SWAG Saturday: iGo Noise Canceling Headphones & make some noise (what is the “last straw”)!

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swag saturdays delta points blog

Time to make some noise. Delta is making so much money that they are even paying shareholders a dividend! Impressive. Much of this has come from staggering fees and cuts to elite program perks (unless you are a high MQD Delta360 member that is).

So time for my question to you, as Delta does read the blog, as well as comments from you readers. The rules, btw for Swag Saturday are HERE. But what I want to know is simply this:

What change would be “too much”?

The reason I ask is that simply all the changes so far have not impacted the bottom line in fact quite the opposite. Oh sure, I know, the MQDs have not started yet and will not really have a HUGE impact until 2015. At that point a bunch of medallions find they are dropping by 1 or more levels and the fact that some may have MQMs just vanish will make them bolt for the doors and not fly our Delta again and I think could truly impact the Delta bottom line. But for revenue, I just don’t see this impacting 2014 very much until maybe late in the year (not that I am in any way suggesting you buy DAL or any other stock).

iGo noise Canceling headphones

But back to my question and let’s make some noise that Delta can hear. For a chance to win a sweet set of iGo noise canceling headphones I need to know just what change would cause you to say enough is enough during 2014. What change or rule or devaluation or whatever would be SO HUGE that you would actually stop flying Delta and change to another airline. What would make you say, yes Delta has this perfect flight but I will go out of my way to fly another airline because they did THIS. What is the THIS that would make you do that? – René

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Rene’s Points For Better Travel, a division of Chatterbox Entertainment, Inc. has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Rene’s Points For Better Travel and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers. Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any of these entities. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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René de Lambert is a contributing writer and the founder of RenesPoints. He is an avid Delta and SkyTeam flyer who has held Delta’s top Diamond Medallion status for many years and flown millions of miles.


  1. If they start charging for restroom usage!!! Like I think an Irish airline did or maybe still does

  2. I think if they increase the spending loevels required for Medallion qualification Im going to United.

  3. Imagine the elimination of waived baggage fees for Silver Medallion

  4. if delta amex card holders move ahead of sky in the boarding. All aboard amex airlines.

  5. Reducing the opportunity for medallion upgrades in any way would send me back to AA.

  6. Bruce Lanser Reply

    Loss of free Econ comfort seats at checkin for silvers, and/or premium seat selection. At 6’4″ I need the extra legroom!

  7. Charging for all checked bags, regardless of your status or credit card enrollment.

  8. Michael H.(oldfox) Reply

    Award devaluations…….like some of the recent ones………would be the “killer” for me.

  9. A switch to completely revenue based redemption would do it for me.

  10. I don’t mind a revenue component for mile accumulation. But if they move to a strictly revenue based award redemption system than I’m done with delta.

  11. Jonathan C. Reply

    Loss of waived bag fees for low tier elites and/or loss of preferred seating access (exit row availability is a deal-breaker for me).

  12. I’d say any more award devals would do it. Pretty much already has for me as all else equal, I’d rather fly United or AA.

  13. Loss of preferred seating, inability to get upgrades, loss of free bags

  14. Making it even more difficult to use miles for business class tickets.

  15. If they charged for carry on bags. But probably wouldn’t give them up for good anyway as if they had the flight I preferred, I would just pay up and just use them sparingly.

  16. When they start charging you a fee to speak with a flight attendants during the flight. Eventually flight attendants official job responsibly will be solely the safety of the passengers from point a to b. If you want to interact with a flight attendant you will be assessed a service fee!

  17. There are so many possibilities it is hard to pick just one. A sure-fire “enhancement” that would make me bolt would be basing upgrade priority purely on ticket cost rather than medallion status.

  18. Since I have no elite status on Delta, and therefore use accumulated miles for domestic coach, any further award devaluations – or going from nearly-impossible to fully-impossible saver awards – would do it for me. Thank you for the giveaway.

  19. Implementing the slimline seats while reducing legroom. At 6’5, the legroom is already tight and the slimline seats instead of reclining back push your legs forward as they recline pushing my knees closer to the seat in front. They also have a hard back so that when your knees are against the back of the seat in front of you, instead of mildly discomforting they become painful.

  20. sadly, it will all even out in the short run. so a last straw keeps getting pushed ahead.

  21. For me it’s cost. I travel for work and am restricted by our booking software. My flights to MSP are double Southwest’s, so I fly in to DSM and out of MSP or something goofy like that often. I’m getting tired of it, and that’ll be what makes me switch (to Southwest of all companies…).

  22. As a few others have mentioned, being 6’4″, I would definitely stop flying Delta if legroom was diminished by even just another inch.

  23. AussieOzzie Reply

    Delta has already lost my business just this week by charging me a staggering $150 change fee to fly one day earlier than originally ticketed on a SkyMiles + $10 award ticket. More of a punishment than an award from my perspective. So yes Rene, you are correct when you write, “Delta is making so much money that they are even paying shareholders a dividend! Impressive. Much of this has come from staggering fees and cuts to elite program perks.” No love lost for you Rene, keep up the good work!

  24. If Delta eliminated skymiles, or devalued them so greatly, then I definitely would not care if I used them over anyone else.

  25. Increasing Fares and fees and requirement levels are all
    just part of business. But devaluing the currency is a No No. I would leave Delta if they increase the mileage requirements for award travel any more. Delta points are
    starting to look like the Argentine Peso.

  26. If they eliminated assigned seats and shifted to a choose whatever is available/first-board-first-serve Southwest model.

