SWAG Sunday: Why you should get your Chip & Signature Chase Sapphire Preferred card ASAP!

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With a big HT to my fellow BA blogger MJ (you can read his Fireside interview here btw) the other day I requested my old Chase Sapphire Preferred card to be upgraded to a “Chip & Signature” card. It was sent overnight free of charge along with a mailer to return my nearly indestructible old Sapphire card.

Why do this at all? Do keep in mind most of the world has been smart enough to upgrade to Chip and PIN technology. It is SO much more secure and you never have to hand over your card to say a restaurant server. They bring a hand unit to your table, you insert the card, type in your PIN and you’re done. This is very safe.

I so wish ANY of the Delta AMEX cards offered no international transaction fees, but unfortunately they all charge this up-charge. Thus, I never ever use these cards outside the USA. So I turn to either my Chase Ink Business Preferred card or most of the time my Chase Sapphire Preferred card as either one are international transaction fee free.

So why have one? You can still use this at the table and just pick no PIN. Also, at many say automated machines, without a chip, you CAN NOT pay for whatever it is you want! I have run into this in Sweden at gas pumps as well as parking ticket and train machines!

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What does any of this have to do with SWAG Sunday this week you ask? First, as always, please look at the rules for SWAG Saturday (Sunday this week) HERE. Then, for a chance via at the above travel goodies that includes both an auto to 110w plus USB and a sweet power brick to recharge your phone or tablet, I need you to tell me if you have a card with a CHIP yet? Also, if you have not yet got a Chase Sapphire Preferred card this would be yet one more reason to get this great card! – René

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Rene’s Points For Better Travel, a division of Chatterbox Entertainment, Inc. has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Rene’s Points For Better Travel and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers. Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any of these entities. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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René de Lambert is a contributing writer and the founder of RenesPoints. He is an avid Delta and SkyTeam flyer who has held Delta’s top Diamond Medallion status for many years and flown millions of miles.


  1. Thanks for the give away. I just called them to replace my card. Chip would come in handy for trips next year. And thanks for the information too.

  2. I don’t have one from the US yet, but all my cards from when I lived in the UK had chips. Banking there was so much more secure in general…

  3. My UK cards all have chip and pin, I did hear that when chip and signature was first released it wasn’t fully compatible with the chip and pin systems in Europe. It therefore lead to system crashes when used in some chip and pin systems, hopefully these issues have been fixed now. I did hear about a case where a chip and signature card crashed the whole POS system in the store in which it was used.

  4. I have the Chase Marriott card, which has a chip and no foreign transaction fee. But now that CSP has the chip, I will request a new card – no ftf and 2x travel.

  5. Patrick B. Reply

    I don’t have a chip card yet although I’ve called about getting one to all my card banks. Now that Chase has one I’ll definitely apply for a card (since I don’t have that card yet, it is motivation to get one).

  6. I have already called to change my Chase Sapphire to a chip and signature card. Awaiting it’s arrival!

  7. I have used the Hyatt Card: no foreign transaction fees and chip and signature. I agree with you; I wish Delta Amex would include those two features!

  8. My husband has the CSP. I will request the card with the chip now.

  9. I requested the new Sapphire preferred a couple days ago. This will be my first chip enabled card. I have definitely felt the pain of no chip in the past when trying to buy gas in the UK.

  10. I do not have any cards that have a chip in it. I’m not sure I really believe that these are more secure; my understanding is that the chip allows the card to be authorized without contacting the issuer for real-time authorization as we do in the American system. It was developed for use in places where data communications are unreliable.

    But, I might be totally off base!

    I used to have the Chase Sapphire preferred card, but I gave it up because of the annual fee. I might be interested in applying again, especially if I could get the sign-up bonus a second time! 🙂

  11. I have a couple of Chip & Sig cards (from Chase and PenFed).
    Just requested the Chip version of the Sapphire Preferred yesterday, should come next week.

  12. JP Traveler Reply

    Chip and signature AMEX Platinum. Wish it was chip and PIN, but better than nothing.

  13. British airways card I have has it. Will focus on this issue more if we go to Ireland/UK next year….

  14. Bruce Rubin Reply

    Yep – The Hyatt Signature Visa chip and sign. Wish it was on AmEx platinum or DL AmEx platinum
    Will “upgrade” my CSP when I get back to the States.

  15. Yep – four with chip & signature. Seems at each AOR, more are offered. Like others have said, it’s be great if they’re true Chip & Pin, but alas, none of those yet.

  16. Wish all my cards were but only have it for my Platinum AMEX Personal. Tried everywhere in US when I first received because of how much more secure it is. But since the is the option to not use it here, completely undermines any security benefits.

