SWAG Saturday – iGo headphones and Bluetooth speaker!

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Rene’s Points For Better Travel, a division of Chatterbox Entertainment, Inc. has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Rene’s Points For Better Travel and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers. Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any of these entities. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

x1 and igo

I am asking today about two things and want some real feedback thus a dual prize of a set of iGo noise canceling headphones AND an Audiosnax x1 Bluetooth speaker. Let’s start with the standard stuff & rules that you can see HERE.

50k luft

Now on to this week’s topic. You may or may not know the Barclays Lufthansa 50,000 point World Mastercard is back. It is an amazing value for redeeming for coach, business or first class travel inside the USA since there are not the large taxes as with European redemption.

miles-and-more chart

The other choice also from Barclays is the still going 40,000 point Arrival World Mastercard. I love this card for buying tickets on Delta and being able to earn MQM’s and Skymiles.

✈ The Lufthansa Premier Miles & More World MasterCard® 50,000 point card


➲ Barclaycard Arrival™ World MasterCard® 40,000 point card

So my question to you is, if you were to go for a new round of cards soon, which of these two World Mastercards from Barclay’s would you go for and why? – Rene


world mastercardCheck out all the perks
from the World Mastercard®




Rene’s Points For Better Travel, a division of Chatterbox Entertainment, Inc. has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Rene’s Points For Better Travel and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers. Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any of these entities. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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René de Lambert is a contributing writer and the founder of RenesPoints. He is an avid Delta and SkyTeam flyer who has held Delta’s top Diamond Medallion status for many years and flown millions of miles.


  1. I’d go for the Lufthansa Mastercard so I can top-up my existing Miles&More account.

  2. Dave Golden Reply

    If I were to start an app-o-rama right now, I would definitely go for the Lufthansa Premier Miles & More World MasterCard because it comes with a companion pass and for $79 annually the companion pass would pay for itself. The miles are great, of course, too!

  3. I already have Lufthansa. Arrival card is great for those domestic flights you don’t want to spend miles to take, and don’t want to spen cash either.

  4. I am running for status not redemption, for my newbie mind the barclaycard seems the better choice. Buying tickets on delta, earning sky miles and mqms works in my favor I believe

  5. Kim Ferguson Reply

    I would do Barclay Arrival MC because I’m so close to Atlanta and fly Delta frequently.

  6. Arrival. I like the diversity it provides for the those little things that I must pay with real money.

  7. I’d go with the Barclay Arrival because of the minimum spend. I’m already working on a couple of other spends.

  8. i’d have to go with the lufthansa card, as you don’t have to worry about fluctuations in ticket price.

  9. I would go with the barclay’s because I use Delta quite often.

  10. The Lufthansa card of course (because I already have the arrival card)

  11. I prefer to save up miles for planes that are one of the best and for trips i wouldnt normally pay for. So i would get the lufthansa card in order to fly their first class routes.

  12. Michael H.(oldfox) Reply

    I would go for the Barclays Arrival card. The minimum spend is very doable!

  13. Barclays for me. Lower spend requirement and I have plenty of airline miles right now so the option to use for hotels is appealing

  14. I think the Barclay’s has the best bang for the buck. 40k points with only $1k spend is hard to beat, plus skymiles and MQM’s on Delta – that’s awesome!

  15. Barclays Lufthansa 50,000 point World Mastercard for domestic travel!

  16. I would go for the Barclays Arrival card. The points are more flexible.

  17. I’d have to go with the Lufthansa MC. You can use for domestic flights without those nasty fuel surcharges.

  18. Got río go with the Arrival card. Free MQM always beats free flights for me.

  19. The Barclay Card for me. It has a lower min spend and is more flexible.

  20. I would get the Arrival card. I have lots of SW points for domestic flights, but am having trouble finding a return flight i like for an intl trip in a few months that suits my schedule and budget. The Arrival card would help with “current needs” more than the Lufthansa card.

  21. I would choose Barclays Lufthansa 50,000 point World Mastercard for the points

  22. The Barclay Arrival MC… love that I can earn MQMs on a ‘free’ flight.

  23. I’d go with the Arrival card for flexibility of using points for the flights you want, not the limited flights available at saver level. The hassle of making your schedule fit around the saver level inventory is better saved for international flights.

