October Delta NEWS updates & elite enhancements

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When it comes to Delta Air Lines, there is never a boring month and this one is no different. One of the most interesting developments, confirmed by Delta Corp, is that Delta is now going to have an elite level beyond Diamond Medallion called  Delta360. To be clear, this is not so much another medallion level but special services and privileges to those who spend the most money with Delta (one more proof that your MQD number will soon be more important than any other number or “bling”)! I fully expect that soon Delta360 members will get more upgrades, will see more low level “saver” seats as I talked about before and a bunch of other perks yet to be announced.

Just what else has been going on since our last Delta & Skyteam update? Let’s take a quick look and bring you up to date:

  • A video of a Delta Porsche ride as talked about above.
  • Many new routes and seasonal routes from Delta newsroom
  • What airline has the best wifi? Delta maybe?
  • The government shutdown had apparently no impact on delta travel
  • Just how much cocaine can you put on an AF flight? Answer is a BUNCH!
  • Delta beat earnings estimates for last Quarter! The really interesting part is it appears the Trainer oil facility made a few bucks!
  • Delta really does not want ANOTHER Atlanta airport.

We are in the home stretch for 2013 everyone and I hope you have checked your MQM numbers and they are where you want them to be. All of our Medallion Qualifying Dollars or MQDs (or “Money Quota Database” as we like to call them) begins soon and we get to find out how to game the system to our advantage as we always do! Got some Skyteam news I missed? Be sure and share the link in your comment on the blog – René

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  1. I wonder how deep into the archives NBC had to go to get footage of that United jet landing in the story reminding us to wear seatbelts.

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