    I believe it was sent unsolicIter after my second international trip using the card. Great having no transaction fees. But I didn’t use it at all last international trip because “although they me spend money there they wouldn’t take American Express!” Lol.
    I personally am more interested in contactless chip and pin technology.

    I’ve used Isis and Google wallet with my cards. Uber convenient and more logical step beyond just chip and pin. Amex hasn’t made contactless chip n pin available to me and I don’t think I remember my contact chip pin since I can never find anywhere to use it.

    Seems US is skipping chip n pin in favor of contactless chip n pin. And I’m all for that securitywise.
    Since you’re an Android user may you could do an article about nfc and mobile payment options

  17. I have the MasterCard version, so no chip offered yet. I’ll hold about for a bit, as I prefer MC to Visa. My Chase hyatt has a chip in case I need it.

  18. I requested my new Sapphire card yesterday. I expect it to arrive in 2-3 days. Perfect timing for a trip to Ireland later this month.

  19. I just got my Amex PRG, and HHonors Reserve both with chips. Next on the list is Citi AAvantage with chip to replace my Chase United.

  20. Lars-Erik Olson Reply

    Privet (greetings) from Moscow! I’m here because of an “attack” priced ticket via Alitalia but on DL metal. Anyway, I have a US Bank FlexPerks card with a chip, but it doesn’t offer the no-foreign transaction fee. 🙁

  21. Bruce Lanser Reply

    Don’t have a chip, and honestly never knew what it was. Now maybe I need to get the sapphire card…

  22. Yes, have several chip and pin cards, all gotten within the past 12 months as they’ve become available. But since Chase Sapphire is our #1 to use on our very frequent overseas trips, we’re definitely switching to their chip and pin!

  23. I have the Chase Hyatt with chip+sig and used it exclusively on a recent trip to Vancouver. Be aware that chip+sig cards may not work in some kiosks/ATMs where a PIN is required.

  24. GetToThePoints Reply

    No chipped card but I do have the Chase Saph Pref card.

  25. Going to upgrade to chip & pin

    Question : are chip & pin CC’s used in both China & South Africa , where we are going soon ???

  26. No chip yet – was thinking about getting he Hilton card with one – but I’ll be calling Chase today! Thanks for the heads up!

  27. Already have an AmEx Platinum with Chip & Sign but will be upgrading my Chase Sapphire – thanks for the info. Now just wish that they would offer Chip & PIN so that automated machines in Europe can be used.

  28. I have the USAA World Mastercard with a chip though it has a 1% foreign transaction fee. I may need to get a Chase Sapphire card as well so I dont have those pesky fees!

  29. I have the Chase Marriott, Chase BA, and Citi AA Visa card with chip and signature. I have used them in Europe and the waiters are sometimes surprised when the machine spits out a signature receipt. I’ve only encountered 1 automatic ticketing machine where it didn’t work – it was in the UK or Germany. You can get a real chip & pin card from the State Dept. Credit Union see

  30. I just called Chase to upgrade my card, and I asked specifically about unattended kiosks like in European train stations, since this is a “chip and signature” card rather than a “chip and pin”. After checking with a supervisor, I was told that “there will be instances at unmanned kiosks, automated machines, etc – like what you asked about – where your card might not work”. Can you confirm wether or not they will work in Europe? Do you just have to press Enter on the kiosk without using a pin like in your example above?

    Thanks again for the info!

    • @Grady – as some have said, at times yes, at times no. But without chip often times will not work at all. As an example, when I went to get gas for my rental card at a station, without a chip I could not get gas. I used my FlexPerks (had to pay INT fee) but could buy gas. YMMV sorta thing for now.

  31. Just ordered the chip version to replace my current Chase Sapphire.

  32. No chipped card yet but will be calling Chase to replace my current chip less Sapphire.

  33. My BA card has a chip, which came in handy for buying tube tickets from the machines! Will definitely get a chip for my CSP!

  34. Do not have the Chase Sapphire card or a card with a chip – rookie indeed…

  35. Just have one with Marriott and might just wait for the CSP one since I’m not traveling outside the USA anytime soon.

  36. I don’t have one yet. It probably would be a good one for the next churn. If you apply for a new Saphire card will you automatically be sent the chip version or do you have ask for that feature?

  37. I got the Bank of America card specifically because I wanted a chip card for use in Europe. I have the Chase Sapphire without the chip – so you can bet I am going to have them change mine!

  38. Will give them a call tonight! Hopefully get it in time before my next international travel.

  39. I have a Chase Sapphire Preferred with a chip! A Chase rep told me I would have trouble getting through Europe without it!