  24. I would go for Lufthansa for sure. In fact, I am planning to apply next month, if the offer is still available. I like the idea of padding my account a bit. Thanks

  25. Go with the Arrival card; it adds diversity and flexibility not found in other programs.

  26. Barclaycard Arrival. Great sign-up bonus, ongoing 2.2% accrual rate, AND complete redemption flexibility towards any travel expenditures.

  27. I would(and possibly will) go for the Lufthansa card as I find United seems to have the freq flyer seat availability I’m usually looking for and so I’m always needing more miles to book flights on United. Funny thing is I just got the Barclay Arrival card less than a month ago, figures a good offer would come out right after I did that.

  28. Flexibility is the key for me …So Arrival Card any day …And on the top of it you get MQM for your points .

  29. Lufthansa card, need the miles for booking domestic Untied flights

  30. I would go with the Barkley’s Lufthansa Mastercard, using the 50,000 points, because of where they fly and their great service.

  31. Barclays arrival because sometimes it makes better sense to book a hotel or airline tix with $ and the Arrival card will credit these travel expenses.

  32. I’d say the Barclay’s…dual bonus of earning status and not having to necessarily cough up as much cash either.

  33. I’d go with the Lufthansa World Mastercard for domestic travel.

  34. I’d go for the Lufthansa Mastercard as it has good perks and it’s the only one it the two I don’t already have.

  35. HeavenlyJane Reply

    I’d go for the Arrival card because of the flexible points, and because I was declined it a few months ago and consider it a personal challenge.

  36. Probably the Barclays because it can be easily redeemed on Delta; the airline I fly with the most.

  37. The Barclaycard for me. I get Delta travel and $5,000 is a lot of spend, which will detract from my main goal of meeting the MQD exemption with my Delta card.

  38. The Barclay’s Arrival becuase of the reachable spend requirement.

  39. I would like the lufthansa card just to add more incentive to try another airline mileage plan.

  40. I would go with the arrival card because of flexibility and I just prefer to stay with Delta. However, Barclay’s Bank seems to have a problem with my credit profile, which by the way is solid gold. They turned me down a few months ago claiming I had too many existing cards. First time in thirty years I have been denied a card???

  41. Got the Arrival for the easy spend and $400+ statement credits. Applied for the Lufthansa on last promo but was denied by Barclays for too many inquires….will try again now that the promo is back. Both cards are great deals. I find Barclays the toughest to deal with for reconsideration.

  42. HockeyCoachBen Reply

    Id like both, but if I had to choose only one…Lufthansa without a doubt. I love Germany and love that airline!

  43. I already have it, but I would recommend my friends go for the arrival card, because it gives 2.2% back when redeemed for travel, and there are more things categorized as travel than you might expect!

  44. Uri Hadelsberg Reply

    Adding some Lufthansa miles is always good, the Lufthansa Mastercard for sure!

  45. I’d pick Barclays since I’m new to earning points with cards.

  46. Ken McElhaney Reply

    Lufthansa. When I had my Barclays BA card, I had great success booking cheap frequent flyer tickets on American. I would think Id have the same success with Lufthansa.

  47. Barclay’s Arrival Card for the low spend amount and i prefer to fly Delta.

  48. I love my Arrival, so that would win, but I haven’t had the Lufthansa card, so I might try that in my next round!

  49. Lufthansa, becomes more is better! Also, terrific bump in miles to the account.

  50. Looking only at the sign-up bonus, and not the ongoing benefits, I’d go for the Lufthansa Premier Miles & More World MasterCard. It seems they’re testing the waters at what the long-term sign-up bonus will be with these limited time offers, and I suspect they will settle down on the same 40,000 miles as the Arrival at some future date. Since the Arrival has been stable at 40,000 for some time, I’d try for the Lufthansa before it’s gone. Thank you for offering this raffle.

  51. I would definitely go for the Lufthansa Premier Miles & More World MasterCard because it comes with a companion pass and for only $79 annually the companion pass would pay for itself. I am also saving miles for a trip to Europe for 5, so the miles are huge to me!

  52. I’d go for the Lufthansa, as this is the high end of the bonus offered for that card. Perhaps the Arrival Card will have a short window each year where they offer a higher bonus (like the SPG Amex does each summer). I may be dreaming, but by going for the Lufthansa now, I feel pretty certain that it won’t come out with a higher bonus shortly after I apply for it.

