DELTA360 – Updates for TOP MQD spenders with Delta Air Lines

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My fellow BoardingArea blogger PM&M first broke the news last week about a new program to reward the top spenders with Delta Air Lines. Now, from we have the following:

“DELTA360 is Providing an incentive award program for customers through the issuance of bonus awards and service incentives for frequent air travel, namely, transit lounge facilities for passenger relaxation, a specialized priority airline service with reservation services, enhanced airport ticketing processing, expedited call waiting procedures, priority check-in, priority lobby check-in, dedicated service center and club lanes for elite passengers, specialized priority and expedited security processing, expedited gate handling and aircraft boarding services, enhanced seating accommodations, enhanced personal space including specialized entertainment, computer connections, enhanced meal services and voucher values for elite passengers, priority baggage delivery, enhanced and expedited customer service responses for elite passengers.” –

Delta has CONFIRMED the program with me but has given no further information and I think they are going to treat this as a hush-hush deal and let social media spread it around (like I am doing now – I know)!

Most of this is just nice little perks for high MQD spenders and I get that. But here are the parts that got my attention:

“enhanced seating accommodations” – that to me sounds like they will move up the upgrade list over those who are NOT DELTA360 members.

“voucher values for elite passengers” – could this be the SWU’s that we have all been waiting for. That is to be able to upgrade any flight we want? Oh would that be a BIG perk.

“club lanes for elite passengers” – and you thought TSA Pre was nice, what if you are greeted at the door and taken past all the rest of us? That would be nice.

This is, according to all reports, an invitation ONLY service so don’t call and ask for it. At this point most Delta reps do not even know about it so don’t go there either. I will be sure to update the blog as more info and screen shots of the packets trickle out to us. What do you think of Delta360 and did you get an invite to the club? – René

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  1. I wonder what the MQD level might be. I spend about 30K annually and fly 150k all domestic in and out of ATL.

    Does being in ATL hurt my chances? I would think DL would consider me as someone they don’t need since I have no other viable option to fly out of ATL.

  2. This is exciting indeed for those who spend big bucks on Delta. Some additional love is always welcome!

  3. In keeping with Delta’s core values of honesty, integrity and respect, it should drop the pretense of having a customer-loyalty program. It should just admit that it is rewarding the amount of money a customer spends. That is fact not a judgement.

  4. Rene’, some additional possibilities:

    1. Transit Lounge Facilities for Passenger Relaxation – a special area set aside from others, i.e. the new area at LAX.

    2. Expedited Gate Handling and Aircraft Boarding Services – a ‘Meet & Greet’ service, i.e. taken to the plane via luxury car and the reverse upon arrival. No more traipsing through the airport lugging your carry-ons.

    3. Priority Baggage Delivery – no longer will you have to go to Baggage Claim. The bags are brought to you, perhaps at your final destination such as your home or hotel.

    It all sounds good, but at what MQD level and is there a minimum number of miles required (say 250K+); and when does it start? All are rhetorical questions, of course.

  5. My PM co-worker got a DL360 ride @ MSP. She has flown less and spent less than i have this year. She is at about $23k. I’m a DM and have spent around $26k. I have also spent a lot on DL Amex cards( close to $100k with at least $55-60 on delta tickets for myself and others).
    She doesn’t even have a CC. She did pay for discounted skyclub…

    I’m not sure of the req’s.

  6. So i am excited that by the time i land in SLC on my first return leg back to the US, I will have achieved Diamond status! As someone who has logged the diamond level of miles in 9 months with $40K of spend, I welcome thinning of the elite herd via MDQs. Everyone on this board is an inspiration to frequent travellers….thanks Rene for bringing us together!

  7. I understand the move, but of course I am disappointed. The fun of playing the game with the airline status is about to end it seems. I am not a top spender and never will be, and as the benefits are reduced, I may give up in another year. As they all remind us, we do have other choices.

  8. I have 5.6 million MQMS and was a Platinum EP. I still average over 4 segments per week and spend approximately 30,000 per year, yet I didn’t get the “private invitation” to become a 360 member. WHY?

  9. @JG – Again, how many miles in the past means very little to Delta nowadays. I would say spend even MORE $$$ to get noticed!

  10. I am a DM and my wife is PM. I did almost 200 MQM’s last year. We were picked up in ATL at term E and taken to term A in a new Porsche SUV. Given a business card to call for service again!

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