  40. I have the Chase Sapphire without the chip. I better get one for my next trip to Europe!

  41. Will definitely be calling Chase to get a chip for my Sapphire Preferred card.

  42. I currently have zero chip and pin cards. In traveling, I wish I had as so many countries have this as the norm. Thanks for letting me know about CSP. I’ll request a new card. I love my CSP! As I travel overseas a lot the no foreign transaction fees is a real value.

  43. I ordered a replacement on Friday.
    I also have Hyatt and Marriott chip and sig. cards, with no foreign fees.
    I plan on getting BA Avios chip and sig. card, with no foreign fees, in next churn. We likely will get lots of chip and PIN replacement cards by the end of 2015….

  44. I have the Hyatt card with no FTFs. Why don’t we combine getting the new card with a new bonus points with the m/c version? Or is that the ink going from m/c to visa?

    • @Craig – most are reporting that the INK cards with VISA ARE a new product and ARE posting the 50k bonus points. I will be going for a new one soon 🙂

  45. Thomas Zook Reply

    I have the Marriott card but will be getting the Sapphire soon.

  46. I see zero reason why chip and sig is in any way useful. Without a pin this card is still largely useless in Europe. No ticket machines will take it and you’re still going I have to have lengthy conversations at restaurants trying to explain the fact that there is no PIN.

    Increasingly people in Europe cannot fathom a card with no pin….

    • @Tyko – you are wrong as others have said and I have seen first hand. Sure pin would help but with chip is better than NO chip.

  47. Just ordered the chip version to replace my current Chase Sapphire.

  48. Have Andrews Chip & Pin Visa. Chase is replacing my CSP with C/P on request (but CSR did not tell me it would be Visa vs M/C, as wife got another CSR who let her know the M/C version not eligible yet for C/P).

  49. I have the Citi Hilton Reserve card and USbank Flex Perks card but I am going to get the Sapphire card upgrated.

  50. Just yesterday I received the Chase Marriott Rewards card, which has the chip. But I will definitely upgrade my current Chase Sapphire Preferred to the chip version before my next trip to Europe in May ’14.

  51. I’ve got the Chase Hyatt and Citi Thank You Card, both have Chip technology.

  52. No chip version yet. I like the no international fee – I will be looking in to this for my travels to the UK! Thanks!

  53. I currently have three Chase cards with chips and will be calling Chase to request that my Sapphire card be upgraded in the near future.

  54. I have the Citi AA card with a chip, but am calling Chase today to switch over my Sapphire Preferred card.

    Also I was disappointed my new SPG AmEx had foreign fees (actually only about $20 worth on my recent RTW trip), so it’s not going to Barcelona over Thanksgiving even though I’m staying at the W – will use AmEx Platinum to transfer to Emirates for eventual bucket list trip: 1st on 380 – Shower Suites, baby (Channeling JJ)

  55. I don’t have a card with chip yet, but will be ordering my new Chase Sapphire today!

  56. Scott Revo Reply

    I’ve had a travel credit card with a chip for about two years. After several very frustrating instances of my non-chip cards not working in Paris I had to find one!! You’ll need a chip to use the automated ticket machine for the train from CDG into Paris and to use the ticket machine inside the Eiffel Tower to get to the top.
    The Bank of America travel card offers a chip option and that’s what I went with as a BoA customer, but the customer service at BoA sucks and I’m looking for a different card. Thanks for info about INK and the signing bonus. I’ll check that out.
    I’m a big fan of your blog….thanks!!

  57. i don’t have any cards with a chip. I like to keep my cards simple – DL platinum for the MQMs and Barclay Arrival for 2x points and no foreign fees… if Barclay offers chips with the Arrival, i’d probably get it.

  58. I have a BoA Cash Rewards card with a chip. I took one international trip where I used it once, and the automatically sent me one after that.

  59. TexasYankee Reply

    Rene I do have a card with a chip – but it is the Global Entry Card. I will upgrade to the Sapphire Preferred on your site so I will now have 2 chips!

  60. Yes, my Chase Hyatt Visa has it, though I will definitely look to get it for my Sapphire as well.

  61. No chip yet, but I will be getting my CSP changed to the chip and signature based on your recommendation. Thanks!

  62. I have the Citi HHonors Reserve card with a chip and it has worked great in Europe. And no foreign transaction fees!

  63. Christine Pincince Reply

    I have the chase sapphire and Marriott but really don’t know what the chip looks like so don’t know. I will call both and get new cards as going to Europe soon. thank you

  64. have 3 bofa with and grteat to hsve amex dek
    lta aee you looking to do soon

  65. I got the Marriott with chip a while ago. I have been going to the UK and Ireland a couple of times a while and chip and signature is definitely better than no chip.

    I have encountered store clerks who are too young to know how to swipe a traditional card.

    I meant to add that I flew Delta to Dublin on Friday, and the Marriott with chip has again been coming in handy.