  53. I would go for the Arrival card. Love the flexibility and the 2x earning per dollar.

  54. Being based in Atlanta, and flying only on Delta or a SkyTeam member, I’d go for the Barclaycard Arrival World MasterCard® 40,000 point card.

  55. Christine Pincince Reply

    the barclaycard is the better choice. Buying tickets on delta, earning sky miles and mqms is the best

  56. Barclay’s Arrival because it is far more flexible than Lufthansa miles.

  57. Looks like the Barclay card since I fly delta 99% of the time and need those MQM’s! This year I am reaching Diamond by segments hoping next year by miles!

  58. I’d go with the Arrival—lower spend and valuable miles you can use for other travel expenses (off-brand hotels, real-money plane tix to earn MQMs, upgrades, fees, tours, etc)….having some other currency to use besides FF miles comes in handy once in a while.

  59. Easy answer – The World Mastercard. I live in MSP and having the ability to fly with my favorite airline (DELTA) makes it valuable. How can I resist more MR opportunities to earn the all mighty MQM?

  60. I’d go with the Barclay card because the fuel surcharges I find using the other card plus the higher minimum spend scares me off. I’d rather find space on anything and avoid the fuel surcharges while making the miles back because it’s a normal transaction.

  61. Barclay arrival, as I love traveling on delta and I can still get the MQM with this card

  62. I’d go with the Barclaycard Arrival- Easy spend requirement and earning Skymiles since I fly Delta frequently out of ATL.

  63. Larry Silverstein Reply

    Barclaycard Arrival™ World MasterCard® 4

    I like this opportunity better. The barrier to get the points is so much smaller. I try to build points on a few specify cards so when I opt for a new one I want the smallest spend for the most bang.

  64. Both are very tempting, but I would go with the Arrival card just because I could use it on any airline and earn points on the flight. Would go well with one of these double miles promos that are going on.

  65. The Arrival card – once I see MQMs in the offering it is a done deal! They are the most important to me as I am now retired and struggle to keep my status.

  66. Mark Crozet Reply

    Not sure I would do either – I want programs that give me elite status . . . I have delta platinum Amex now, and may add gold or reserve just to get me to platinum/diamond. My other choice would be a m/c that gives me status on us air or aa . . . I just moved to Phoenix from Atlanta 🙁 so I am out of delta prime area! So – short answer – neither.

  67. Lufthansa Premier MasterCard. I like the companion ticket award which covers the cost of the card.

  68. I am going to add Barclay card based on the no foreign transaction fees benefit.

  69. Don in ATL Reply

    I would get the Barclay’s Arrival World Mastercard because I like the idea of being able to pair it up with tickets, earning MQM’s and then using the points when I need to position myself for a MR.

  70. I’d go for the Barclays since I don’t have that type of card in my cr cd arsenal yet. Sounds good to use earned points for cheap ticket purchases

  71. Double dip for delta. Barclay Arrivals. Also it’s a prettier card

  72. Kara Frampton Reply

    Barclay arrival. Can be used for any airline including delta plus it has lower spend requirement.

  73. I would choose the Lufthansa Miles and More card. With four kids you gotta love those companion passes.

  74. Definitely the Barclay, the benefits look pretty great for the type of traveling I typically do.

  75. I would go for the Barclay World MasterCard. I am focusing my travels on Delta right now. Also, World MasterCard offers car rental CDW in places that my Amex doesn’t.

  76. Definitely, I would love both cards as i can use them to travel out of detroit….

  77. The Lufthansa card. At least it gives real miles, not phony points. And yes, I can always buy a ticket with “points” and get MQMs but you can say that about any currency. 50K miles are worth more than 40K point to me!

  78. I would go for The Lufthansa Premier Miles & More World MasterCard so I could try out Lefthansa First Class service.

  79. I would go with the Barclay arrival for the bonus and easy spend. Being able to work with Delta and get MQMs is a plus.

  80. The Barclay arrival card is appealing for its lower spend requirement.

  81. The Arrival World Mastercard, for buying tickets on Delta and earn MQM’s and Skymiles.

  82. I would go for the Barclaycard as the spend is less at $1,000 and I can use points to buy Delta tickets on which I earn MQM and Skymiles. Given Platinum status on Delta I prefer to fly Delta versus Lufthansa where I don’t have status.

