TARGETED: FREE Delta Silver Medallion status for 90 days – “GREAT PERKS AWAIT”

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90 days FREE silver status targeted delta airlines

In yet another, in a very long list of targeted promotions made to upset just about everyone who flies Delta, is a targeted one to get 90 days of free Silver Medallion status.

That is nice and I think most of us agree that “Great Perks Await” is less than accurate when it comes to describing Silver status, but the really amazing part is you would ONLY need to fly 26,000 MQMs in 90 days to be Platinum until FEB2015! That is very achievable with a mileage run or two.

I am sure most will get a ROCK if you try to register for this, but it is worth a try. Will going for this burn up your chance for a status match from another airline? I have no idea and I doubt Delta will tell us as they are kinda “persnickety” already when it comes to all of these targeted offers (they seem to think we would be upset if they were open to all). My guess is it will NOT impact you as this is like being gifted status from someone, but that is just a guess.

That goes to another question that I am sure will come up. Say you get this, and fly 27,000 MQMs by 31DEC, will you rollover the extra MQMs? I would say NO as you have to have 75,001 to rollover above Platinum Medallion. Again just a guess, but an educated one.

What if you can register, and get the Delta AMEX Reserve card. Will the 10,000 bonus MQMs with first purchase count toward this qualification? Delta will say this is BIS ONLY or “your” butt in the seat miles that count so don’t bank on it (up to you if you want to try it).

1000 target anniversay points from delta

What if you did not qualify for the free status? Then here is a 1000 point targeted anniversary bonus you will likely not get either but worth 10 seconds of your life to see if you qualify. – René

PS – unlike these targeted promotions,
anyone has a chance to win SWAG Saturday
I will be picking a winner later tonight!


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  1. With Rollover + AmEx, I’ve actually flown fewer than 26,000 miles for Platinum. But this is still a good promo if you can reach that level. Too bad they Diamond out.

  2. @Charles – great question. My guess is YES once she earns the PM status. With a status challenge, you get PM status, but can not get perks until you complete the challenge.

  3. The Delta rep I spoke to indicated the same thing, but he didn’t seem fully briefed on the promo, so it’s nice to have a concurring opinion.

    Also, my wife’s offer was even better than the one posted above. She was offered complimentary Silver status for 90 days with lower thresholds for keeping status:

    6,250 MQM or 8 MQS for Silver
    12,500 MQM or 15 MQS for Gold
    18,750 MQM or 25 MQS for Platinum

    I see a few Delta AMEX cards in our future. 🙂

  4. I wonder what the requirements are for this targeted promo. @Charles, does your wife fly Delta often? Maybe delta is trying to drum up last quarter business.

  5. I find this rather upsetting. I did try the site and got the big fat you aint worthy notice. Bummers. do they imagine people like you who write your kind informative blog wouldn’t mention this? very discouraging for a retired person like me with not much money who has flown only delta for over 39 years and struggles every year to make silver or once every few years, gold. I would love to try to get this and I think they are down right mean and rude to not allow me the chance. I am sad.

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