment to thank so many who read the blog each day, subscribe to the once a day email blast or the RSS feed (almost 5000 now) as well as those who follow me on Twitter.

Next month on the 17NOV Delta Points will mark two full years of blogging and I will have to come up with something spectacular to give away on that date. Ideas anyone 😉 – René

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  1. Hi René
    Wow I’ve watched your blog grow too
    Getting better and better!
    Give aways
    How bout arranging that
    Mini sky team DO
    Like the other airlines do
    Or status
    Some MQMs
    HOOUs. 🙂
    Dinner in a meet up city
    A mini delta points do
    Sky club coupons
    Cool swag you are
    SO cool

  2. Another Delta Reserve card over what I asked a couple days ago: If I upgrade from a Delta Gold card, will my spend on the Gold card count toward my $30k spend on the Reserve card? I’m at roughly $20k now on my gold and could probably hit $30k if I tried, just not sure if it would count for the Reserve card…or if I’d start back at $0 after the card is upgraded.

  3. Congratulations Rene on a job well done and particularly with that nagging little condition you have overcome ;)(I can’t even spell it. I get the letters all mixed up:)

    Your accomplishments are close to remarkable.

    Many years of continued success

  4. @Rick – so many txs
    @Lee – I will end the year about 250k short of Delta MM
    @Jacob – AMEX will say yes but I would not count on it. I attempted that years ago and was reset to ZERO! I would go for BIZ card as better to start fresh!

  5. Congrats. You write for your readers and your readers read what you write. I think you’ve got a fine future ahead here on BoardingArea and we are proud to host you. Your success is all yours and well deserved. The cool thing is that of literally hundreds of blogs that have popped up over the years (and it is certainly is in the hundreds) you have been about to grow your readership into the top 20 of all bloggers—something to be proud of.

    P.S. you aren’t counting page views for Delta Puntos are you? HA! (winky, winky)

  6. @Randy – Txs and proud to be part of BA and a featured blogger. Puntos was a good try and I do wish someone would blog on BA for the Spanish speaking frequent flyers out there ( hint hint if anyone is a travel junkie and perfect at Spanish you may have a new job waiting )! 🙂

  7. Congrats Rene! You’ve selflessly imparted your wisdom to your readers, and have always been happy to help personally with my questions. Thank you!

  8. Congratulations, Rene. It was a pleasure to meet you at the Chicago seminars. Your enthusiasm is infectious, your tips are spot-on, and your kindness and generosity are admirable. Keep up the good work!

  9. Great Job, Rene! Appreciate all the tips and help over the past year I have been following you.

    You could also give away a “joint” SkyClub membership. You could even have it pro-rated so that it is only from now until you are up for renewal. So if you have 6 months left on current membership, and recipient has no status, you are looking at like only $100.

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