SWAG Saturday Winner & what the final straw Delta Air Lines could do to drive us away!

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delta points swag winner igo

First let me get to the winner, it is BenTraveling who says: “If Skymiles accumulation gets pegged completely to MQDs.”

Congratulations and I will contact you soon to get your prize to you.

Now on to the results and I really appreciate the input from so many readers. I do hope Delta CORP takes the time to look at these “last straw” events that could drive flyers away to another airline. They are:

  • Devaluating Skymiles more / again
  • Charging for carry-on
  • Move to rev based redemption / earnings i.e. less Skymiles
  • Reducing medallion benefits especially Silvers more
  • Increasing MQD spend levels
  • Removing AMEX spend exemption to Diamond Medallion
  • Removing unlimited upgrades
  • Eliminating free bag for AMEX holders
  • Slim line seats with less legroom
  • Increasing fees even more

These are the ones you readers hit on again and again. Now since I am a Delta fan, my guess is devaluation is done. I don’t see charging for carry-on either but I would like if they were to enforce the size check of bags. Silvers have been beat up – give them a break or even give them a bit more please, Delta. If Delta were to change the MQD number or remove Diamond exemptions via AMEX spend I think it would truly cost the airline’s bottom line in a negative way. Unlimited upgrades are a staple and just don’t see that changing (would be too dumb a move). I could see the free bag going away for the Gold card but maybe not. Slimline seats seem to be on the way and that is a shame – they are horrid. Oh, more fees – hummmm be afraid everyone! – René

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  1. After reading the title of your blog, I was hoping to see you write what Delta could do that would drive YOU away, eg stop a blog dedicated to Delta. Alas, no such luck.

    So tell us, what could Delta do that would make you divorce Delta for another airline? Now THAT would be an interesting read…

  2. @Steve – They would have to: Stop providing the best service of any airline, stop providing 1st class medallion service both on the phone and @DeltaAsssit, stop flying great jets with nice seats and GoGo, stop providing good food and Woodford, stop providing amazing help in case of IROPS, stop flying on-time flight after flight, stop offering such great value to me for my Skymiles to Sweden as well as being able to stop over in a city along the way home FREE on Skymiles and on an on and on. I guess, to answer your question, they would have to become as bad as UNITED for me to switch but I just don’t see that happening!

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