  66. I have two chip cards-US Bank Flex Perks and Chase Marriott Rewards Premier.

  67. I have the Amex Platinum with a chip but will be calling to get a new Sapphire Preferred as well.

  68. I have one card with a chip in it…didn’t request it or know much about it at the time. The Chase Sapphire is on my list for next app day and will request the chip enabled card.

  69. I just ordered my Chase Preferred with Chip! Thanks for the tip!

  70. I don’t have any cards with chip & PIN. Does it cause any problems in USA if you do? Like machines not recognizing this foreign card?

  71. Luke Coyne Reply

    I used my Marriott Rewards Card with a chip in Europe, but some of the business didn’t allow it to work with just the chip. Plus I still ended up having fraud charges!

  72. I have the Chase Sapphire ….and thanks to you….i have the “new and improved” model on the way!!!!

  73. Noah Mark Blaustein Reply

    Wow! Didn’t even know I could get a chipped version! Does it change the card number? I have the Chase Sapphire Preferred card (Of course!) So with my international trip next year, this will be a big help in making sure I don’t have any issues!

  74. BenTraveling Reply

    I have the Chase Hyatt Visa with a chip. The chip in the CSP is one more reason to make this one of the best overall cards out there.

  75. My new CSP with chip will arrive tomorrow and that makes 3 total chip and signature cards for me. Virgin Atlantic BofA card, CHase Marriott Rewards Premier are the other two.

  76. charles alan s Reply

    My flexpoints has it. Most of my travel is in latin america so the chip is not important… plus going to cancel csp when fee comes 95 is steep for me.

  77. Had one on one of my trips to Europe, seemed slightly easier than none chip but still wish Chase would offer a true chip and pin.

    I’ll be calling to get my wife’s Sapphire Preferred moved over to a chip and signature before our next trip to Europe.

  78. I currently do not have a card with a chip, although I did have a Banamex issued card with a chip when I lived in Mexico.

  79. I dont have it but I like the idea. I dont understand why the US has not gone that way sooner.

  80. The only chips I have is one off the ol’ block and the one on my shoulder.

    OH, and inside my ID Badge for my former place of employment.

  81. I have the Hyatt card with a chip and just called yesterday to get my Sapphire upgraded.

  82. Randomly got a new citi dividend mastercard (first cc) and it had a chip in it. I pretty much never use it though.

  83. Don’t have a card with a chip but sure will consider it. I used my Amex recently at a mellow mushroom and that same day I had a charge for some sort of video games subscription. Easy to dispute given my age and the fact that I’ve never played a video game in my life but it’d be nice not to have to worry about such things.

  84. No chips yet. Wish more companies would use them for the reasons you give about travel to Europe.

  85. No chipped cards yet. No need for one as we do no foreign travel.

  86. I don’t have one but thanks to you opening my eyes to this EMV chip I really think I should turn in my sapphire and get one. I have a few trips coming up overseas. Thank you!!

  87. I have a Chase BA card…and love it…no intl transaction fees and no problems at any place that requires a chip so far. Didn’t know Sapphire had a chip/sign available but…this will be on my list of cards to get once I’m done earning the BA Bonus.

  88. I am v. excited about this. I called last night but was told to call back after Nov 8th. Apparently its not available to all card number sequences just yet. Bummer.

  89. I do *not* have chip/pin card, but I really should get one. I nearly got stranded in the middle of nowhere in a rural part of the Netherlands last year, in a rental car, at night, when I couldn’t buy gas at a station where there was no attendant. While I was starting to panic, someone else pulled up, and I offered to pay them cash and have them use their chip/pin card to fill my rental car. Phew!

  90. debra Linkner Reply

    I don’t have a Chase card, but seems like I should get one!

  91. I’ve got 3 EMV cards.

    Diners Club which is a true Chip and PIN. However, because BMO still charges a 3% foreign transaction fee, I’ll only use this when I have no other alternative.

    Amex Platinum, Citi Thank You MasterCard (3% forex)

    I will probably get a Bank of America travel rewards in the near future, no fee, no forex, chip and pin Visa.

  92. @45 – Would the gas station have accepted a foreign credit card with a PIN or only a Dutch debit card?

  93. So maybe this is a dumb question, but I figure since you travel to Sweden so much, you’d be the one to know! I’m going to Norway in March, and my friend said she ran into many places there that required chip and pin. Is this something I can get and use when they ask for a pin and just say no pin? Thanks!

    • @Amanda – There are NO dumb questions and YES! Just about every machine has a choice to choose no pin or “cancel” and then it will ask for signature and ID.

  94. You should get a chip card if you fly anywhere outside the USA including canada – increasingly becoming difficult to use non-chipped cards.

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