  83. Oh I’d have to go with the World Master Card because I am such a masochist that I am still sticking by Delta trying to get beyond Silver Medallion status!

  84. My husband already has the arrival card. To maximize mileage run, would love to apply for this card too. I will be applying in December in next App party

  85. The Lufthansa Premier Miles & More World MasterCard® because I already have the Barclay Card

  86. The arrival card. Delta is the airline we fly the most so this makes the most sense.

  87. Miles and More. The bonus is probably more of a limited time offer than the 40K on the Arrival card.

  88. I’d go with the Barclay Arrival because of the minimum spend.

  89. Barclay Arrival – despite the quality of international 1st on Lufthansa, I have had way too many negative experience with the rest of the classes. I avoid them like the plague – and I go to Germany a lot!

  90. Barclay arrival. I see it is more useful for the traveling that I do with my family.

  91. I prefer the Barclaycard Arrival™ World MasterCard® 40,000 point card, as I have no interest in flying any of Lufthansa’s Star Alliance partners within the U.S.

  92. Hot Diggity Dog, I finally won Saturday Swag!!! Yep, still practicing for the big win 😉

    Drumroll please… the Swagtastic answer to today’s question is – The Lufthansa Miles & More World Mastercard with the 50K bonus mainly because it would combine nicely with my existing LH miles and secure me a Business Class ticket to Europe. The BC ticket would also allow me access to the Lufthansa Welcome Lounge in Frankfurt which has complimentary breakfast and showers. Really cool since I don’t have a lounge membership. I think I going to apply for the card right now!

  93. Luke Coyne Reply

    I’d say Barclay Arrival because of the minimum spend and the mqm is better for delta flyers like me.

  94. Barclaycard Arrival™ World MasterCard but I just got my delta reserve approved Thursday.

  95. Well, my credit rating has recently recovered (long story involving my sister, who I was trying to help) so I’m eager actually to get back in. But if both of these cards are Barclay’s… I couldn’t go for both (is that correct?). Ahh… but now I see there is a big difference on min spend, so I’ll apply for the Arrival card!

  96. Definitely the Barclay Arrival MC because it affords more flexibility and the ability to earn miles when using it.

  97. I would go w/ Barclays for the miles bonus and low spend to qualify.

  98. Thomas Zook Reply

    Just signed up for the Arrival MC. It is my first fixed value and love the 2.22% return.

  99. For me? – something more exotic such as the Lufthansa would be the choice!

  100. 50K Lufthansa card – for aspirational trips, as I have the SWA Companion Pass for domestic travel.

  101. I just picked up the arrival card because I have quite a few points in other programs and don’t mind flying in southwest domestically. The arrival offers much more flexibility for flights and hotels.

  102. Arrival. I already have one but I don’t mind getting another one, if I could.

  103. World Arrival card. I don’t fly Lufthansa and don’t anticipate making enough spend/points with them to be able to get 2 tix to Europe with them, so better off with the Arrival card.

  104. The Barclays arrival is more attractive either the lower spend! I really need a new set of head phones!

  105. Nishanth C Reply

    Barclays card – low spend requirements and 10% back when you redeem miles for travel

  106. Probably the arrival card, also for MQM as another poster noted. However, I am very curious to see if these cards that have their own points and booking systems with earm MQD. One report of AmEx booking on FT says no.

  107. Gotta go with the flexibility of the arrival world MC. Plus the 10% back when you redeem is a nice bonus. I might have to get this card myself….

  108. I will be going for the Lufthansa card for the to give me more access to Star.

  109. I gotta say the Barclays Lufthansa. I really like the low points needed for redemption and it gives the flexibility to use domestically or internationally.

  110. I would go for the Barclaycard Arrival World MasterCard. For me it is all about the MQMs.

  111. jessewithaj Reply

    I would go with the Arrival strictly because it easier to say than Lufthansa. Who wants to spend their days explaining the correct pronounciation of one of Europe’s premier airlines to cashiers at my local hot dog stand.

  112. I would go for the Barclays. That way I could transfer the points where i need them. Except, i just did an app o rama. So maybe in a few months.

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