I am DONE with my DELTA AMEX Reserve cards & picked up 15,000 more Delta MQMs

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rene deltapoints mqm totals before amex 15k from delta reserve card

I hate to push it. I am always early to the airport; early to any event I attend really. This same thing applies to my Delta AMEX Reserve card spend to get my bonus MQMs. I often get questions about what if I make a purchase on 31DEC2013 will it count for this year and I think to myself, “are you crazy”? Personally I would never push it as a charge may not post until JAN2014. Why not relax and get it done well beforehand.

rene deltapoints mqm totals before amex 15k from delta reserve card 2

So as I blogged about HERE, once you meet the $30,000 and or the $60,000 spend levels you can then either claim the MQMs for yourself or send them to someone else like I did with my last round. Keep in mind if you DO NOT send them somewhere Delta will deposit them into your account. And although I have answered this in the past, you can not wait until 2014 and have them count for 2014. They will count in the year you earned them. Only spend after 01JAN2014 counts for 2014 flying year and the 2015 qualifying year.

rene deltapoints mqm totals after amex 15k from delta reserve card

Also, as you can see from the screen shots from my “My Delta” page the MQMs posted almost instantly and my totals for the year went up by 15,000 as well as my lifetime million miler balance as any and all MQMs do count toward this total.

I have only one more paid for trip this year (the rest are on points) so my mileage run with MJ will do it for me for the year. I will exceed my goal just by a little bit and end the year with 230,000+ MQMs, rolling over 105,000-ish. What this means is once I spend $30,000 in 2014 on my personal or business AMEX Reserve cards, I will be MQD exempt, get another 15,000 MQMs and have 120,000 MQMs – only 5k short of Diamond Medallion until FEB2016. Actually I jumped on the $153 MKE-SFO mileage run deal and will fly that early in January so by the first week of February 2014 I should be all done! That is really planning ahead but that will give me flexibility to look at what else I may want to do for the year. – René

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  1. Are you maxing out $120k in spending on the personal and business Reserve cards combined? How much of that is manufactured spending?

  2. Nice work. I just checked last night and am still a bit short of the second tier on my Reserve card but I should (hopefully) make it without too much trouble.

  3. Rene,

    Well done!

    Do the MQMs take time to post? I ask because I hit the spend on my Delta AMX Plat card last month but have yet to see them post. If there is a lag that is fine, but it there is a diconnect I would like to try to resolve it. What is the proceedure for getting MQMs posted if they do not show up?


  4. Hi Rene,

    If you recall I sent you a message in Feb this year about not getting MQMs even though I made the purchase on the 31st of December…

    Anyway, I didn’t get the situation worked out until July! But they finally gave them to me “as an exception”.

    Don’t wait!

  5. On another topic… I just flew on a brand new Delta 737 on the Atlanta to SFO route–day 3 of “life” and it is SO TINY! the aisles are really inadequate (configuration is 3 and 3); the bathrooms really, really small; and the milling around room at the rear/galley is gone! So when folks got up to use the restrooms after a long period of tubulence, it was quite unpleasant to access the rear, to wait in a line, and to get back to one’s seat. The plane is also very noisy….

  6. Re-read the sept. 5th post. You can gift the 15000 mqm’s to my husband since neither you nor your wife needs them. He’s going to be just about 4000 mqd’s short of his usual qualifying for platinum because he’s having knee replacement surgery in December and won’t be able to fly. I can’t get the hang of the vanilla reload cards in order to get him the miles so I’ll try to figure that out for 2014 because he won’t be flying as much next year again because of surgery (can’t fly for almost two months post surgery). But, I guess he won’t be flying as much so won’t need the platinum perks . . . Still is going to be interesting to see how the mqd’s change all of these flying and card strategies.

  7. I was just looking at mine yesterday. Hit $50K spend on personal Platinum and I am $6,500 short of $60K on my business Reserve. Should hit that in next couple of weeks. Rene is it worth trying to upgrade the personal Platinum to Reserve to net another 10K in MQM for the additional fee? I just paid the AF on the personal Platinum and the Reserve so an upgrade should not be a hassle. Of course who knows with AMEX.

  8. Great going, Rene. As I said yesterday, I upped from DL Amex Plat to Reserve yesterday after your post. It turns out that I had already spent $86K on the Plat card and had gotten 10K + 10K MQM after $50K in spending on the Plat. So when I upgraded to the Reserve, I had already qualified for 15K MQM on that card because I was $36K over $50K on the Platinum and that $36K counts now towards MQM’s on the Reserve Card. So those MQM’s were sitting there waiting for me and the only thing it cost me was the upgrade fee from Plat to Reserve. A pretty cheap price for 15K MQM. Rene, if you had not blogged yesterday about your Reserve Card, I would have left those 15K MQM’s on the table. They were there waiting and all I had to to was upgrade to Reserve get grab them. I had already spent enough money with Amex to get them.

  9. From Delta’s Website:
    •MQD Waiver: The new MQDs requirement for the qualification year will be waived if you make at least $25,000 in Eligible Purchases in that year with your Delta SkyMiles Credit Card from American Express. That spending will also be tracked on the My SkyMiles page starting in January 2014

    25K Annual credit card spend = MQD waiver.

  10. Congrats Rene! I signed up for the Business reserve card and did recieve the 10k sign on bonus. I am now however 800 mqm’s short of making Silver =( Any recommendations for getting such a small number of MQM’s without flying? the 30k spend before the end of year wont be possible for me.

  11. @paul – hummmm 800 is just a buggy number. Hilton has the 250 for 2 night but would take too many. I would look at MR or BIZ Plat DL. Will give you 5k with 1k spend. Then rollover some mqms for $150 fee.

  12. So I hit my $30K spend when my card closed (noticed because I saw the monthly spend + 15K bonus hit my skymiles account), went right away to “give myself” the 15K MQM, which transferred immediately. All good so far…

    The 15K MQM did hit my YTD MQM (pushing me over the top to remain platinum, yay!), but they didn’t credit anything more to my total skymiles balance. Is that right or is that a glitch? I’ve never seen something give me MQM that didn’t also result in add’l skymiles to be spent toward a ticket or what have you???

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