  27. If the delta point system devalued like Hilton! The hotel I booked was 40k a night now it’s 95k a night what the !??? So goodbye Delta if you pull that stunt

  28. devalue diamond status like they are with silver. but i think jyee is on to something as well.

  29. A breakup with AmEx and all the perks, miles, MQM’s, MQD exemption, SkyClub access, etc., etc., would turn me away.

  30. Charging infants to fly and the extra items like stroller and car seat. I will switch to Southwest.

  31. Eliminating free checked bags for AMEX CC or Silver medallions would make flying my family anywhere too expensive…would have to look at other options.

  32. If using AMEX spend to meet MQD requirements were to stop, so would I.

  33. if the business seats got smaller and started to look like Airtran, I would be P*ssed
    I don’t like their rude worn out staff either so if it gets any worse I’m OUT.
    They make international carriers look so much better. I want to be proud of our American carriers, here ye here ye!

  34. Taking away a few precious perks like skyclub,(from my reserve card giant fee), bag fees and charging for a diet coke –hello Allegiant Air!!

  35. If they charged an additional fee for using the lie flat option in first/business class.

  36. Further award chart devaluation and switching to a revenue program.

  37. deltaflyer Reply

    If they would not allow spend on Delta Amex in place of the MQD requirements to reach medallion levels.

  38. If the unlimiated upgrade program was removed for US travel. As a DM this is a huge benefit.

  39. Complete revenue based redemption would do it. Though I’m pretty close to changing to AS or AA right now.

  40. If delta started charging fees for carry on’s – that would be hard to take.

  41. If I lost medallion status I would stop flying delta.
    The only short term change that would cause that- if they decide to get rid of the Amex spending exemption from MQDs.

  42. Andre Dowdie Reply

    I just gained Diamond status this month and one of the benefits I was looking forward to is gifting Gold Madallion status to my wife. If they take that away, I’d switch to AA.

  43. A large award devaluation like HHonors Awards program …
    bailing out of that program big time…

  44. Jesse Williams Reply

    If they lose the AS partnership, or if they start upgrading gol elites ahead of medallions

  45. Not allowing me to book the exit row as PM. I’m 6’8″ and company policy won’t allow business class…

  46. Revenue-based award redemption or lower EQM for lower fare classes.

  47. 1. Reduce bonus miles percentage for Medallions.
    2. This is a SkyTeam thing, but eliminate international lounge access for Gold Level.

  48. Increased the MQMs and made in flight purchases mandatory to achieve status.

  49. I would say loss of complimentary domestic upgrades and loss of free checked bags as a medallion would be my top two items

  50. If they took away the waiver for MQD’s for the Delta Credit Card with 25K spending.

  51. I am nearly there. The amount of low mileage award seats is discouraging.

  52. If Delta goes the way of Sprint, that won’t fly with me!

  53. It may be the places, or the times I have wanted to fly, but it seems it is more difficult to get upgrades to biz with miles. If they make it any more difficult I would consider another airline.

  54. Delta remains the only airline where it seems possible to ( almost ) spend your way to Elite Status with the American Express cards. I really don’t see a way to do this on United or American . So I will always stay with them

  55. If Delta shifted to a tiered mqm program based on fare, ie we have to buy full fare tickets to get full mqm when flying economy and LUT fares would give 50% or 25% of the miles flown as mqm.
    My view is that I will always buy the cheapest Delta ticket going from A to B and if I have to pay extra to get full miles then I am actually buying the miles and it is no longer an awards program.

  56. If they were to start charging for carry on items, I would stop flying with them.

  57. I already check all possible flights before I book a ticket. I’m fed up with delta and their bogus award calendar and I’m extremely unhappy that I can’t hold an award itinerary for 24 hours anymore. I’m waiting to see how mqd’s are going to affect my travel even though I spend over $100000 a year on my Amex cards. I’m feeling less and less important to delta with each passing year.

  58. Louis Chittenden Reply

    If Delta eliminated or increased the $25K annual AMEX spend to qualify for MQD, I’m back to AA.

  59. Any further changes that lower Silver Medallion on the totem pole (this 360 thing is just about it…)

  60. Taking away lifetime Medallion status for MM. In addition those of us who have flown DL for along time we have memories of all the additional devaluations that they have done over the years. It hit their bottom line back then!

  61. Delta is making it real hard to redeem any decent award as well as to reach medallion status. any further devaluation in any of these categories would be the deal breaker for me.

  62. Don in ATL Reply

    In particular if they took away the free changes on award tickets for PM and DM’s. (It’s bad enough they took away changes within 72 hours.) Secondly, if they make the “price” in miles of an award tickets based on the dollar amount of the ticket if you had to purchase it, I would walk. (On UA, I’m a million miler and Gold for life so the switch would not be that painful.)

  63. If Delta devalued domestic skymiles flights I would stop flying with them.

  64. Any further changes making it harder to gain Medallion status qualification OR any further reduction in Medallion benefits. From what I can see, next year’s added MQD levels will not affect me that much. If we see the bar raised any higher, I’ll have to change airlines.

  65. Any more changes to the way that miles and MQM are earned on partner airlines. There was more than enough of that this year with the reduction in the number of MQM earned on partners like Korean Air. I do a lot of travel in Asia and it is often more convenient for me to connect at Incheon than go all the way back to Narita for actual Delta metal.

  66. If they raised the amount of miles required to reach medallion status.

  67. If they started revoking some of the medallion perks (free checked bags, etc.)

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