I always say there are NO dumb questions – but maybe some are funny!

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Ya know I always tell people that there are no dumb questions and the only dumb question is the one that is not asked and that is true. “Teddy” seems to think these are funny but ya know they really are common Delta questions. Let’s take a look at some of the ones that have come over to the blog direct from Google searches:

Q) does delta airlines give you a free bag
I am sure that it surprises no one that this is a very common Google search. The answer is NO for a checked bag but you are allowed both a carry on and a “personal” item. For more about avoiding bag fees on Delta why not check out this post.

Q) why is delta making it harder to become medallion
What a “funny” search. The answer is, because they can. Planes are flying full or nearly full. There are too many elites for often times even Diamond Medallions to get a free upgrade. By thinning the ranks, and rewarding the top paying customers, Delta gets a win=win situation for the company. Clearly the best way for most of us to stay exempt is to spend $25,000 on a Delta AMEX card in 2014.

Q) do you lose delta SKYMILES if you cancel credit card
Another common question. There are credit card programs like Chase Ultimate Rewards, when you say only have one card, and you close that account, that you DO lose your points (so don’t do that please). But with Delta this is not a problem. Once the Skymiles are in your account they are yours and they do not expire. Holding the Delta AMEX or not does not change this.

Q4) do flight attendants commute delta
You bet! There are some who live in the city that they are based out of but many have to fly, either the day of or the day before their flights to get to their start city. So be nice to FA’s and pilots sitting in the back as they are putting up with a coach seat on the way to work!

Q5) looking for someone to gift me gold status on delta
Oh this is a funny one and I often get a search along these lines. Who would not love free Delta Gold status. This is the first real or fake medallion level where Delta loves you. How can you get free status? Well a Platinum Medallion can pick Silver Medallion status as a gift to anyone they want and a Diamond Medallion can pick Gold Medallion status as a gift. So find a DM who is willing to be your new best friend. Or, another way, is get a Delta AMEX Reserve card, spend $60,000, and you will get a total year one of 40,000 MQMs. That is just 10,000 shy of Gold Medallion status before you fly even once!

Q6) delta no longer get drink coupons on boarding pass
You know it seems that way but often times it is a browser issue or an ad blocker software issue. It may be that you are just picking print boarding pass only or using the app as it does NOT give you your HOOU coupon you should get. So, you may want to try another browser and check-in that way and I bet you will again see your drink coupon where it should be!

Q7) who is advanced resolution service
Advanced Resolution Service or ARS & IDA (another one) are not companies those of us who are point card enthusiasts like at all. Quite the opposite, we should should all FREEZE Advance Resolution Services ability to ping our credit. From everything I can see there are NO drawbacks and ONLY perks to us from taking this step. Not just for US BANK cards, that tend to use them as an additional credit check source for appraisals, but the chance that other banks will in the future. Both Lisa & I have done this and I suggest you do too!

Q8) where do you get delta companion certificate
This is one of the most Google searched questions each month. Here are the basics about the BOGOF certs. The Delta Reserve has one for either first class or coach travel. The Delta Platinum for coach only. Both are continental USA only unless you happen to live in Hawaii then you can start there. You get them YEAR 2, about 1 month after you get your 2nd year annual fee. It will automatically show up on your “My Delta” and you will see it is there to spend. Keep in mind you can buy tickets for two others if you want and you can buy two seats for yourself if you want.

Q9) improve my upgrade chances on delta airlines
This is another one I get all the time. I have a detailed post on what will impact you. Also, having Delta’s top tier Diamond Status will ensure a majority of the time you will get an upgrade. I have only missed 2 or 3 all year as a Diamond.

Q10) lifetime status delta mqd
So many are confused about MQDs and they have not even started yet. First, anyone who has “gifted” status is MQD exempt as long as they are under the gifted status. That is, if someone gifts you Silver Medallion from Skybonus or a Platinum Medallion gifts you Silver, you don’t have to spend a dime to have it during the time period it is for. Same goes for those who have 1,2 or 4+ million lifetime MQMs with Delta. You don’t have to worry about MQD’s to keep your status (for now)!

So if you are curious about what are some common Google searches that end up landing at Delta Points, now you know and just maybe you wondered about these yourself. – René

PS – Say “HI” if you see me in an airport the next few days!

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  1. Very interesting and informative stuff. I have been following your posts for a while and looks like you are a die hard Delta fan.

    Can you advise me on my specific situation. I plan to visit Indian subcontinent (south Asia) from SFO. I have collected enough points in American Express Membership rewards. I was hoping to transfer them to Delta for use on Saudia for 4-5 business awards. Will that be a good plan or you advise something different. If Saudia is my choice through Delta miles then probably finding awards from SFO to IAD or ORD would be a bigger challenge then on wards on Saudia. Do you agree?

  2. Rene, I wonder if Delta has ever released stats on how many medallion members they have. It would be great to see a breakdown of silver, gold, platinum and diamond by year for 2013 and then see how the new MQDs affect that. Do you have someone at Delta who might share that info with you?

    BTW, just contacted Adam at Juicy Miles to get his help booking my RTW award in Business. So looking forward to next year and the BIG trip.

  3. @Starr – OH you and me and about 10000000 others would LOVE to know that. That info is very carefully guarded. Hey great that ADAM could help. He is just the best. – Rene

  4. Hi Rene, my question revolves around the Southwest credit cards. Both my wife and I currently have both of the Southwest credit cards and both of us have earned the Companion Passes. Both Passes are good through December, 2014. For both of us, the annual fees for the credit cards (4 cards) come due on December 1, 2013. We have other Chase cards which we love, and want to apply for more Chase cards. How would you handle this situation? Should we cancel the cards before the fees ($336) are due? Should we cancel one card for each of us? How will Chase view these cancellations? I would appreciate you opinion!
    Thanks, Rusty

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